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  1. DLC would be great! Also I agree with number four and would like a better way to manage the army(Still fun with sliders though).
  2. Now while I was looking at comments on steam, this guy's comment was first and I disagree with every single thing he said, but I mean I guess everyone has their own opinion....: Ultimate General: Civil War is a fun game when you first play it. I've even written a few guides for the game. It bills itself as an authentic historical game with good AI. At first glance, the game does all of this wonderfully. Deeper analysis of the game reveals fundamental design problems that only become visible with time. Many of these problems are known to the developers. However due to the mec
  3. 10/10! Okay, so not everyone will agree with me here, but this game is truly magical! I just love the fact that you can buy better weapons and supplies and the fact that those report messages come out good or bad depending on how the battle went! Also I think they should make a American Revolution one and maybe if they would ever try it, like a medieval one maybe.
  4. And another thing I like about it, is the fact that when you lose a battle it is not the end! It's like real life!
  5. Okay so, I have had this game for about two days and I can't stop playing it! I love the fact that you can kinda role play with your character in the beginning and also the fact that you can buy weapons and also the fact that the A.I. is actually smart! I also love the graphical style of this! Please take everything you did here and put it in your next game(including style)! Oh and thanks!
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