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    What happened?????

    I tried the Union and got slaughtered by over whelming forces so I switched to confederate. OK....I have several small wins and one draw and next it is Shiloh...it takes just about an hour to progress to the Union entrenchments, I have one brigade inside their works, my cavalry is still playing havoc in their rear taking up valuable resources, I have Jackson and his reinforcements, several cavalry and artillery units pounding the Union center. AND I am INSIDE the walls and a straight shot to their center...THEN! I get a new window that says.."Next Day...click to continue". So...I click and what the hell do I find? NO Jackson in sight...all his forces vanished....ALL my cavalry is gone..ALL my artillery is gone.. I have only six brigades left on the filed and I am NOW facing more than 14 or 15 Union brigades to my front...not to mention I am about a half a mile AWAY from the objective!?!?? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???? Is this a bug or did you guys do this to just screw with our heads???? Because it AIN'T funny!!!! Don't get me wrong I love this game but GEESH fellas....give me a break!