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  1. Glad to see that they're to the testing stage. I'd love to see how this game stacks up to some that I've played in the past. (Age of Sail, Age of Sail II, Pirates! Gold, Pirates of the Carribean, Age of Pirates: Carribean Tales, PotC: New Horizons mod) and am egerly awaiting the release, when it comes. I've been so exited by the development of both this and Hearts of Oak that I've been brushing up on the tidbits of sailing and historical information(sailplans, handling, outfitting, ect) that I've let go to the lea.
  2. Because there doesn't seem to be anything here yet, I thought I would throw in a reccomendation for reading resources that would help anyone trying to create a period accurate and realistic game for this time period.... or Models....or just anyone plum interested in this sort of thing. The two books I have used to help expand my knowledge of the age of sail over the years are not the easiest to find but amazing resources. These titles are "Seamanship in the Age of Sail: An Account of the Shiphandling of the Sailing Man-Of-War 1600-1860" by John Harland. This covers in detail how ships were
  3. Though, in hindsight, I suppose this post would be better suited for the Tavern. :/ Sorry about that.
  4. Hello, to developers and community. I thought I would create this topic under Gen. Discussions as a way of introducing myself and giving a lil' blurb as to why I am highly delighted to have found this. My name is Greyson, age 23, and I grew up loving and idolizing this time period. I started reading with such books as the Aubrey-Mauterin series (Patric O'Brian), the Horatio Hornblower series (C.S. Forrester), and the Bolitheo series (Alexander Kent), as well as playing such games as Pirates! Gold and the origional Age of Sail game by TalonSoft. For YEARS I have looked for a game or series
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