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  1. In addition/As replacement to clan ranks let us distribute rights seperately: to access clan warehouse, invite new players, promote/demote/kick, manage cities/timers... to be able to manage a clan properly and prevent griefing. I like the idea of a multi layered CWH, but let us decide which rank gets access to which layer. Also with the current line limit of the resource log it is useless for a decent sized clan.
  2. Also dass sich bei den Preussen keiner meldet liegt wohl daran dass wir ne winzige Nation sind und wir oft wenig bis gar nicht über nation-chat kommunizieren. Bei uns ist der Zusammenhalt doch höher, und es helfen sich idR alle gegenseitig. Wir sind immer offen für neue Leute, einfach mal im Discord reinschneien und freundlich fragen, sind ja alle nur Menschen
  3. Tut mir leid dass sich keiner gemeldet hat. Hab dir ne PM geschrieben
  4. These "Coalitions" won't change the relationships some clans across nations have. So if they end up in different Coalitions they are still able to help each other by not helping the coalition or even sabotaging. It looks like another mechanic full of exploits to me and will cause more harm than good in my opinion.
  5. well the 18th and 19th century shipyards from Naval Action should be quite consistent in quality then as they are 100-200 years more advanced in technology... 😉
  6. well as I agree on new players but in matter of conquest/RvR I see the current system flawed. With 20-25k BR only the biggest clans and nations will dominate RvR, others can't even fill the PB. As playing Prussia from its start, I know new players tend to go where they can see a prussian port from shroud. If there is none they might not even consider staying. And if the nation is in trouble people either switch nation or stop playing as happened after the downfall of Portobello. So every nation, should have a fair chance to conquer a port. But the current RvR favours the zergs and creates bottle necks which will cut off large portions of the map to nations and clans which dont even need them all, excluding others from having anything at all.
  7. I agree that the first impression upon those returners and completely new players is essential for sustaining a healthy server pop especially on release I dont like the idea to spread the nations across different free towns tho as it is impossible to balance and would rather love to see the possibility to be able choose where to spawn. To be fair you could give the other nations the same option.
  8. or as i wrote in suggestions, just suspend front line mechanis for a couple of days as its just a post wipe problem. Everyone can take missions for every capitol anywhere for a few days and settle where ever they want, then back to current mechanics. No bottle neck, no problem, still mechanics in place.
  9. I took hercs as an example as you get one completing the exam. DLC or not... so there will be plenty in at the start yes... Or did they change the rewards? Additionally I would appreciate to stay on topic
  10. I would like to suggest a post release wipe front line suspension for a couple of days. Why? Right now we experienced a bottle neck (2-3 capitols limit per free town) with clans not being able to expand anymore and even tho we wont have big boats post release we might get more clans and players coming back willing to expand. Flippin a port with hercs just might take a little longer but wont stop organised clans to start taking one of the few available capitols. With the wipe just being an artifact and to ease the tension in the beginning I suggest a suspension of the frontlines for a couple of days so missions for all capitols can be taken from any port. Everyone can settle in the place he likes, no whining, then after the couple days we go back to frontlines with current mechanics. Discuss.
  11. Well still more than enough Brits on for me... 50ish screeners in front of La Navasse yesterday. Loads of fun.
  12. Well if price and amount is balanced clans will feed the free market to get some additional income for sure
  13. I like the idea, another option could them to respawn after a while so people tend to stick around more...
  14. For me theres two major problems with rare woods at the moment. One is price, 10 doubs per log is a lot considering the latest changes to missions. With doubs being limiting factor not sure how much will drip into the open market. The second is that all woods have the same rarity except fir and oak, even inferior ones like sabicu or cagurian.
  15. I cannot agree 100%. dlc ships still require cannons and repairs. RNG premits as being a different topic, I don't like so many ships being behind a RNG wall as well. Randomness is not very rewarding. But Random permits shouldn't include DLC competitor boats, and we have already a counter like aga vs ratvissan in place, but maybe in need of some further balancing with doub costs etc.
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