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  1. Ahoi, just a couple of thoughts on wipes: In Rust monthly wipes make sense as servers fill up with trash and the pace of gameplay is rather fast. But my impression was that for many Captains (myself included) the game offers a long-term motivation (ranking up, collecting books, getting rich, creating an empire through clan/trade etc.). Regular wipes counters this and would remove, at least for me, an important motivation of the game. (Imagine monthly wipe in World of Warcraft I really enjoy the long-term strategic part of RVR and the dynamic of differrent factions in game. There is no need to whipe the ports on regular basis as a stronger nation will always defeat the weaker one and regulate an overstreched Party. Additionally, in my opinion there is a more sustainable way to increase the ship diversity through e.g.: balancing of building and maintenance cost, emphasis on ship roles through diffenrent advantages and disadvantages, ships matching different playstyles (as partially already in place) I also think with removing the RNG on the method how to obtain books (maybe through special achievements, rare bots or more variety in epic events/ epic missions... ) would give new players a motivation rather than the feeling of being disadvantaged, as there is a clear path how to recieve the books. Best regards.
  2. Henry Durnin

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    I said it can be abused not that they intentionally did. sorry didnt sink...
  3. Henry Durnin

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    I don't know if it has been mentioned yet but the current reinforcements can be abused in a silly way. We were attacking a single brit player near jamaica in reinforcement area while other nation players joined our battle on our side and left after sailing away leaving us with all their newly spawned reinforments... we were forced to abord and bailed as we faced 6 ai defenders instead of 2.
  4. Henry Durnin

    Prussian Merchant Week

    Well at least we are not insulting other people for being not as good in something but we rather offer help. Of course you might be good but most of are not investing 4k hours into NA and playing all day. And I do not regret having a game as my nr.1 priority in life as I have so much more to enjoy than just naval action. For HANSA the key is community, having fun together. And any player is welcome if he is able to respect others.
  5. 1- get rid of the OW instance and shrink the size of the map accordingly to play everything in one instance ( would solve many problems with ow engangement/ganking etc. and increase immersion) 2- add more to the current very basic rpg game featers (skills ship knowledge etc). character creation with character visible on the ship, skill tree with more overview over leared books, skills etc... 3- to increase immersion add a character instance... accessable towns, ships cabin and decks, characters, fight the boardings rather than playing a minigame.