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  1. You can take high tier missions in strategic places in case you get cought with your trader or get ganked. Especially if you have a fast boat, which takes time to catch, you can easily avoid anyone by just jumping into a mission by memorising your escape spots. Works pretty fine on close/intermediate hauls.
  2. Agreed, provide evidence or stop spreading fake news.
  3. In 1793 Prussia annexed Gdańsk, i would put that in the time period of the game as there are boats in game younger than 1793.
  4. might drop in epics but who knows as no one successfully did a 1st rate epic yet I guess
  5. In tumbado waren release day die 6 und 9 pdrs ständig ausverkauft 😉 p.s.: ich versteh auch nicht warum irgendwann gesättigte waren vom hafen nur noch mit 1 angekauft werden... welchen nutzen soll das haben.
  6. Hast uns ja gefunden ;-). Am besten im Nation chat nachfragen, da sollte zu jeder Zeit jemand zu erreichen sein.
  7. Schon ziemlich traurig, dass es Menschen gibt die den ganzen Tag nichts besseres zu tun haben als im Forum miese Kommentare zu schreiben. Manche Leute nutzen die Zeit halt mal für ne Pause. Wir von Hansa bei den Preußen suchen immer aktive Leute und für jeden was dabei, pvp rvr pve alle Spielertypen vorhanden, haptsache gemeinsam Spass haben. Wenn du Lust/Interesse hast melde dich nach dem wipe einfach im nation chat oder schreib mir ne private message und ich geb dir unseren discord.
  8. Haha, it was ridicolous. Took me like 30 mins and 3 reps to repair my initial damage, while we all couldn't sink the enemy vic as he repaired from 15% structure to full with each rep. And he was faster, thicker, had more pen. Repair is broken the worst tho in my opinion.
  9. Wilkommen bei Preussen! Schön noch mehr Unterstützung zu bekommen. Auf eine gute Zusammenarbeit!
  10. 6000 hr Spielspass / 37 euro Preis = 0.62 cent/hr... gute Preis/Leistung wenn man mich fragt. Der Strom war sicher teurer
  11. Want to make vacation in the caribbean but hate to learn spanish? Expect german efficiency at the breakfast in your hotel in Punta Cana? Let's change history and join Prussia!
  12. Not sure if you guys have even played recently. There is no one camping KPR as there is no one there to camp except a few bc and tbrigs. Haven't seen KPR in the combat news in ages. Missions instantly close, leveling with bc is outmost fun as theres nothing to loose. Biggest problem for me is new players rushing to the biggest boat without being able to support it economically. Join a clan and you'll be fine. Prussia usually gets a healthy influx of new players as they dont stick around shroud cay too long. Yes they get slaughtered there but they have nothing to loose. After they reached 'safe' waters we try to give them an environment where they can level up. Well they still get slaughtered every now and then but at least we tell them not to form unorganised revenge fleets just to get slaughtered again. like the idea of cross server xp though... would help in getting a healthy server pop on both servers
  13. higher reload would suggest faster reload time. Will those guns be aquirable in another way? will there be a way to get poods post release?
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