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  1. I think there are a couple of people out there who want to avoid boarding and getting boarded and prefer to sink each other. Sure I always keep my options open and use boadring if there is an opportunity but never solely rely on it. Determined defender isn't very realistic but as the boarding mini game is quite uninteresting, I find it a valid option that people trying to avoid it. In 1on1 situations agreed, it is tricky if youre boarding fitted, maybe instead of denying boarding completely it could make boarding slower so its easier to escape a boarding attempt and still gives you a chance to tack. But as usually hunting as a duo I dont have that much of a problem with the perk.
  2. Sorry but I can still hit my neighbour if I choose to do so, might have to live with the consequences. This is a multiplayer game. For me it's about social interaction. I still don't like the idea of restricting interactions by rules. I would rather prefer that we implement consequenses for actions then putting a hard limit in the game.
  3. Well isn't our society is based on that "mere word of mouth type thing". No "coded feature" in real life from preventing you to insult, harm, rob or murther other people...
  4. I dont like the proposal. The current way of diplomacy, the good old unregulated social engineering way, works fine for me right now. We are allied with certain clans and nations due to common respect, don't attack each other, not even traders and help each other out. Still do some PvP if its consensual and fair. If in your clan diplomacy is failing you maybe you should replace your diplomat? Why overragulate things like we are doing with RoE right now, I like it sandboxy and unregulated.
  5. möchtest du denn joinen? muss ja nicht gleich jeder wissen...
  6. off topic aber schau was ich noch gefunden hab @Makrian wegen dem posts ich werde mal das mit Spielinfo noch anpassen/mal nen post machen aber viel macht auch kein Sinn abzudaten da sich ja auch viel gerade ändert.
  7. the requirements were: your clan needed to own at least 100.000 reals pre wipe to receive the 100.000. There were also 99.999 exceptions to this rule... 😉
  8. Kann eigentlich jemand von den moderatoren die völlig veralteten threads unpinnen die auch gar nicht mehr stimmen? Gerne kann ich auch bei Bedarf mithelfen paar Threads upzudaten. z.b. @Makrian
  9. dafür gibts doch nen clan? Da muss man halt die Aufgaben gut verteilen! Es wird ja auch noch gebalanced
  10. naja momentan geben sie ja ordentlich gas, das kann man ihnen ja nicht vorwerfen, jeden tag nen hotfix, riesen patch... widerspricht der untergangsstimmung einiger leute, den devs sei das spiel egal...
  11. with the permits, marks and balloons required to build ships now (lets assume you dont get those back) it will be a huge waste and very expensive.... of course requires a bit of balancing. I think it will be way more effective to sell them and build another from old-school mined resources...
  12. PvP ist nicht so böse wie man denkt... komm halt zu uns nach dem wipe
  13. Gibts nur im zusammenhang mit RvR und hostility bei einer Neutralen Stadt soweit ich weis. Aber auf Openworld hab ich noch keine gesehen... aber auf dem PvP sind auch 99% der Städdte vergeben.
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