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  1. Good idea to give players some incentives to surrender rather then blow themselves up. Theres always been the options to surrender but theres no advantage over turnig yourself into a bomb. Crew and Insurance can be an option, but it might not be enough at the current state as crew is cheap and insurance brings just a few reales. Not sure how this could be solved, maybe increase the insurance to give partially back some doubs of the cost when you surrender, or make crew limited with national manpower as suggested before but this creates new problems through e.g. alts reducing manpower on purpose.
  2. Me too would like to see the removal of the option to disable survival unless you have the fireship upgrade. It is really annoying in pvp as the loosing side tends to blow itself up to prevent kill or capture which kills immersion and makes e.g. looting even more difficult, fighting predictable, prelongs fight unnecessarily... Right now it feels more like the pacific in mid 20th century rather then the caribbean in 18th century.
  3. I bought Naval Action because its is a sandbox open world game. I agree that trading should be more meaningful, at least profitable and crafting a bit less RNG but I like the open world and would not like to play a lobby based game. NA Legends failed already why should it work now?
  4. Was wondering about the same thing... 90 prep, could have disengaged easily couple rounds before that screenshot ...
  5. Well its just a matter of implementation to make it challenging enough to not get bored... how often do you craft a ship anyways? once a day/week? Make it easy to learn hard to master. Could be skill based on timing or chess like even though those are probably the obvious ones. Maybe you have to do a maiden battle against ai and based on your actual ingame skills you can boost the ships stats. Maybe you give the crafter the ability to mix the ingredients in a more complex system than just planking and frame which allows own recipies (custom amount of ingredients) used to craft boats (adding rare goods, finding recipies etc). Or even make the quality based on a unique name of the boat which you will have to find out which letters at which position have the best outcome. Then each boat would be actually unique. Or combination of above. Endless possibilites to make it more interesting than it is now.
  6. Imagine an actual skill based crafting (e.g. mini game) rather than RNG crafting. *head explodes*
  7. Uff können die frustrierten fake news Evangelisten mal bitte ihre eigenen Threads aufmachen? "Ich hab vom Schwager meiner Nachtbarin gehört, dass im Krake Clan alle Noobs mit der Kette vor den Rechner geschnallt wurden" ist mir etwas zu off-topic. Wenn ihr Aufmerksamkeit wollt sucht die bitte in einem anderen Thread. Dieser Thread möchte deutsche Spieler ansprechen die noch Lust auf einen neuen Versuch haben und sich uns anschließen wollen und nicht an die verbitterten Forumshelden die zu jedem Thema ihre negativen Kommentare zugeben müssen.
  8. You can take high tier missions in strategic places in case you get cought with your trader or get ganked. Especially if you have a fast boat, which takes time to catch, you can easily avoid anyone by just jumping into a mission by memorising your escape spots. Works pretty fine on close/intermediate hauls.
  9. Agreed, provide evidence or stop spreading fake news.
  10. might drop in epics but who knows as no one successfully did a 1st rate epic yet I guess
  11. In tumbado waren release day die 6 und 9 pdrs ständig ausverkauft 😉 p.s.: ich versteh auch nicht warum irgendwann gesättigte waren vom hafen nur noch mit 1 angekauft werden... welchen nutzen soll das haben.
  12. Hast uns ja gefunden ;-). Am besten im Nation chat nachfragen, da sollte zu jeder Zeit jemand zu erreichen sein.
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