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  1. I noticed they came back to finish it off late late, guess they didn't want to do a rematch right after that fight? It was a good one and I'll be on for the PB. Might have to adjust the Prince a bit to actually be board fit since I wasn't in this fight.
  2. Was there also as I got to watch it fly over my head. They where boxing Rubi in for a board when the collusion bug happened. Rubi ship is upside down in front of me in this screen
  3. I been noticing that the ships like to suddenly stop up wind of you and sink. I mean like before you would never sink when I need you to now you just sink and with leeway it's a pain to go back to get them.
  4. Shows you just how much the guys in DUTCH on global actually did port battles. Wonder how many other ships they won't have ready lol Baxo Nuevo was my first Port battle since the merge and I felt like I was right back on Global again. In fact the only guy that tried to fight was from GLOBAL sever. If this is how you GB plan to beat the Prussian and Polish than I don't think they have much to worry about. I'm just glad I did my part while the rest of the Russian fleet was sinking your fleet in your home waters. Maybe I should say it's now MOTHER RUSSIA'S home waters? Again I
  5. Thanks for posting. Like I said if there is no foul play than glad we help you get off to your wife and we all know taking care of wife AGRO is more important than a game. That is why it's up to the Devs to review things like this and see if there is any foul play. Just the way it went down seemed a little fishy. Once again if there was no foul play sorry for bringing it up, but if there was than that is in the Devs hands. Which is why we don't need folks other than those involved posting on these things. They can look at the log and decide if every thing was in order or not.
  6. Me and William saw a Pirate hit a Spanish player right out side Tumbado and we thought we jump in to help since Russian and Spain are kind on good terms. When we enter the battle Mike Hawk was next to El Predator. As soon as we pop in they put sails up and start going opposite directions. The Spanish player escapes as soon as he can. The Pirate though tries to run and we run him down. It's kinda fishy they where both side by side on a tag when the battle starts and one escapes without helping us with the numbers on his side. Can the Devs check both these players logs to make sure they
  7. How did I ram you when I'm only going 3.3 knts with 1/4 of a mast? You have full sails up in that picture and not set to cut through irons. You had clearly a lot of room to do what you want with me moving at a snail crawl of 3.3 knts max. Second if you look at the fact you said I tried to block you Board. How do I block some one when I'm totally demasted and going zero knots? You demasted me and sat there while Aster moved up and than boarded me. Than per the last picture you could of easily pulled him when he got out of the board so I'm calling you on that too. Man you can try to s
  8. The tagging isn't the problem it's there actions while in the fight. We where still able to get two of them and prob would of had Aster too if we had more time. He was out of sail repairs when the clock ran out. If we didn't have to dodge a green boat in the way he prob would of been ran down too. @Teutonic I have a problem with your past as you keep throwing around the Ban word. I never once said anything about a Ban or punishment, that is up to the Devs to decided. If it's there first offence I believe the rules state a warning only, if it's not well again that is up to the Devs.
  9. I was involved in two fights where he lost a ship. Though by CombatNews and every thing going on last night just as many was taken from folks too. It seemed to be a good PvP night for all. Some folks lost ships others didn't. Though a few other issues it was a fun but very late night. I have to say I had a blast chasing him and his buddies in my little Prince. While not as much as I would of liked, it was also nice getting xp for damage. All those sail shots and I didn't getting get assist on either ships, but i did enough damage to get some xp. Still think it needs to be boosted for t
  10. The problem isn't the Tagging each other as I stated several times. It's the blocking and doing things to prevent you from fighting the other team than the one you joined. We sunk two ships in the fist fight (King of Krowns and Amiral Lou). The problem is when they use there fact they are green to block you and cause Green on Green when they should be leaving the fight or fighting on your side. If you part of green team you should be fighting or exit the fight if you have no plan to be involved. They weren't leaving instead they where using there ships to help there buddies get away. While
  11. Was in a fight last night before server down time where Aster (US player) Tagged Thamure to prevent tag from one of our guys as we had just been in a battle with him for an hour and half and had burned up all his sail repairs. While we didn't have a problem with the tag as we where able to join the fight. I was able to get him from 82% sails down to 59% before folks started to leave cause of damage and the fact the Bellona wasn't helping us (the one that left early had to go and couldn't stay). Again this isn't a problem. The problem came when I did a sail repair and tried to esca
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