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  1. Le Raf Boom

    Typical day in NA

    Casuals in clans sure, solo casuals will usually not survive very long. You will have a lot more fun when you're playing with others. That's your basic content that will make you come back no matter what. Dumbing the game down may not be the best idea, encouraging teamwork on the other hand...
  2. Le Raf Boom

    Typical day in NA

    They made an awesome game, how to capitalize on that fact, that's really beyond my area expertise. But they do have to figure that stuff out, the sooner the better
  3. Le Raf Boom

    Typical day in NA

    The population in North American time zones is very low. I don't know if it's the game, the players or what, I don't claim to be a game designer and I have no silver bullet stories that will bring players back online. I know one thing though, there has to be more action in Naval Action. Hachi hit the nail right on the head, more people, more content.
  4. Le Raf Boom

    Typical day in NA

    Or maybe this? Or I should just go and get some la cocaina.
  5. Le Raf Boom

    Typical day in NA

    This is how I want to feel:
  6. Le Raf Boom

    Typical day in NA

    That fits perfectly and describes how I feel every time I attempt to play this game!
  7. Le Raf Boom

    Port BR's reduction / RvR alliances

    1v1 port battles, let's do it.
  8. Le Raf Boom

    Typical day in NA

    Here is a typical day for a Naval Action player located the EST time zone. 1. log on, population 120 2. do a mission or something along those lines 3. get a report of spanish first rates around a French port, very excited 4. Spanish first rates sit in battle for 1 hr 30 min, their friends play whackamole at the port, popping in and out in small ships, over and over 5. One Spanish attacks a friend, circle near land, by the time I get in position 'battle closed', another small Spanish ship attacks the other friend, 'battle closed' 6. Spanish first rates sail to port, yet another retard timer, can't attack, they dock 7. Log off in disgust Well that's my NA 2 hours, a total waste of time and breath. Another casualty of boredom, timers and instanced combat, population 119.
  9. I don't like instanced combat, increase the size of the join circle and if I join miles away so be it but don't give me this idiotic battle closed thing when I am close but can't make it on time. Do you like boring games?
  10. @admin The OW join timer is too short, I can clearly see my friend getting pulled into combat but can't assist (line ships) because the battle closes too quickly. So unless you introduce a much larger pull radius this is not going to work very well. Thanks.
  11. Well the coins had actual value as they were made from precious materials!
  12. Le Raf Boom

    Reinforcement Zone Changed ?

    Seems like good changes.
  13. Le Raf Boom

    Cannot progress on War server

    I can confirm that you can indeed pick a spot to spawn (as the attacker, in reinforcement areas). This is common knowledge.
  14. Le Raf Boom

    Muskets, the new golden marines?

    broken and unnecessary, no historical arguments needed.
  15. Le Raf Boom

    Naval Action Meme collection

    LEFT: player with new musket mods RIGHT: player without said mods