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  1. Le Raf Boom

    Muskets, the new golden marines?

    broken and unnecessary, no historical arguments needed.
  2. Le Raf Boom

    Naval Action Meme collection

    LEFT: player with new musket mods RIGHT: player without said mods
  3. Some of the rewards, in particular mods that add muskets/musket accuracy are broken. They boost your musket volley to insane levels especially when combined with barricades. @admin
  4. 1. Le Raf Boom (pirate) 2. Le Raf Boom (french)
  5. Le Raf Boom

    No Christian

    Hello, I didn't receive the Christian in my redeemables today. I completed the 10k xp and 10 crafting challenge on the testbed. I think the issue is related to the fact that I started as French and used all my redeemables there. I deleted my character and restarted as Pirate at which point I got the required 10k xp and 10 crafting levels starting from scratch. @Ink Thanks! P.S. My character name is Le Raf Boom
  6. Yeah, I tried that, I sank a number of trader brigs/lgvs and no doubloons. I overall spent 2 hours doing PvE for big total of 83 doubloons.
  7. I like the patch overall, the only problem I have is this constant teleport fee. Sure, 10 doubloons only but with holdings all over the map it adds up to ridiculous amounts especially when there are only 150 players online. I have to TP all over the place to find people to fight, maintain buildings etc. No way in hell I'm going to sail for 6 hours in this game, not fun.
  8. So how is that different from what's happening now?
  9. Very true, I, personally, am not 'rich'. I do not trade or dabble in econ so everything I make or lose is PvP related. It's definitely NOT the path to riches
  10. How do I know who's rich and who is not?
  11. I think it's less than a Bellona 9000 vs 9500? I could be wrong, not in game.
  12. PvP rewards, ship notes specifically, seem very expensive. And like @Aster said, some of these ships cannot be crafted.
  13. When and if mods are rebalanced so that stacking is not possible and they only offer a very minor boost they will stop being an issue. Until then the mods are 99.999% of ship costs, that said, this insurance may help new players some.
  14. Le Raf Boom

    Hotfix for live servers