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  1. Did the bad man upset your likkle monkey brain admin. MNAFA or in my case refund my monies.
  2. Warning received from admin for spam, so better that you dont comment on this topic, my comments all moderated now so probably will not see this post. Anyway to those of you that take the time out to comment ty whatever your viewpoint. Im done with this game, when the admins reply is this to people with serious concerns about the direction the game takes then I can see we are flogging a dead horse. Refunds should be issued to players that feel they have been lied to but I doubt very much that will happen. I wish you all well, enjoy the game whatever style you like, and admin learn to treat your paying customer with some respect whatever their opinions, it might serve you well in the future when you are looking to flog your next big money grab on gamers. MNAFA or in my case refund my monies.
  3. it begins today. Are you tired of the game you bought and paid for no longer being FUN to play, why is it not fun you might say; a. massive timesink - the only people that will sail big ships and be able to afford repairs etc will be those in large clans who bypass most of the problems through volume, the solo casual player has no options except to buy multiple accounts if he/she wants to sail anything bigger than a belle poule. b. Grind,grind and more grind - the game know has grind in its very lifeblood, driving players away, forcing players to grind the same content over and over again until all joy is sucked out of the OW -the dementor syndrome (HP Fans) c. Voice not being listened to - When did you last feel a change was made to the game that made it better, gave you better quality of life in game than before and was not shouted down by the hardcore pvp realism armchair admirals. d. Choices should be optional - If I want teleport - option on/off, if I want navigation grid and position - option on/off, if I want deliveries - option on/off. If some armchair admiral wants to play the game sitting in his rocking chair outside with the fan blowing full in his face and his neighbour spraying him with a garden hose while he pukes in a bucket to simulate "realism" - no there should not be an option for this but he can go right ahead and do it but stop letting his quest for realism ruin my game. e. Make things easier for new players - Please realize without an influx of new players this game dies, it becomes stale, it loses new ideas and inputs and becomes a fanboi product with people who ram their version of this is how it should be played down everyones throat. f. Fix the economy - Econ does not work, either fix it for the small playerbase that plays this game or return it to where it was when npcs sold stuff, g. Devs stop listening to just the hardcore, realism fanbois - you have an entire different type customer out here that you pretty much ignore, and all he wants is a game he can play casually and have some fun. h. The game will lose all these hardcore pvp monkeys to Arena mode, please ignore everything they say about developing this game - wake up and smell the coffee, these guys need to be preening their plumage and leeting it up all the time you really think they will stay fully active on OW where it will take an hour to get a fight when they can be demonstrating how leet they are in Arena mode every 20 mins and will probably have some sort of leet pvp leaderboard so they can show pics to their friends and family. There are many more reasons for MNAFA but I will begin it with the reasons outlined above. Start to insist that the devs MNAFA from today, reclaim the game from the crazies and lets get the game we want, a fun, engaging, age of sail mmo not the mess that it has become. Add MNAFA to your post, +1 this thread, like this post, lets see where this goes. Maybe just maybe there are enough who feel annoyed like me to begin something if not then at least i tried.
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