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  1. wtf are u talking i sayd only the server time is fucked up cause its on 1 edge of europa and not in centre for some people no proelbme but the other side is fucked.... and if someone needs to go to bed cause he works early in the morning is no way to play pbs
  2. Ukraine player is -3 houres behinde server time how should a normal working person from there go to pb??? tell me ok i see Iceland is the ONLY land with server time i say only for me with -2 houres its already fucked upo but if flags need to hit its destination in theyr open port capture time it would open me more pvp
  3. Can some one from the dev team answer me.... WHY is the EU server in timezone for greenland... and not normal CET??? And why isent there a time restriction for flags... Port time 16:00 - 18:00 so everyfuckign flag after 18:00 is instantly deleted cause time is over but nope buy it 17:59 still works... Fix this pls... i work early its nearly complet impossible to get to pbs with -2 Houres to server time all pbs i can go to is La tortuga any port else is way to late... EU Servers shoudl have EU timezone and not atlantik times lol ***Forum Feedback should be constructive and respectful at all times.*** -Moderation
  4. ok can u explain me why my vic hass better thicknes then my friends santi same wood type does maybe stiftness and speed make the difference? Inmy oppinnion in this game are way to less tooltip with a good explanation of such stuff u see in auction house all first rates have 75 thickness in dock different story...
  5. so Planking does not increase side armor thicknes?
  6. Just a shot question... First rates with planking yes or no ? or is the amount of extra thickness of planking to low? someone got any information about the amount of thickness added by planking?
  7. Aye last posts got deleted so here we go again =D 2 Days before Event: Find out event location was funny... Triangeld and guessed a location. 17:00: Set up my ships and sail down to my guessed position. 17:45: arrived my position saw and friendly dutch player had the same clue. Heavy Chests in letter and last event the creats were to fast gone maybe they will place it in shallow water so no indiaman can lot like 50% of the fleet by him self 18:00: Spawn of event outside of trinagle hmm ok shit happens set sail with my small cutter. 18:05 First person post in nation chat chests.... ( was wonderign how they get so fast there without knowing the position outside of the triangle... 18:10 People in nation chat write all wrecks are already emtpy some indiamans looted in in the beginn... 18:40 i arrived at position find all wrecks empty.. 19:20 arrived at home port In fact. 1. Waste of time for around 90% of people trying to get some chests 2. Guess location is impossible cause spawn is outside of triangle.... 3. British fleet sits with Indiamans on a Location outside of Triangle and are perfect right with position. 4. Rumors in all nation chats 5. Global chats people were so angry some player get banned... 6. Event marker still on map but the event is already over.. so everyone sailing now there finds nothign just disapointment 7. Post in Nation chat i have somethign you dont have and more rumor is beginning 8. British got all the ships and thousend of paints rumor starts again in global chat so the End fact of this event is again. 1. 50 of maybe 800 players are happy and the other half is angry 2. Brits got now better ships then any other nation (just in fact) (Heavy Rattle op as fuck lol) Problem of this event is this isent working... Reward is obtainable without pvp just go there and run u get the loot why go there and risk in pvp If u want to improve the pvp this chests should be drop in pvp Events shoudl make people have fun and let them feel they got a fair chance to win as i heard in nation chat after 10 inutes all wrecks are alredy empty i was already pissed and feel betrayed ( insider info maybe) but this can never been proven This Events makes just the most of the player base angry How to solve this issue.... Delete the event BP shoudl be obtained like any other Blueprint Paints should be a tab in any port (why the fuck do i need an item for coloring my ship???) when i build a ship i know how to painting it lol) To the Devs: Why keep such a problem maker???? And if this is a try to get real money in the future with selling chests this will not work Naval Action is atm on the best way to kill it self before its even released Hope for and answer form Admin o7 GaretX -Sorry for my bad english spelling ^^
  8. well congratz to the winner .... no challenge in this event all it does is piss of players xD and pls how can u be in 10 minutes on a position that isent known??? and even outside of the triangle? inser info who knows? but at this point this Event will ALWAYS creat upset and angry players and more player left the game... Events should make peps happy or get a fair challenge to master... alll i read is i got betrayed... inside news player got all... Waste of time so in the end maybe 50 player out of 800 are happy and the other half is angry dident saw so far 1 person write in antion chat oh i dident get anything i wasted 2 houres but it was fun hope next weekend is another event.... just think about it Devs
  9. Delete the Event make BP normal by crafting give in port a paint option to customize the ship. stop this event madness Naval action will kill it self even before its released with such stuff... sorry defs but this Event does not fit in such a game why shoudl you keep such a problem maker ....
  10. My feedback for this Event Collecting all notes try to figure out location was funny find out the my location i guess was around 40 minutes from fleet .... ok shit happens sail to event after 15 Minutes in sailing first people write in nation chat wrecks are already empty.... still sailed to event all wrecks are empty.... well wasted again 2 houres for this shit... all Notes Trinageled : http://imgur.com/a/4zCWq Event spawns outside HOW is it even possible that already fleets of big trader ships are looting the wrekcs? at the End Event is biggest bullshit ever 50 happsy people 600 Angry players Deleted this Events Bp obtrained like any other Bp Paints normal obtainable in port by anyone ... i am out fuck this shit!!!
  11. http://imgur.com/a/4zCWqTriangeled Map event spawned outside.... so why did on spawning points already a fleet or indis waiting?^^
  12. i collected over 10 Notes most of them named the Ports Savanna la Mar, Saint Ann, Bone Cay, and Old Providence.. So pls tell me how did u come to this position.. mid of no where.... for sure it must be aroudn this ports... 2 minuitea fter fleet spawns first peps had chests in cargo... maybe they got special hints from devs/ staff players where teh fleet spawns.. But form my part is simply THIS EVENT SUCKS Just wasted again 2 houres of sailing maybe more to get back to port Paintign ship should be an option in any port Bp should get obtained like any other blueprints. If this is the way NA is going in the future with a shop sell chests to get paintings and stuff i am gone... there is no challenge no fun just some a lot of pissed players!
  13. Paintings are awesome but the way to obtain them sucks pretty hard!
  14. if the game has no grp fights... kill me xD
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