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  1. with that sailing profile man... it doesnt matter. that ship is useless.
  2. Authentication Error: Unable to get ticket from authentication server interesting
  3. Never saw a RCS member in any GB PB.... This cant be true
  4. As a Russian nation player since the begining, yes, mostly forum trolling made the hate on russia. I even think to quit nation bc of this forum warriors. But now the nation is slowly cleaning from trolls and useless ppl, we may start all over again. Game still needs a powerhouse to balance swedish
  5. This more look like a good idea, just like EVE...
  6. Still, leaderboard not ganna help small clans or nations and drag all the attention to certain clans and nations. If you dont want 1 or 2 zerg nations, this is a totaly bad idea.
  7. So, what u mean is; RUBLI + BF + REDS should be allied and go for the swerg to balance the game.
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