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  1. My knowledge of the ACW is minuscule, so I don't have any pertinent questions to ask about it directly, but I am a bit curious about one of the effects, namely the census effects on the freeing of the slaves. Taken at face value, the effect of making all the slaves count as 1 whole person in the census after the war vs. 3/5 of a person prior to the war, did the Southern states actually gain representation in Congress due to a rise in the census following the war? Is it even possible to tell, since losses in the war and after, migration to some degree, etc would warp the numbers?
  2. Zajuts149

    How do I combine 2 brigades to a super brigade?

    If you had the option to *pin* the divisional commander to a certain brigade, where he would give additional effects, that'd be cool.
  3. The Peninsular Campaign was the reason I got into Napoleon: Total War in the first place, but it was disheartening to see how half-hearted it was made. Still, the Peninsular War would have some great options, like 4 different factions(French, British, Spanish and Portuguese). Each faction would have different pros and cons. It would fit very well with the prestige concept, and getting equipment/leaders/troops/money for prestige points. For the British, it may be better to get muskets to give to allies or guerrillas, while the Portuguese would want British leaders to bolster their army. The French would want supplies or counter-guerrilla efforts, while manpower would be expensive. In addition, it would be cool to have horses as a limited commodity, and use of horses on all artillery batteries. Then you'd have to decide whether you'd get 12 lb'er guns, or stick with your 6 lb'er guns to save the number of horses used. The strategic choices would be extensive.
  4. I think the format of UG lends itself very well to a limited theatre with protracted fighting like the Peninsular War (1808-1814).
  5. Zajuts149

    Preserving allied troops

    My first time posting here, and since your second question wasn't answered, I thought it would be good to keep for posterity: After the first Confederate battle, you get to keep the infantry brigades commanded by Kemper and Sigfried, and the Artillery Battery commanded by Cabell.