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  1. Yes, I had email exchange with admin and he never got back. The prices of commodities are way out of line. Cocoa, Honey, Grain... None has been updated for months it looks like. Maybe the API changed beyond recognition?
  2. Hi all, Love the maps especially this one. Don't need the sextant perk. There was a map that doesn't get updated anymore, that I used a lot. It has the current inventory in ports. http://www.navalactioncraft.com/shop-price Does this map do that, somehow? Or can you take a feature request? Or can you point me to a map that keeps up with inventory?
  3. I totally agree with this. I sailed up next to a Trader Brig and unload a broadside of 24 lb cannonades into the water line. Hardly any damage to the trader. And yet his 6 pounders just tore me up.
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