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  1. The moon absolutely has a day-night cycle. it is tidally locked to the Earth, not to the Sun.
  2. Sever time (and port timers) are UTC (EDT+4, EST+5). AFAIK you cannot set them during the reset time (if you look at the regular PB timer, you'll notice only allows PB's from 1 hour after reset until 2 hours before reset, the buyable timers are chunks within this larger time span).
  3. Crafting isn't hard, it's tedious. And that is why it needs change/simplified/cleaned up.
  4. The problem with unlimited chain was this: Enemy's ability to damage sails would always exceed your ability to repair them. The problem with unlimited repairs (I mean, what is it really speed-wise to carry a battle's worth of sail repairs): Enemy's ability to repair sails will always exceed your ability to damage them. There is a balance to be struck here that isn't "timer" related (as we've already seen with the increased rum timer, perks can still negate it), and that is to limit both the ability to do damage (limited chain, yay!) AND the ability to fix that damage (I am in favor of a 3-repair limit to simulate main suit of sails, backup suit of sails, and the ability to repair either while the other is rigged; OR the current mechanic with only the 1st repair being able to return sails to 100%, i.e. 2nd is 93%, 3rd 85%, etc...). Oh, and a demisted ship should not be able to get a brand-new mast in battle, only a jury-rig.
  5. at many old chaining ranges (like edge of the 750m control circle), chain is far less effective than it used to be. It is only OP close in, and at that point if you are shooting hulls you are a sitting duck.
  6. Now that chain is limited (yay!), time to limit sail repairs.
  7. @admin Now that I have a computer that can actually run the game, I am noticing the stuttering issue I had before is not better/no worse. i have experienced a similar issue in other Unity games and it has been caused by the garbage collector in Mono being set to run once it reaches a certain size and i was wondering if that was the case here, too? Or is the GC set to run during loading screens only and I need to look elsewhere?
  8. I personally find it ridiculous that the contents of chests and wrecks can be so much greater than the capacity (or weight) of the chest or wreck they are found in. My favorite so far was sailing out to a cutter wreck (bottle) with an LGV (No problem here, right?) only to find it had 3500 weight of materials in it........
  9. Or, you know, hire one of the number of trader players in the game that actually provide this service already.
  10. The only problem I have with alts is this: Alt comes into nation chat and convinces a group of unsuspecting players to go on "patrol" or even do a patrol mission for PvP experience/marks whatever. Alt then makes sure other enemy players are there to sink the first group. It's griefing, should be against ToS, but is nearly impossible to prove at a sufficient level to lead to disciplinary actions. I have seen it a few times now and all I can do it call it on nation chat with the hope that the alt's reputation gets damaged enough that people stop joining. Any other use of alts (spying, trading, crafting, change of scenery w/o having to change nations, etc) I consider legitimate in an OW sandbox war game (although it would be nice to have some way to deal with spies in-game if they are caught), even if some cause a bit of a headache.
  11. I am starting to think, (after looking at the loot tables and fishing for 2 weeks straight), that the bottle drop rate has a factor which is hidden. The loot tables give it 0.013 chance (so each cycle of catching something, you have 0.013/whatever the total chance values are for the bottle to be selected on the RNG dice roll). But, some people seem far "luckier" than others in their dice rolling, independent of the "fisher" perk (I have one clan mate who gets 2 bottles for every 1 I catch, fishing in the same location, at the same time). We had thought there was some "resetting" factor when you went in and out of port, but then further testing showed this not to be the case. I do think, based on the loot tables, that certain regions have a better chance in giving bottles (due to fewer fish types or lower totals), but other than that I am still trying to figure out if there is any way to increase your chances consistently. Oh, and confirm your response to Trino, every fishing loot table contains sealed bottle at 0.013 chance.
  12. Carros in game require approximately 1/2 the crew to man as an equally sized medium cannon. Plus you get the weight savings from using them. Just like irl, carronades aren't double-shoteed or over charged, as they could explode due to the lighter construction. Also, just like irl, they are only effective at short ranges (having 1/3 to 1/2 the range of a long gun), and because of the short muzzle they require a higher trajectory (more arc) and was noticeable at relatively close ranges (a few hundred yards). All in all, given how realistic the gunnery is in game, I would say carronades are suitable modelled.
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