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  1. If it turns out that you were trying on me too, no? why I was marching but you kept shooting at the candles
  2. Good that such, before in the tortue I entered a battle where Tután and Reverse were fighting. I entered where it was reverse and this gentleman began to shoot me, helping tután in the battle I demonstrate tests in a video
  3. Pregunta en el chat nacional por ROT,son bastantes
  4. Buena web esa, ahí es donde empecé a mirar el naval, muy currada
  5. El naval está cambiando y a mejor, a ver si sale el juego pronto, espero que dejen los libros, ya que aportamos muchísimo al juego y muchas horas y dinero, por lo menos recompensarnos con los libros aprendidos.
  6. Amí me da igual si quitan la experiencia de los barcos, jugador y crafteo,xq eso en poco tiempo lo vuelves a conseguir, ahora los libros sí que no, muchas horas dedicadas al juego para conseguirlos todos, yo si quitan los libros dejo de jugar definitivamente
  7. Menos mal que los libros aprendidos no los quitan,sino mucha gente dejaría de jugar
  8. Irse a los ROT que son bastantes,preguntar por depredador del mar
  9. Estamos reclutando Españoles para WOLF,todo interesado/a que escriba por el nacional que quiere entrar a WOLF
  10. Well in battles of port to be able to use the forts, and also to send them orders when you do pvp near them or pve, and hopefully implement the battles in the collisions, nothing of statistics, but fight with your crew style black flag and power The subject of the descent of the ships, going ashore, looking for treasures, etc., fighting on land
  11. Good, I would like many people to talk about the sailors wearing the uniforms of their nation, at least if you want the marines, wearing the uniforms that were used at that time, and the pirates because they also wore their clothes. well, on the other hand we would like to be able to see in the hooks, in the rudder etc and be able to see a first-person camera of the coxswain
  12. Hay que actualizar los datos,meter a los Americanos y a los Franceses
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