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  1. Urkhardt

    How do I combine 2 brigades to a super brigade?

    So, can we get the ability to assign more than one officer to division and/or brigade staff, getting diminishing returns (Maybe even no bonus for second officer) on efficiency but having a backup in case commanding officer is killed and allowing division staff officers to take command of different combined brigades? Also, does division commander "command" stat apply to brigades aside from combined one once division commander takes command of combined brigade?
  2. WWI is largely positional war. Russian Civil War is much less so.
  3. How about Russian Civil war? March hundreds of kilometers in the snow! Introduce advancing reds to the wonders of chemical industry! Create the first motorized infantry division! Push Denikin's men out of the trenches and under artillery barrage! Crush the the lines of bolsheviks with mighty tracks of Mark IX-s! Go into psychical attacks with banners high and men marching to beat! Hold directions with companies against divisions! And most importantly, try out that beast of an armored train standing on the reserve line!
  4. So, I started the campaign on Brigadier difficulty, and I consider each of the battles a problem to require a specific solution. Through somewhat-accurate handling of the units, I had got three corps counting about 35 000 men (5k cavalry, 3k artillerists, 2k dedicated skirmishers, 25k infantry) with ability to muster another 15k to 25k (Depending on equipment needing to be bought and/or taken from reserve) immediately. Of veterans I have present: 14k-strong 1 corps-1division in 4 2,5k and 1 2k strong infantry brigades (2 stars, 50+ firearms, half armed with M1842 and other half with Palmetto/M1855), 12-gun battery (2 stars, firearms 85, currently armed with Napoleons), 2 shock cavalry squadrons (2 stars melee 90 750-men strong and 3-star melee 100 200-men strong respectively, all with Lemats) and 2 skirmisher detachments (Both scouts with firearms exceeding 80, one 500-strong, Whitworth armed, and one 350-strong with scoped Whitworths). Battle in question is Harper's Ferry. In short - need to cross a river and sturm a forested hill in three hours flat, preferably without taking excessive casualties. Reconnaissanse informs of 17k strong enemy with 60 artillery pieces. I have not been able to see a way to do this without excessive casualties. Should I muster new brigades and blood them in this massacre (Brutforcing the victory/draw), or is there a way to do this relatively bloodless for CSA? Or is this a case of hopeless battle?