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  1. Thank you sir, she's a fine vessel. I hope to get another chance to sail with her soon. I'm very much enjoying NA thus far and hope the Devs continue to make progress along these lines.
  2. Hey Q, I think you're missing the fairness thing here. If one is scrolled in and one's opponent is not....
  3. Sure, in PvE that's what I do now. But wouldn't it be fun to have BOTH players on the deck in PvP? Of course it would be optional and both players would have to agree to the terms beforehand.
  4. Immersion, my friend. Feeling like you're on the deck of a fighting ship in the Age of Sail rather than playing a computer game in 2017 with GPS. I suppose you could disable the real-time Map for an even more authentic experience. Not for everyone, I'll admit. But having the choice to play more like a sailing/fighting simulator than an arcade game would be nice.
  5. I agree. The mast is assuredly in the way. Quarterdeck view would be optimal. The see-through sails are very useful however.
  6. Thanks, I'll look forward to that. A few years ago I had the privilege of spending a month aboard the US Brig Niagara as a volunteer crew member, and re-creating the feeling of being on deck or up in the rigging would be an excellent addition to this remarkable project.
  7. I guess I view NA as more of a simulator than a game. I'm more interested in history and accuracy than power-ups and trophies.
  8. I'm new to NA so if this topic has come up before, forgive me. Would it be feasible to offer an option for a "Deck View Only"in battle? Other games I've played have had a choice to limit players to cockpit view only (racing games, aircraft, etc.) and the immersion factor (for me) was significantly increased. This game is beautiful when mouse-scrolled all the way in and the combat is so much more challenging! I mostly play PvE and love to captain from the deck, but understand that it would be unfair to battle in PvP with one player zoomed in and one using a God-like overhead view. Perhaps
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