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  1. Well people hating on the Patrol missions and claiming they take away from the OW PvP are full of ****. OW PvP is all about ganking and chasing fir/fir cowards for hours.... I like the concept of OW PvP but in reality with the low player numbers we have it's just a waste of time and the Patrol event finally does away with the hour long chases and speed boats - what's not to love if you aren't a coward in a overmodded gankboat? Is there ganking in patrol mission? Yeah, of course - just like in OW. Are there many cowards that only join the winning side with higher BR? Yeah this aswell - just like in OW. But at least there is no running. People go to the patrol zone for fighting. and you can bring ships that are actually built for combat, while those that bring fully modded expensive ships actually are at a risk.
  2. Pretty much what I assumed he was... glad someone could confirm.
  3. Landsman

    Make Naval Action more realistic

    The only 2 reasonable points imo and "wanted" aka bounty system is already in game done by players. Everything else seems like complete garbage and a waste of time... you know objectively speaking for all people that have a life. Sometimes im glad the devs don't listen to all suggestions and do their own thing...
  4. Landsman

    Elite Pirate Refit

    Elite Pirate Refit seems kinda garbage on paper since most ships have way more square than jib sails... is this upgrade useful on any ship at all?
  5. Will there be paints as DLC or for PvP marks or both?
  6. Landsman

    How to make economy matter in war

    This idea is interesting and already came up a couple of times before... the only problem is who in their right mind would send his valuable items off on a AI ship?
  7. Landsman

    How to make economy matter in war

    Pretty much this. I have been on the brink of quitting forever only because of how much time goes to waste in NA for no good reason.
  8. Landsman

    No more upgrade storage

    I don't see a point for the increase in wasted time, sorry. You can already transport low weight expensive stuff with a purpose built small upwind ship almost risk-free but it takes time... There are already those nutjobs that put items they could have in their captains chest into their ship hold for whatever reason... for everyone else using their brains it would be just another time waste.
  9. Landsman

    Give us proper clan management / finances!

    Immune to boarding only because it is a premium ship would be retarded AF and I would maybe even drop the game because of it but I doubt this will be the case. I think getting exclusive ships without having to craft them is good enough for the money you spend and if you lose it to someone without premium then you can be sure he paid the 40 bucks for the base game and made on top the effort to take the ship off you... seems fair to me ( I will buy premium ships anyways as long as there isn't some real BS involved ).
  10. Landsman

    With the new patch 19 ideas!

    Haha, that screen tho... "assclown" ...wtf... I kinda love to get salt like this. Always fun to trigger people.
  11. Landsman

    With the new patch 19 ideas!

    There is still chat between enemies in battle tho or not?
  12. Landsman

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I really wonder, if I should try out mortar brig.... my mate loves it but I tried it once and it seems less about skill and more about RNG but I could be very wrong here... main reason I don't like it, is because nobody even on the forum can tell me 100% certain what upgrades work for mortars and which don't... even less heel should in theory improve accuracy but does it actually? Who knows...
  13. Landsman

    Nassau event RoE

    Please fix the damage for reward while you are at it. 20k is too much compared to deep water being 20k aswell... make shallow patrol 10k / 10 PvP marks, please.
  14. Landsman

    Increase the daily number of tows to pvp zones

    Still hoping the game will get to these numbers again some day... what can I say, I'm a dreamer.
  15. Landsman

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Yeah, to be fair in this fight prussians were losing hard vs spanish / completely ganked and some other nations joined the winning / ganker side. If you had gotten an more even fight, prussians would have won easily sooooo... meh. My point still stands - people are cowards and join the winning team. It's how prussians are usually killed from the battle result screens I have seen.... just like the germans in ww2 - can't beat them 1:1 ? Just throw more bodies at the problem.
  16. Landsman

    Merge the nations!

    Thank you very much. I don't see why smaller nations can't merge into one by themselves anyways... if people want they can switch nations and merge - no problem. More factions is always better in my opinion.
  17. Landsman

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I think the hardest conditions to survive is facing prussia in PvP but ok This is the kind of player I am talking about... he may not be a carebear but hes trash that is only riding on the wave of success and giving prussia a bad name... my prediction is you will only get more players of his kind... I just hope prussia doesn't become a zerg nation with average players like this one day... it's the same principle as in ganks in patrol zone. "Why should I join the losing side in PvP and lose the ship when you can join the winning prussian side in PvP and be safe and in for a easy win?" - coward mentality of 80% of players. I really hope I am wrong tho...
  18. Landsman

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Not really talking only about carebears tho.... and who needs eco or zones in Naval Alt account Action? People just choose the easy way... switch to prussia and you're on the safe side in PvP...
  19. Landsman

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I hope you are right man... I respect prussia for its quality over quantity flair but every day I see more and more nobodies sailing under the prussian flag... only time will tell, I guess...
  20. Landsman

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Yeah... but for how long?
  21. Landsman

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I know why RUBLI and Ram switched and can fully understand them but things look a big different for jon... swedes have RvR game and organization and pirates don't... Jon could have switched back to Ram in PODW or to prussia before it was on a roll and winning... winning team joiners are pretty obvious to spot and it is a bit sad. Then again prussia probably can use the lemmings since they need numbers so it is good for them until prussia turns into a zerg nation that has dropped the bar on average player skill. Kudos to the prussians who were there from the start to build it up and make prussia great tho... prussia used to be like hello kittying sparta
  22. Landsman

    Caribbean Invasion News

    But not before Ram joined the undefeated prussian nation... you think it's coincidence? He went back to his roots at a convenient time
  23. Landsman

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    That backstab from Jon Snow tho... brutal #dirtywinningteamjoiners