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  1. It's basically done via spreadsheets, so every clan states what they've contributed and we keep a joint record. I must say it's worked very well, @OjK is SNOW's spreadsheet wizard and he created it when we started rallying the other clans to show them it was a plausible project. As you can see there is very little discrepancy between what clans have stated they've put in and what has actually been put in which is nice. Each regional crafting area follows this blueprint and it's shocking how well people work together when given the right tools.
  2. Hear ye, hear ye, a 45 point port has been fully completed in the United Provinces. Here is a breakdown of each clan's contribution.
  3. Prices are high because people are willing to pay for them. It costs 13299 for a teak/white oak essex to be made. Time, risk, etc, all push the price up way beyond that. I sell my tbrigs for 10k, despite them costing around 2400 reals to make.
  4. Anything that can be crafted should provide some XP, it is just the degree that matters.
  5. Would very much like it moved back to 2 rather than 3 tho.
  6. Dutch had no help. There is no-one here. They did it all by themselves.
  7. They're fine as they are at the moment, they're good for people to start off getting money etc but their existence has really undermined trading. Trading profits should be where the real reals are made. Profit margins in comparison to delivery missions are really poor. Why risk hauling cargo you've paid for when you can get it for free and have bigger rewards for the time spent doing it. I think the easiest thing to do would be just to increase the selling price for goods, put it up 200% or something. That'd give folks an incentive to trade again.
  8. Some ships heel more than others and provide a better opportunity. Just practice really. Aim just below waterline.
  9. Can also post the data about how much each clan put into Coro if anyone is interested? We've made nice graphs and everything!
  10. Do ports with that labor office thing get double or something for having an academy? As far as I know you can build academy anywhere and still convert.
  11. I would like trading to be more profitable, delivery missions seem to have become the staple for money generation. Would also like to see BR of ports changed drastically, ideally put into the hands of clans, even if it costs reals.
  12. I always wanted a yacht Couldn't get into alpha the website said. Lies it be.
  13. Unfortunately, this is open to pirates but no-one else. It is intentionally designed this way.
  14. People are complaining less than they used to, does that equal customer satisfaction?
  15. And even with the bug, they still hello kittyed up and failed to flip it
  16. It doesn't take much to cap an AI ship. GB should know better. We ran with Surp setups prior to wipe. Sounds like someone couldn't be arsed to figure out a proper fleet composition and was just lazy.
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