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  1. 6 minutes ago, rediii said:

    To be honest it was very funny to see that GB copied my RvR sheet that I made in sweden a long time ago almost 1:1 :D 

    And I wouldn't be surprised if other nations use the same one :)





    It was stolen from you originally, take it as a compliment as imitation is a form of flattery

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  2. 1 hour ago, Hawkwood said:

    If you do organize PBs like those at Caymans BEFORE HAVOC came to GB, you remember those for sure, i am really looking forward to see how many regions GB can hold after release 🙂


    Signups was implemented during the constant Spanish attacks on GB when SNOW had Little Cayman. I know it was used to some degree while I was away but HAVOC switched to GB at the same time I came back from doing irl stuff.

    GB will be fine.


  3. 1 hour ago, Hawkwood said:

    Portobelo was a disorganized, badly planned attack. Everyone could see that. This time GB was lucky. Some day GB is not going to have HAVOC to babysit us again and again, keep that in mind. We shall see how we roll without them one day, and will you still be so loud on forum. Keep that in mind pointing fingers on others.

    I don't think you know how we organise these PB's, 'cus if you did, you wouldn't be holding one clan above all the others. It has and always will be a collaborative effort. 

    BASTD beat the Russians several times at Carriacou if I recall, not a single member of HAVOC was there.

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  4. 3 hours ago, Audacious said:

    These 2 don't go well together:


    ---Added the ability to destroy the investments made by the alliance of clans (available only to the clan alliance leader)

    ---Changed successful port defense cool down and attack cool down  to 2 days. (previously defense cool down was 1 day and attack was 2 days)


    @admin what is the benefit of Admiral rank? any reards reaching it?

    You have to pay doubloons to destroy stuff. Don't see many people pouring tens of thousands of doubloons out of spite.

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  5. Due to the ease, large rewards and time it takes, trading has now become obsolete in favour of delivery missions. There is no risk in delivery missions, put your stuff in a capped tbrig and off you go.

    Trading is now for those privileged few with alt accounts as it's not worth trading any more. The knock on effect has been a reduction in trade which has seen most ports, that used to at least break even, not break even. A

    Delivery missions need reducing OR trading needs to see an increase in profitability for the time and money spent.

    A possible alternative would be to siphon profits made from ports of other clans within the same capital so that those who benefit from the county capital timer pay for it in some way. This does seem unnecessarily complicated though.

    A demonstration. Below is the SNOW port spreadsheet for port profits.



    Compare this with some of the previous data.




    For the first time the other day people were trying to NOT own Bluefields, a port that in the past has been highly desirable. That should demonstrate how much of a pain it is to pay for ports. Sure it's a couple of runs in tbrigs but that's time better spent doing something else, like killing each other. I like trading, but others it seems do not, so incentives should be created as to generate profit in ports so clans benefit in reals from ownership.



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  6. Russian flip of Portobelo was a success as they instantly flipped port.

    BAIT arrived on the scene before the the Russians could withdraw. BAIT smashed REDS who then retreated to join NN who were then attacked by a group of BASTD, HAVOC, SNOW and one WAVE.

    Hero of the hour was Gene in the lynx.



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  7. 8 hours ago, One-Eyed Willy said:

    I haven't played in a while & just recently started playing a bit again. I've been playing on the PvE server & have been joining the port battles & open world battles when I see them. Well today I joined one & got a angry message to me telling to gtfo out of their battle. Did I break some unwritten rule of etiquette by clicking on the crossed-swords/join battle icon?

    You really shouldn't join port battles without clan's permission or unless you get the okay that it's a free for all.

  8. 19 minutes ago, Beeekonda said:

    these are just a reference,  some 55 point ports has 20k br.

    Some one *points finger on russian zerg* might just take all big ports and keep the BR low to prevent other nations from taking it by having small PB fleet of extremely good PVPers and a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE ZERG SCREENING FLEET

    But they have that already, they just get more VMs as more get in. The average Russian player is far better than the average *insert any nation* player so if you're against Russia, it really doesn't matter.

  9. 15 minutes ago, Tiedemann said:

    No, no. When you are few players, GB has a tendency to kite! When your many, much easier to get a real fight out of you guys! xD

    Like La Nav? So many players turned up I heard. Oh wait. No they didn't. There wasn't enough people to fill the PB at the time, a lower BR port would have yielded you a fight rather than an empty PB.

  10. 4 minutes ago, Beeekonda said:

    Maybe make capitals with high amount of points to have bigger BR?


    55 points - 25k BR

    45 - 18-19k

    35 - 14-15k


    Maybe the amount of *used* points should impact BR rather than potential points.

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