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  1. It looks the same but it's not.

    I bought it only recently for my alt as well so it's an additional kick in the ball 'cus it now won't be used.

    Such drastic changes should allow the opportunity for a refund. It no longer fits the description given when I purchased it on Steam.

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  2. 2 hours ago, HachiRoku said:

    It seems you were the only one offended by that. Stop taking offence so easily people because it is obvious it was meant as a joke.....

    There's banter between mates and then there's being an hello kittying arse. This is the latter.

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  3. On 2/26/2019 at 10:54 PM, admin said:

    Hello Captains

    This is an advance warning on the turbulent 1-2 months ahead of us.

    In the next patch we will introduce significant changes to trading, damage model, mission distribution, port importance to clans, and ROE. As we are getting closer and closer to the release candidate the game will require several wipes (acc resets) during this pre-release preparation in areas most affected by the changes.

    First wipe will happen next week (from 4th to 8th March) 

    The following things will be completely reset/wiped in the first wipe

    • Victory marks: all victory marks will be removed, spend them on ships
    • Ship permits:  all ship permits will be removed, spend them on ships
    • Reals: all reals above 50,000 will be removed
    • Crafting resources: All crafting resources will be removed (like iron ore, oak etc.)
    • Trading resources – all trading resources will be removed (like Sevilla Muskets)
    • Tutorial rewards will most likely be reset: you will be able to pass the tutorial and get the rewards again

    What remains unaffected

    • All seaworthy assets: ships, cannons, upgrades, books, or unopened chests will NOT be affected or removed.
    • All investments in buildings, dock space and warehousing upgrades or outposts will NOT be affected or removed
    • Ship crafting XP and Combat XP will NOT be affected.

    The main goal of the wipe is to test the new economy, trading and updated resource prices and labor hours (lh for crafting ships will be lowered).

    Additional pre-release resets/wipes if needed will be announced in the future in news on Steam and on game forums.

    We understand that it causes a lot of inconvenience to a lot of you. We arranging with valve to add the Early Access bonus ship Pandora to all early access buyers as Free DLC that will be redeemable once every 24 hours. It will take time but will definitely happen in March.

    What about ship knowledge books?

    I have an Art of Ship Handling lying around that I can give to someone to learn.

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  4. 21 minutes ago, Phaserburn said:

    Maybe this gets fixed with increased population, but I see no reason why I should be screened out of a port battle by someone. It just cheapens the experience. And doing it to others feels shitty as well. I don’t know who finds greifing entertaining. Revenge is one thing, but greifing is just low.

    If you sign up to group content, you should be able to partake. @admin Don’t let one player who decides to hello kitty someone over, be allowed to deny someone their right to group content they planned for. 

    Didn't you only the other day get the Spanish to screen for you?

    Do as I say not as I do :D

  5. It is true you haven't run, the same cannot be said for the other Russians down there.

    Even if we hadn't decided to duel they wouldn't have been able to gank us. They brought PvE ships and were too slow to pursue.

    Funnily enough the battle this tribunal is referring to, the Russians ended up running away from Dark so yeah. I dunno what they're complaining about. They couldn't even gank him properly with this many ships.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Potemkin said:

    Tell us then, where exactly did they choose to have this duel?

    Right outside Maracaibo.

    Am I not allowed to attack people there?


    If you guys insist on jumping into port every time we try and fight you; we get a bit bored and fight each other.

  7. 7 minutes ago, Potemkin said:

    Didn't think you'd stoop this low, I'm disappointed in you. The alt must be sacrificed (reset) to the admin gods.

    I don't see why you'd think that. You're effectively saying I must join other folks ganking despite having no desire to. I like duels. In future you guys should just butt out.

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