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  1. toi pouvoir ecrire en français? et toi pouvoir nous expliquer ce que toi vouloir dire?🙄
  2. Dommage pour APO et surtout pour le Clan ORAGE quand on sait qui en est le « chef » désormais....
  3. we made the open tour this afternoon. A volunteer of the ship evoked the next long voyage in the footsteps of a great explorer whose vanished expedition to Vanikoro ... 😎
  4. 8 regiments were created in 1772 in French ports to provide artillery and musketry units aboard Navy ships (Rochefort, Brest, Toulon, Marseille, Bordeaux, St-Malo, Bayonne and Le Havre) Brest: Toulon: Bordeaux: Marseille: Saint-Malo: Bayonne:
  5. Flag of the « arsenal de la marine » (shipyard) of Rochefort (1772)
  6. Here is a reminder of flags (main or top mast) possible for France. some have already been suggested by other players. Flag of Martinique and St-Lucie (1766) Ordonnance du 4 août 1766: « Tous les propriétaires de vaisseaux, bâtiments, goélettes et bateaux de la Martinique et de Sainte-Lucie feront pourvoir leurs bâtiments d’un pavillon bleu avec une croix qui partagera le dit pavillon en quatre ; dans chaque carré bleu, et au milieu du carré, il y aura la figure d’un serpent en blanc, de façon qu’il y aura quatre serpents en blanc dans le dit pavillon, qui sera reconnu dorénavant pour celui de la Martinique et de Sainte-Lucie » All the owners of vessels, ships, schooners and boats of Martinique and Saint Lucia will provide their ships with a blue flag with a cross which will share the flag in four; in each blue square, and in the middle of the square, there will be the figure of a snake in white, so that there will be four snakes in white in the said flag, which will be recognized henceforth for that of Martinique and St. Lucia.
  7. ramses is the alt account of a player who has his main account active in the NN clan. it's not just a point of view, it's factual.
  8. what altruism from an alt account .. this is so cute 😂
  9. we're just talking about a game here. keep your jeering.... « pauvre mec »
  10. Ok but your game should have been called Westeros naval action .....😑
  11. Idem waiting list😴
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