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  1. of course, but these two ships remain ships of the temeraire class ... whatever their respective destinies. so much the better if we have the two in play I just wanted confirmation. off topic on as for the theories as to what if some lost to trafalgar because of shipbuilding orientations of French inspirations ... it seems to me that the "Real Carlos" and the "San Hermenegildo" did not need the French for to sink each other ....😆 off topic off
  2. @admin 2 ships of the temeraire class will come in game? the Redoutable and the Duguay-trouin (hms implacable)?
  3. that the Russians have become a steamroller is one thing. but that small nations can not cooperate or even worse, that they fight each other is pathetic
  4. certainly, it would be very surprising if these « fleurs de lys » survived the "Convention nationale" 😆. the names of the ships themselves changed according to successive political regime the Redoutable was called Suffren at its launch in 1791 until 1794
  5. inspired by this model? http://mnm.webmuseo.com/ws/musee-national-marine/app/collection/record/9025
  6. il semble que les devs se soient inspirés du modele du Triomphant du musée de la Marine http://mnm.webmuseo.com/ws/musee-national-marine/app/collection/record/9025
  7. Le Redoutable est dans les tuyaux Exclusivement pour les joueurs FR n’ayant qu’un seul compte....les devs prevoient de nous offrir le Redoutable ci-dessous afin de rééquilibrer la carte en notre faveur...vitrification du golfe du Mexique prévue.😆
  8. toi pouvoir ecrire en français? et toi pouvoir nous expliquer ce que toi vouloir dire?🙄
  9. Dommage pour APO et surtout pour le Clan ORAGE quand on sait qui en est le « chef » désormais....
  10. we made the open tour this afternoon. A volunteer of the ship evoked the next long voyage in the footsteps of a great explorer whose vanished expedition to Vanikoro ... 😎
  11. 8 regiments were created in 1772 in French ports to provide artillery and musketry units aboard Navy ships (Rochefort, Brest, Toulon, Marseille, Bordeaux, St-Malo, Bayonne and Le Havre) Brest: Toulon: Bordeaux: Marseille: Saint-Malo: Bayonne:
  12. Flag of the « arsenal de la marine » (shipyard) of Rochefort (1772)
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