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  1. That sounds better. But please, try to add the whole Spanish Empire. Empire Total War added just less than half of it. Spain on that time was in Perú, Argentina, Alaska, half of USA, Filipinas.....etc etc etc etc... If you do a good historical research you will get a better game than ETW for sure. Portugal, France, Netherland, Russia...great empires that should be added (please). Of course if you do Europe Scenario then you will get the best game ever made. Maybe I am talking about another kind of game that you want to develope. AI en ETW is a shit so I think that you will do it better anyway. If you can play against another players online then it would almost a perfect game. These are my suggestions. Congratulations for all your games!!
  2. It would be great to see more realistic things: -Your crew get experience, sailing, fighting and surviving. -A bit of Maintenance cost of ships and crew. So you would have to be doing things always if you want to have all ships and crew ok. - You can be demote from your rank because you dont get pvp marks. If you want to be again "Jefe de Escuadra" you have to make some dangerous missions for your faction. -You have to get gunpowder, balls, chains, grape, which are limited and their weight is important on ships. -You have to get food for your crew for long travels. -Ships damaged by storms. Just a bit. Not sinking them. - Your level (jefe de escuadra...) depends on your activity. Otherwise you get to the top and get bored. -Ports need food, resources, gunpowder, soldiers, repairs and guns for forts. So after an attack you have to rebuild them. If a city is low of soldiers or gunpowder can be attacked more easily. That is why a single player can be damaging a port with: -Missions of attacking one fort or transporting soldiers to enemy area. Or transporting repairs and soldiers toone of your ports. -Convoys that had to be protected. If you loose your merchants your cities suffer in their economy. These events (convoys) make very important to kill corsairs and defend merchants. - You can name your ship and paint them so there will be "famous ships" that had been in hands of different captains of different countries. - Players, clans and faction is envolved in a war so they have to protect their cities, economy, structures, defenses, people, farms. -Misions to attack all these cities, structures, farms... that one player can do by himself and get prestige. - Events: rebels, famine, illness, so the navy have to help bringing food, medicines or troops. -Rebelions can be organized in enemy territory transporting spies, guns, soldiers, money. -I would like to see Portugal in game. Because is more historical to see a portuguese flag in Caribe area than a polish or prussian one. -Your crew get sick if they travel a lot of days. A % of it, not much. - With an small ship you cannot kill 1000 crew of a huge ship just shooting by the stern. It is absurd. Grape cannot get through the whole ship. May be just one row of guns can be damaged because of highness difference. A ship with 1 meter high cannot shoot to 12 m high with grape. it is not real. -Balls make more damaged on crew. -Good doctors are important. -If you have marines, you shoot with your muskets to others ships crewmen when they get close. - You cannot repair crew from your ports if you are in the middle of the sea. - To repair cities you need to bring wood, stone... engineers, and pioneers. In general, just make this game more realistic and make players be part of this scenario. If you play everyday and help your nation it can be stronger. Not just missions, trade, pvp and port battles. Maintenance, supplies, and resources are important for cities. Not everyone can have a Santissima. Only some good captains with enough prestige. Prestige can be lost aswell of course. It will make the experience of naval action more real, not an arcade game, you will be part of war in 18th century. Many thanks.
  3. First of all, sorry for my english. I would like to see that this this game is more realistic because war was something that you won if you made small victories each day. Captains should earn prestige doing things useful for their nation. Now, you can be doing missions against the AI, earning money, xp an combat marks and becoming a "Jefe de Escuadra" without being useful for your nation. Combat orders should be for beginners and after that, the combat orders should affect to campaign map. For example, go to Nassau and attack that fort, or attack their traders so they will not have enough food, money, resources for war. Or "go to Nassau to bring food because someone has been attacking our traders" I mean, missions that were on curriculum vitae of most good sailors as Blas de Lezo or Nelson. I would give money, prestige (combat marks) and experience if you go to port battles or you do missions useful for your nation as it was in history. For example, players that could get soldiers (there should be small transport ships to conquer ports with a flag and soldiers) that you have to protect them till they reach a beach close to one port which is being attacked during, for example, 48 hours. Now you attack just if you make hostility missions and enemy cannot stop warming. It would be nice that you could warm ports by yourself, as before or you could stop the warming repairing forts transporting there engineers or transporting the things that were stolen by the enemy. After an attack, clans should repair forts, farms and cities and build trader ships to defend the economy and the port. History show us that most of captains had to go with a message to one port, attack one fort, or transport gunpowder, food or troops to a city which was besieged. There are different kinds of players: traders, corsairs (or pvp players) or war players (port battles...) In my opinión, if you want to be a trader, you will be very important because the nation needs things and you will earn a lot of money. When you want to be corsair you could be any time, you just have to get the permit from the King. With a 5th rate ship you got enough. But if you are interested on being a "Jefe de Escuadra" you should go to port battles or help cities being attacked, or attack forts, ships of an area. You would earn prestige to have a First Rate ship. Now everyone can be "Jefe de Escuadra" without fighting in port battles. In real life there were only 15 or 20 first rates by the way. Clan could repair cities, build farms, repair and build forts or pay soldiers to maintain ports but they will be expensive if you have to put a lot of soldiers there and you will have to transport. Even a single player could help, creating or maintaining a small village or one fort. Ports should be conquered by cutting their supplies, transporting soldiers, destroying or conquering forts with marines and attacking the fleet that defends that port. But now ports are too expensive, you can be earning money playing against AI. If you want to have a good artillery oficer, or good upgrades, or good sailers, you should help your country in the war. Now just doing missions you get anything so port battles are dead and pvp is not as common as before. Trade should be as before, so indiamans are useful. The protection area should be just for beginners, which are learning. Not for a "Jefe de Escuadra". I know that is a game and everyone can have the chance of using any ship but it is not realistic any more and it is getting boring. Why should i go to a port battle or sink to another player if i can have the same or more money, xp or combat marks sinking AI ships in combat orders? My advice, be realistic. By the way, why not a European map, Russia, Poland and Prussia (plus Turkey, algerian pirates, italian states...etc) could be on war without changing history. Thanks anyway. Sorry for my english. I used to love this game but now me and my clan mates, we are all getting bored.
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