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  1. @admin Where are the patch notes of today's hotfix? Much appreciated if you post them or even better: edit your first message in this topic.
  2. How is one knot called 'slightly'? Slightly in this sentence can be removed, cause removing speed by one knot on ships isn't 'slightly'. You forgot to nerf the Wasa by one knot. Please explain to me why a Santisima is faster than a Pavel and why a Christian is faster than a 3rd Rate when this game is all about SPEED? Also a Victory SHOULD be able to outrun a Santisima, at least on closehaul or just remove the entire ship cause there is no point in using it otherwise. I hope you rebalance it, I do agree that lineships were too fast and I do like to see 4th Rates and USS United States/Constitution usable for PvP again instead of boring Wasas the entire time.
  3. My vote: Enforce game rule coalitions. Reasoning: too many nations at war with each other. The current situation is too chaotic. Enforce game rule coalitions is just one of the solutions. Alternative solution is too reduce the total amount of playable nations, as many people above already suggested. My point of view: remove all the impossible nations (Russian Empire, Prussia and Polish Commonwealth). This will reduce the total amount of playable nations from eleven (11) to eight (8). Not sure about Denmark and Sverige as a nation. Three (3) options: You could keep them as a separate nation (current situation), keeping eight (8) playable nations. You could merge them into one (1) nation (for example called Nordic or Scandinavian, where Russian Empire could fit into the 'Nordic' description, but obvious not Scandinavian :-) ). You could remove both nations from the map, reducing playable nations to six (6). To keep your game historically accurate, please create/make Elite NPC of the nations you decide to remove. In this way, these nations keep some form of 'presence'. If you decide to remove Denmark and Sverige (going for option three (3)), they should have more Elite NPC's than the impossible nations. Besides Elite NPC, you can also keep spawning regular NPC's of these removed nations from freetowns. Another point about population: you can enforce game rule population. In the playable nation select screen, you can remove the option to join the nation(s) with the most average active players, calculated with hours active a day. For the sake of the gameplay and the historical accuracy, the treshhold percentage (%) for closing certain nations to join should be variabel to their historically presence. For example: Great Britain and Spain should have a higher treshhold percentage (%) than Dutch and a way higher treshhold percentage (%) than Denmark and Sverige if you decide to keep them in the game. Assuming you remove the impossible nations, it could be something like this: Current populations - Treshhold percentage (%) of server population Great Britain 26.86% - 25% (should be highest due to most famous Navy in history and also a new player 'easy' nation) Spain 8.83% - 20% France 10.21% - 15% Pirates 14.52% - 15% Dutch 4.88% - 10% United States 9.15% - 10% Denmark 2.87% - 5% Sverige 8.76% - 5% Russian Empire 9.33% - Remove from game Prussia 3.61% - Remove from game Polish Commonwealth 0.97% - Remove from game - Total 105%
  4. I do partially agree with 1) that guns should be grouped like that. Amount of guns is wrong in your suggestion (look like you have 12 bow- and sternchasers now :-). Please rotate damage indicator (top left) 90 degrees to the left, so bow is in front, stern is in back: makes it very obivous. Stances should stay the way they are now and not split. I do fully agree with 2) that important messages should be displayed at your screen and your crew must say words according to what happenend. I do fully agree with 3), that battle opening timer and BR rating should be displayed in battle. Maybe add an indicator of joinable zones in screen and/or in the map as well (to see where allies and enemies are able to join). I do fully agree with 4). More options, more variations, more happy people.
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