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  1. Our guild growing steady and another experienced captain joined our ranks. Welcome on board captain Williamsen
  2. Great news! Another captains joined our ranks! Welcome DeWolf and Russian4. Sail safe captains.
  3. Welcome new captains - Storegeton and Mogze - Sail safe and prosper wealth captains.
  4. We are guild in Naval Action game. Our guild name base on historical organization. It was a commercial and defensive confederation of merchant guilds and their market towns. We are focused on all economy aspects of game like trade and shipbuilding. Currently we playing on PvE server under british colours. When developers close PvE server we will move to PvP one. Fancy to join our guild? Just ask about us on global chat on server PvE in game. Please visit our website: https://tradeguild.wixsite.com/thehanseaticleague Hugo McCoy
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