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  1. I was just wondering (because of the massive amount of frigates in the game) what other people prefer when they use one, I personally enjoy the Surprise and Renomee the most since their strengths help with destroying merchant ships. What are your thoughts?
  2. Dude this is addressing battles that have AI in them to fill player spaces since there isnt a lot of players on at lower and higher tiers. I knew well and good what I was posting about in what forum.
  3. This is in Naval Action Legends Closed Beta Gameplay Discussions dude, look at the forum you are in.
  4. Makes sense, but it sucks to have a random ai blast your hull to splinters lol.
  5. Alrighty, thanks for telling me, it makes more sense, was worried my internet hello kittyed up my game or something. Lol thanks!
  6. Since today I havent been able to log into my account and Im given an error message. Any help? Thanks in advance.
  7. Yeah, I see your point, no variety would be boring, but in this specific case I found it overkill since even with the Essex on the Red team, they still had snows etc. While we had nothing more powerful than a Navy Brig on our side. It would be cool if it was like what TommyShelby said with one team with one big ship and multiple small ships versus multiple decent size ships. That would make more sense for a more interesting battle (and a more fair one as well) with the team without the Essex would need good communication to plot out moves to destroy the Essex. And for the Essex to be a good leader to coordinate their smaller support ships to protect the frigate itself.
  8. Was playing another battle with my brig, nothing out of ordinary, then I stumble across an Essex on the enemy team, you serious??? We didn't have anything more powerful than a Navy Brig at our side. I put in a screenshot but the resolution may be dodgy so here is the link to the same pic: https://gyazo.com/3ed93cc08d37480f059d1df2540a1a71 Hope this gets fixed, Id rather play against a bot rather than a ship my shots cant even damage. All in all, the battle was fun and we fought to the end but it was still kinda stupid.
  9. In real life the Renomee didn't fight another Renomee, and in real life boarding actually included combat and not a minigame.
  10. Problem 1: The AI is pure stupid, friendly AI will ram you, and occasionally unload a salvo right into your hull point blank, killing your crew and damaging your ship. Sometimes in the middle of a battle if the AI get too close to hostile AI, they will stop, and refuse to fire their guns entirely, essentially leaving you with a useless corpse of a ship at your side. Problem 2: Often times I find that I will not be able to login without restarting Steam, pretty self explanatory why this is an issue.
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