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  1. our fleet was in tumbado so we could have attacked pinar del rio but we dont want to go after the prussians, great corn was the closest out post we could sail to as some of our players had used there tows to more there ships to tumbado
  2. its not like GB has ever one ported nations right, i seem to remember GB dutch swedes one porting the pirates and camping around Mortimer town for over month, and you hello kitty the Spanish as well back when you enjoyed way higher player numbers. but that all fine and just the way of the game but now when you don't have it its game breaking
  3. we have been doing that but now you all seem determent to kill off russia again. how many time should we rebuild and watch you destroy it, as it stands right now after the wipe we have only attack the prussians and the brits and we have been attack by the danes and because they failed to get in to a port battle 4 time they gather together the rest of the server to kill us off again.
  4. if russia falls again we will go back to denmark i think
  5. nope its not at all the same when you get screened out you still get a fight out of it. there should be cool down on how often you can change them
  6. your missing one important part. clan 1 is attacking clan 2 port clan 1 has 25 players and clan 2 has 50 players and there is only room 10 players in the port battle. clan 1 has 15 players screening for there port battle fleet of 10 first rates and clan has 10 first rates sitting in port ready to join the port Battle and 40 player screening. clan 2 make 2 groups of 20 players, the first group drags in clan 1 15 player screening group, and the second drags in the clan 1 port battle fleet now clan 1 has 2 battles where they are out numbered and even if they win both of
  7. HAVOC is a clan that can carry a nation RVR efforts on its own they have good and dedicated players and even tho i don't know how they organize i would think it would be pretty good as well, so when they join a weak nation, that nation will become strong and when they leave again it will become weak again, and they might even be talking some good players or clans with them that could have been a important part of that nation building it self up again, this is not the fault of HAVOC but testament to there success and other players and clans will want to be part of that. if you kill russi
  8. believe me i have been on the other side of the screening issue when i was RDNN. the issue is that if we lower the br of port battles or make it every clan can set the br them self's, attackers will meet more screeners and you will limit how many players can join in the port battle because only the best 10 players in every clan will get selected to join it and the rest will be locked in permanent screening fleet. with higher br clans can work together with other clans to fill out the numbers they lack but with lower br there is no way to make more content for players, and you can s
  9. but if you reduce the br you will meet more ships screening and the port battle fleet wont have the protection of high br so a few frigates can drag them in to a battle. lowering br will only make screening worse
  10. your all wrong there is no enemy that can not be over come if you just have the will to keep trying, it might be like knocking your head against a wall and it would seem useless, but at some point a brick will come lose and the wall will come down. you all seem to forget that GB use to be able to have 100 plus screening ships and as many rvr players as every other nation if not more, and most nation would rather be at peace with them then try to fight with them because of the number advantage they enjoyed, but smaller nations still attacked them Denmark being one of them, we got screen o
  11. we did okey in port battles but we always had issues getting in to them with out getting screened out, its not like we never lost a port battle back then, i remember a lot of lost port battles. maybe graf has rose tinted glasses about our time in Denmark. now it seems like a new power is on the rise in Denmark, i was very impressed by the way HAVOC played today they showed a great amount of skill in protecting there weak ships, that being said we knew how that battle would end before we joined it but we should have been able to kill more then 1 first rate.
  12. you have the same problem we had when we where in the danish nation, i guess you better get used to it, only difference is that back then you would meet screening fleets of 70 to 100 ships.
  13. all you need to do is to make it more risky to hunt again, remove the speed and invisibility after battle and put back coordinates so defensive fleets can finde the attackers
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