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  1. pirates should be able to join both sides but green on green rules dont apply to them, what king is gonna punish a captain that killed pirate ?
  2. your right the its not the same because you can lose your stuff in naval action, but what i am comparing is the amount of time used for rvr clans to hardcore raiding guilds in wow back in vanilla and burning crusade. but the fact that you can lose your ships in naval action and that rvr clans risk more every time they do port battle should offer some kind of benefit over smaller clans that don't use the same amount of time and have the same risk. i don't think naval action will be like wow with 13 million players because it is not the same kinda game, but it could become like eve online maybe. i agree that the buffs are to strong right now and i think they could easily cut them in half and they would still be strong. but what smaller clans should do in my mind is to start working with the larger ones, skill counts more then numbers in the game and before the swedes where strong the Danes where on top and before that it was SLRN in British nation. but one thing that don't change is the players with that skill. you have redii from Havoc, awesome players with one of the best commanders in the game maybe. anolytic from Reds have some every skilled players and anolytic is i would say is on par with redii in commanding fleets. there is bf and Rubili and when ever i fight them with equal numbers they come out on top, i cant say all of the clans but most better rvr clan can carry entire nation in this game. i do rvr because its fun and i like big battles and i am sure most of the people from the clan i am in feels the same, but we all play this game because its fun but we need high end goals like there was in wow back in day. you would go into ironforge and see that player in full epics say to your self i wanna be like him have have his gear, i think we need some that in this game as well so new player will look at big clans with good ships and skilled players and say to them self, i wanna be like them
  3. this like what happened in world of Warcraft, the casuals complained about not being able to get in to raids because they where to hard and they started handing out gear to everyone. i am not calling anyone in this game casuals, people should play the game the way they want and if you want to hunt with 5 others plays and have fun there should be place for that. but i don't believe the reward should be same as if you focus on rvr, for one the risk is fare higher in rvr, losing 15 to 20 ships of line will take a lot more time and cost then 5 smaller ships, second the amount of time used on traveling and preparing is much higher such as sailing to new out posts, transporting repairs so everyone who tow there ships has everything they need, most of my out posts are decided by my clan and my time in game is to some degree as well. third the amount of organization both with in your own clan and with the rest of the nation and not speak of other nations in the game is much more demanding, diplomatic talks and meeting with other clan leaders, pooling victory marks/combat medals/doubloons to upgrade ports and making sure you have the materials to replace at least 25 first rates if you should need to. and for all of this effort rvr focused clan haven't really gotten any benefit until now with the new port investments. the game should work of risk/reward system and if smaller clans what to get the best ships they can work with the bigger clans and get access to there ports, even with out doing all of the work that it took to get the port or build it up, but if there is no bonus for people to sink massive amount of time into rvr then no one will do it.
  4. what if no nation takes the ports close to a free town then, will impossible nations just have to wait ?
  5. how would this make the game better for everyone ?
  6. yea im sure my clan could help me out if that happened but would every clan in this game do that ? your asking for something that would course new player to leave and old players to give up as well as adding a new time sink to the game,
  7. so this is where i see the big problem i have 8 outposts as i think most of us have by now, i have 1 at the clan home, 2 for trading and rest for rvr or pvp. i would need massive amount of reals to operate out of all of them at the same time. i think 1 currency should be safe because players need a way to get back if they lose everything
  8. i have combat ships at la mona but would i need to transport reals there to buy repairs and new ships when i lose a ship ? what if you get chased in to neutral port after being in hard fight and my crew in below the minimum crew to sail that ship, i cant repair it or get more crew so i would be locked in that port until i can get friend to bring me some reals to get out
  9. and why would i bring reals on my trade runs then ? what i have in my cargo will pay for what if bring back anyway. with me this would not be a problem i have 4 trading alts and all reals on my main, but for the ppl without alts losing ships, invested gold and any chance of rebuilding there wealth seem a bit much
  10. you need to buy food and water for your crew and be able to repair your ship as well as paying your crew
  11. would pvpers lose all of there reals everytime they got killed as well then ? if reals and dbls should be on the ship what about combat medals
  12. eve has time dilation that will slow time if there is a big battle and that will allow more ppl to get there, and even if it is real time you can still hold ppl down while waiting for more ppl to come and help you. i get that it sucks to be in this situation but i believe is was worse when you could teleport after a battle and now that every one has alts, it wont be hard to abuse it if only the defending side could teleport
  13. is this a declaration of war against the Russian empire and Spain where the British goal it is destroy both nations ?
  14. so its okey when you want it to be but not when others do it. you cant have both or special treatment. its ether wrong to trade ports in every case or its okey to do it in every case
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