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  1. I dont think this works as you indentiont. It doesnt matter how much ships i can build within a day because i can tow only one per day.So i dont have more Ships in combat Zone as before. so more ship = same pvp so i recommend increasing the amount of tows per day
  2. I dont like the Idea. I dont want this game to turn into "mini" World of Tanks being dominated by Mortar/Arty players spoiling all fun for others.
  3. I was not talking about OW is was talking about shallow water PB did you even read my post till the end ?
  4. I still dond understand why Le Req can join shallow water PB. It's way to strong for its BR it outguns every other 6 rate. While being very hard to hit because of the low profile. Besides that it has a redicules ammount of crew and redicules strong sail profile , not mentioning turnrate and having 3 masts. How do you thing a ship that is in litterly every important stat superior to mercury , heavy rattle, niagara etc. deserves same BR ? I think the Le Req should not be able to enter shallow water PB like the Hercules.
  5. What place would uncaptureable DLC ships have in such a System ?
  6. Well for me it is defending ports in rvr, doesn't matter if shallow or deepwater. I love these fights when you have two fleets both really trying there best and both wanting to win.
  7. Well the XP Bonus for pvp is way to low even if you would get 2 xp for pvp i still would gain more xp in a good 4th rate Misson than i the last 4th rate Portbattel i had. And sorry i think a Portbattel should bring more Reward than a PVE Misson.
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