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  1. If I could press a button in battle, and the ports open up and the guns run out my eyes would be in heaven. And when guns fire they recoil, and once nearly reloaded they run back out to their ports, it would make combat in this game so much better. An idea on how to use gun ports is similar to the firing mechanic, if your guns fire from bow to stern then gun ports open bow to stern, stern to bow or randomly. Obviously this would not effect gun reloading, as it would only take somewhat 3-5 seconds to run the guns out and a few more to open ports, which is roughly when the first sails are unfold
  2. (I just releases small ideas, these are bigger ones) I am going to start off the bat here right off, no need for explaining #1: Old ships, a date has been set for the ships that can be added, and I personally hate the timeline, so I thought of a way to get around it, remember when you said governments abandoned port? Well what if there was a news update saying that old ships are no longer in service and have been abandoned in the sea, washing up in many areas, easy idea, and each one can have like aa separate painting scheme or sail design, easy way to bring in galleons, and encourag
  3. So battles in naval action is quite fun, specially with the recent updates introduced, however things are lacking in multiple areas of the game, which are small, yet quite important in many ways, so lets start up with the first one: 1: Cannon animations, a tiny detail which I miss personally, you see, watching the cannons roll back and open up, and watching the guns ports fly open closely followed with a cannon rolling out are the best moments of excitement in a movie for me (specially PoTC) because it means action, specially when there are cool shots of it. And its quite simple, speciall
  4. i think you will be surprised, and as I said, you can turn it off in settings
  5. would be amazing to see specially, then we could test whether a missile cruiser can actually lock on to a wooden vessel
  6. Ahh, playing this game always gives me a happy feeling. When I go into battle, the sound of the cannons, stuff like that (specially 42pds and carros) makes me feel in my zone. But, this doesn't mean I am annoyed at some features missing in this game. (these features can be turned off in settings for less capable computers) Cannons. This might not be such a big deal to others, but to me, the gun ports should close and open when you want them too, like when you join battle with a santi, or a fleet, and you open the gun ports up and watch the cannons roll out, the satisfaction would be
  7. I agree with this, I play Napoleon & Total war, they have less crew showing and you can have armadas, all doing the same thing, you should also see crew on other ships but only from like 100 meters away
  8. Ok first of all, sorry for my last post, I didn't know about the time lines and about no more magic ship (I didn't know the flying Dutchman wasn't real) RIGHT OFF TO A NEW START So in the test bed we are seeing 3 new ships, The Wasa (not the Vasa version) and 2 more ships that I can't remember off by heart, but they are fairly decent ships, which I like. There is also a huge list of new ships that players want, but I would just like to see these ships coming in to the game. 1: The Royal Sovereign (British) (first rate ship of the line) 2: Mars (British) 3: Sirius (Bri
  9. there was only one little ship that was a model that would be fictional all others werent the race built galleons were real class of ships, might of been only a few but they did exist also I could theoretically point out that the 'snow' was actually called Ontario and you cant say that it says snow because it is a snow brig, if it is, it should be called snow brig or a sloop of war
  10. so I was playing the game : naval action, and it's one of my favourite games on steam with the most hour count, however when I look into the ships section I look through all the rates 7th, 6th, and 5th are filled up with numerous ships, look at 4th rate and plop, it decreases massively to 5 ships and gets worse on as 3rd rate has 2 ships and 2nd rates have 2 ships as well and picks up to 3 1st rates in total. Many people will say 'ADD MORE SHIPS' but I can give you a variety and I thought of modifications you could make to other ships. Mainly to the 4th-1st rates SOME ARE WHAT I WOULD LIKE OR
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