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  1. (I just releases small ideas, these are bigger ones) I am going to start off the bat here right off, no need for explaining #1: Old ships, a date has been set for the ships that can be added, and I personally hate the timeline, so I thought of a way to get around it, remember when you said governments abandoned port? Well what if there was a news update saying that old ships are no longer in service and have been abandoned in the sea, washing up in many areas, easy idea, and each one can have like aa separate painting scheme or sail design, easy way to bring in galleons, and encourages people to sail and look, or you can find blueprints to lets say 14 old ships in sealed bottles, maybe both but I think this will silence many of those who want old warships (you can have some ships like the Mary rose, the Spanish galleon from the Spanish armada, trading vessels, sloops, heck even gun less trading vessels) #2: AI gold fleets, made up of 1st,2nd,3rd,4th rate ships, similar to epic missions, they have 10 Indiaman's which have amazing loot in them, but you have to break a solid barrier of 20 ships (at least 7 are first rates) requiring you fleet to have a good firepower, team work and traders vessels, you can have up to 25 ppl on one fleet, there are only 2 of these fleets at a time and now on to the loot. The offensive team will have to have quite a few Indiaman's for this as the defending ones can hold versatailess terracotta, the book of rings, gold, silver, 10+ labour contracts, ship notes, ship blueprints, ship BPs, ship permits, teak, white oak, sealed bottles, deadmans chests and multiple goodies. plus the standard prize for winning these battles are 1.2 mil gold, 400 combat marks, 2000XP #3: Slave trades, a good source for clan to make money, a clan will get slavery trade routes upon purchasing the routes, however the ships will show up on the map, thus vulnerable to attack by other players, the routes can be defended by the players or buy purchasing extra ships of war to defend the running ship, you can use a class of ship to transport, beware! If another clan captures the ship, you will lose that trade route, so its best to send out a small fleet of trade ships at the same time by upgrading your fleet sizes for the traders. you can have up to 5 defending ships. #4: Ship changes, the weather deck of most 4th rates plus are pretty useless to everyone, 6pds are pretty lame in 1st rate wars, what if you could upgrade the cannons up to the class below the class on the lower deck, so the victories middle gun deck can go up to 32pds instead of being 24pds, also what if you could remove guns to make the ship lighter and faster, so you could remove 4 guns from the weather deck of the santisima(2 from each side), making it slightly lighter and faster, yet you don't have to remove the entire top deck (and it would cost to have them put back it), this could also be reversed and you can add more guns(if possible) to the ship, this would make gun fights more interesting thx for reading, please comment which Idea you like, dislike and why
  2. So battles in naval action is quite fun, specially with the recent updates introduced, however things are lacking in multiple areas of the game, which are small, yet quite important in many ways, so lets start up with the first one: 1: Cannon animations, a tiny detail which I miss personally, you see, watching the cannons roll back and open up, and watching the guns ports fly open closely followed with a cannon rolling out are the best moments of excitement in a movie for me (specially PoTC) because it means action, specially when there are cool shots of it. And its quite simple, specially if you have sounds with it, yet thrilling for me. Also, firing a cannon was not as explosive I thought it would be. The sound is like a small pistol going off, I like the heavy cannon and carronades about the 24pdrs going off, but they should be loud and the shots don't include sparks and flames bursting out of the cannons like they should (this is not applied to 12pdrs as the shots are not anything like this) 2:sailing in naval action is boring on long treks, like a recent journey for me that took 1.5 hrs, so maybe you could add some sea shanties for the massive journeys, or at least music to keep the player from just leaving the game if he gets bored. 3:ship sinking in naval action is basic, you just sink in a straight line, and it takes like 5 minutes to sink down all the way under the water, I mean I wouldn't mind the time because of looting, but can the ship at least capsize without me forcing it to? and finally 4: please, please, please make explosions better and more effective, I lost a pirate frig earlier today and was next to a wasa and it didn't catch fire, it got to 100m and then I detonated, and he was fine, yet my guys who were about 300m away lost their masts, and were damaged, and they were on brace mode, please fix that, plus my explosion wasn't exiting, masts fell, yay, please blow the ship to smitherines thx for reading
  3. i think you will be surprised, and as I said, you can turn it off in settings
  4. would be amazing to see specially, then we could test whether a missile cruiser can actually lock on to a wooden vessel
  5. Ahh, playing this game always gives me a happy feeling. When I go into battle, the sound of the cannons, stuff like that (specially 42pds and carros) makes me feel in my zone. But, this doesn't mean I am annoyed at some features missing in this game. (these features can be turned off in settings for less capable computers) Cannons. This might not be such a big deal to others, but to me, the gun ports should close and open when you want them too, like when you join battle with a santi, or a fleet, and you open the gun ports up and watch the cannons roll out, the satisfaction would be endless for me. You can use a key that you don't use to do the action, like ctrl or something like that. Just a simple movement would make a huge difference to me. also if you can choose how the gun ports and guns roll out would be cool, and if your cannons shoots it recoils back, and when it reloads it rolls back out. Another thing as well is that you can set how fast they reload, but it effects the guns accuracy (max reload is the normal time shown, and can be adjusted in port min is 3/4 of the normal time but accuracy is worse than a carronade) And finally on this part, when a cannon is hit it flies off the weather deck, or if on gun decks, you can see it crumpled or it disappears. Crew. Sailing a ship is fun, and I think it would be even better if you could see crew members running around the ship, and watching and hearing commanders shout things like, "Prepare to fire" "Starboard, get ready" "Load Grape/Ball/Double ball/Double charge/Chain into the port/starboard guns" and watch them do an action, eg the crew push the guns out and unfold the canvas, you can also watch them pull the lines and "hoist the colours" and fold the canvas, also you see them move to what you want them to do, eg if you want them to focus on gunnery, more men join the cannons after a period of time, and if you want the sails to be focused on, you see them climb the rigging, and tie knots and stuff, also when its raining you can see them turn that thingy, so the power stays dry, if the ship sinks you see them abandon ship or lower the long boats and you keep some of the crew, when boarding muskets fire and reload automatically, just for effect and they jump onto the enemy ship. If there is crew shock you can see them rolling on the ground and crying or abandoning there posts, and higher commanders begin to order them back to there stations. (optional in settings this bit; automatically off) when crew count goes down, a man on the weather deck can fly off the ship, or fall to the ground, and the you can see blood on the decks. The crew can become distracted if another ship is on fire, and if you are within 50 meters of a burning ship for more than 20 seconds 1/4 of the crew will abandon posts and start cowering, and every minute after that, another 1/4 will abandon and start focusing on sail and force the captain to get out of there. Open World Surroundings in this game are, meh, I mean the detail is good, but its all too the same, and we lack open world players, so here are a few things you can add (Bullet pointed) -AI trade fleets. They are found in the very middle of the ocean, and would be made up of traders brigs and will always have heavy escorts. About 11-13 escorts 4-5 5th rates, 1 4th rate, 2 3rd rates (both types) 3 2nd rates and 1-2 1st rates but there are 20 traders brigs that stand by from an unreachable distance, this is when a moral battle is played, the enemy starts off with 100 moral (just like boarding) and here are the details about how to take it down. Sunk 5th rate= -2 moral Cap 5th rate= -4 moral Sunk 4th rate= -5 moral cap 4th rate= -10 moral sunk 3rd rate=-12 moral cap 3rd rate=-16 moral sunk 2nd rate=-20 moral cap 2nd rate= -40 moral sunk first rate =-25 moral cap 1st rate=-90 moral Every time enemy moral is taken down, the less they have in fighting capabilities (slower reloading, turning, boarding moral) once lost, the brigs have moved near, and start to turn away, this is where you will need fast ships, they will start sailing away and 5 of the 20 ships will carry very, very valuable items like Parisian furniture and many labour contracts and gold and silver and books and upgrades, but you need to get to them first to cap them, a further 4 of the 20 will hold teak, lots of it, ranging from 500-1000 teak logs, and white oak. the rest will carry ordinary things but have a 20% increase in books and in crew (harder to cap) you can have up to 30 members for this, so it can be spaced evenly, 10 fighting ships 10 fast ships, and 10 trader ships, large ones. There will also be an Indiaman AI fleet that holds 3 times the amount of teak and gold and labour contracts in every ship but is defended by 20 first rates, same rules apply, 40 members allowed for this (only 1 fleet will exist per week for the Indiaman fleet, 5 trader brig fleets every week also) -Special open world ships only I cant find a player who isn't annoyed by the Santa Cicilia being removed, but I have a way around it, put special ships in the open world for people to explore and find, like the Santa Cicilia and a ordinary rattlesnake, and I know this sounds stupid but put, abandoned ships, like you did with the government abandoning ports, lets say they abandoned older ships from the 1700s like galleons and gold galleons, and when one is found not only do you get the ship, but its blueprint and a single permit, which is added to admiralty and many other ship that are just abandoned, and they spawn at random every day. Also you can add slave ships, which are unique in design and are faster than any other ship to the wind, (clans can also create slave trade routes, by capturing one, and sailing it to a destination, it will give you the option to create a trade route, and you will get money for it, but the routes can be tackles by not only players, but passing NPCs, so to protect it you can hire ships to defend your trade ships for a rent cost per real life day) -Random weather I have seen a storm in this game. and its nothing like a storm. If you are in battle in a storm it should be hard to sail like the waves are steep and sharp, but the wind is even more powerful, and also if you are in a storm, there is a 1/100 chance that a whirlpool will appear, AI 4 rates and large 5th rates will avoid them, but ships like surprises and below will go into them, just avoid the middle if you can, you will start taking on water the further you get into the pool, very slowly though will take 20 mins to sink you when you are near the middle, but the middle will sink you in 10 seconds and drag you down making you capsize. anyway in OW (open world) there can be hurricane and stuff like that that can or cant be ineffective, if ineffective the hurricanes can be switched on and off in graphics, but if on you can see a full sized one. If does do damage it can take your ship and has a 1 in 10 chance of destroying in and a 9/10 chance of killing all your crew if the ship loses crew and survives, it will be badly damaged, sails will be at 1-20%, but you have to sail out and retrieve it. If it is e.g lets say a British ship lost, any British player can sail to it and take it without a problem, however if you are an enemy nation and try to take it, the other player will have the option to fight you back or not, if he does he has 3 minutes to prepare a ship and the enemy becomes invisible and cant attack or be attacked for the 3 minutes and cant move and the player can get a group together and then they will sail out automatically to the ship lost, then an ordinary fight will start and the ship can be captured. And if the hurricane does effect towns, then the clan owning the town (Main ports not effected) will have to cover costs to repair it, meaning that ports with no cover in the middle of the sea e.g kids island can be obliterated and will cost heavily to the clan. there is also a chance that lightning will strike your mast in battle, and it will either decrease the sails on that mast to 50%, set the mast and ship on fire, kill a hell ton of crew if they are on sailing, or de mast the ship. -more choice of shot only things to say on this one, add: Bar shot (de-masts faster) and the other choice of shots used back then. Magazine explosions. I have seen a ship explode, when it went into fire shock I was really exited, what did I get? Bang. mast fall off, ship starts sinking normally. yay. its should be amazing, big awesome. like you see the ship tear in half and masts flying everywhere and the ring that would form from the massive explosion, and the ship goes down in flames, and the bigger the ship, the more dramatic it is. Final notes: One thing I find annoying is that the developers seem to as it were limit themselves, like they set a time structure for when ships are allowed to be in (earliest 1710 - 1900) why? it only limits the game, a game costing £30 should make players want to play it not just limit us to what time zones it is in, I would think players would love to test different variations of ships, and if you really don't want that to happen, just create the same game, in a different time zone to others, like Naval Action: Old Stations, where older ships are featured, but I would love to test the HMS Victory Vs The sovereign of the seas. just please developers, don't limit time zones, explore and if you are not sure ask the players, sometimes the game has to change to the players likings like a movie, the actor does what he is told but the movie completely relies on his characteristics and his likings, so the movie also changes in that way. it has the same outline behind it, like the game is about sail, but has other elements that people love, like olden ships. Thanks for reading
  6. I agree with this, I play Napoleon & Total war, they have less crew showing and you can have armadas, all doing the same thing, you should also see crew on other ships but only from like 100 meters away
  7. Ok first of all, sorry for my last post, I didn't know about the time lines and about no more magic ship (I didn't know the flying Dutchman wasn't real) RIGHT OFF TO A NEW START So in the test bed we are seeing 3 new ships, The Wasa (not the Vasa version) and 2 more ships that I can't remember off by heart, but they are fairly decent ships, which I like. There is also a huge list of new ships that players want, but I would just like to see these ships coming in to the game. 1: The Royal Sovereign (British) (first rate ship of the line) 2: Mars (British) 3: Sirius (British) 4: Duguay-troutin (French) (5th-2nd rate) 5:HMS supply (a nice traders vessel) (5th rate?) 6: Salisbury (50 guns) (4th rate)# 7: Zealand (64 guns) (4th rate) 8: Christian VIII (Danish) (80 guns) (3rd rate) 9: HMS Holstein (British) (60 guns) (4th rate) 10: San Josef (Spanish) (110 guns) (1st rate) 11: This is an extreme ask, please take me seriously though, The Mary Rose, I know she is way out of the timeline, but does that make her a bad ship? No. A 91 gun which held 500 + crew making her a very stupid 2nd rate (amount of guns) but a fairly decent 3rd rate ship of the line (disadvantage at crew and weaker armament numerous guns, slow and a slow turner also keels a lot too) I know this will be a no, but I would love it if this ship was in the game. 12: HMS Trafalgar (British) (120 guns) (1st rate) 13: Princess of orange (Dutch) (70 guns) (3rd rate) 14: Caesar (British) (91 guns) (2nd rate) 15: Donegal (French) (74 guns) (3rd rate) 16: Chichester (British) (70 guns) (3rd rate) 17: HMS Gloire (1806 version) (French) (36 guns) (5th rate) All of these are really nice ships, they all existed in the timeline of the game. They are good ships, (the Sirius could be a really good 6th rate or a really bad 5th rate, its just about better than the Cerberus)
  8. there was only one little ship that was a model that would be fictional all others werent the race built galleons were real class of ships, might of been only a few but they did exist also I could theoretically point out that the 'snow' was actually called Ontario and you cant say that it says snow because it is a snow brig, if it is, it should be called snow brig or a sloop of war
  9. so I was playing the game : naval action, and it's one of my favourite games on steam with the most hour count, however when I look into the ships section I look through all the rates 7th, 6th, and 5th are filled up with numerous ships, look at 4th rate and plop, it decreases massively to 5 ships and gets worse on as 3rd rate has 2 ships and 2nd rates have 2 ships as well and picks up to 3 1st rates in total. Many people will say 'ADD MORE SHIPS' but I can give you a variety and I thought of modifications you could make to other ships. Mainly to the 4th-1st rates SOME ARE WHAT I WOULD LIKE OR KNOW ABOUT OTHERS ARE ONES THAT INTEREST ME BUT I DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT. 7th rates: 'the heavy pickle' so we all know that the heavy rattlesnake is a fictional ship based on the real ship: rattlesnake and I was thinking if maybe you could improve a ship called: the pickle, not too much just a little, if you look at all 7th rates they all have 2 gun ports at the stern of the vessel, and the pickle has those and an additional 2 separated between both sides so 1 more on each side, the pickle to me is a very unique ship and if you made something another fictional vessel e.g 'the heavy pickle' you could put cannons in the rear and add 1 more cannon to each side of the ship by decreasing the width of the bow sprite holder thingy then it could work really well and be the transition ship between 7th and 6th rates. basic outline for the 'heavy pickle' guns: 16, 7 port guns, 7 starboard guns, 2 stern cannons speed (average): 11-12.5 health: 2400 side, 600 bow 400 stern# (weak) crew: 70 structure on sides: normal , small curve (can't bounce shots off) 5th rates: now I know that this isn't an actual sip but a class called: race - built galleons basically what the black pearl is: a fast and very manoeuvrable ship : especially with the wind, but it only has 14 - 20 cannons, 12-18 pd, per side and a few with the bow and stern chasers. its key advantage was its speed, they were ridiculously fast any where from 45 degrees in with the wind (faster than a surp or a renomee and even a lynx when with the wind.) Spanish galleons: this picture basically shows what they look like quite small and unique holding a good calibre of guns. I have a completely made up ship here but I found it and it looks awesome, maybe you could give it to the players as a present for Halloween here is pic 4th rates: 'the flying Dutchman' the flying Dutchman is a real ship and was captained by Davy Jones, it was a man'o'war with 32 guns a broadside, I cant find any good information that doesn't involve pirates of the Caribbean or a short clip that doesn't help, so its up to the developers to include this one, and make it up, try to keep it as close to the real ship if u can find a drawing of it or a model but if you cant make it realistic, a ship that was a pirate ship and fast and big. 'The Mary Rose' probably one of the most infamous ships in great Britain's history, a beautiful powerhouse and a masterpiece, holding up to 600 men, 90odd guns and a neat shaped hull. however, it could hold heavy guns of her time, however because in the 1500-1600 the cannons were weak compared the much newer ships so one of the 2 things can happen: equip her with weak guns, like 12pd or 9pd cannons and make her the superior 5th rate over the trinc or the endy, or equip her with 24pd and 18pd cannons and make her a 4th or 3rd rate to add to the collection. basic outline for 'the mary rose' guns: 90 43 starboard guns, 43 port guns 2 bow and stern chasers speed (average) 7-9.25 health: 5500 side, 2000 bow, 1400 stern (strong stern) crew: 450-600 structure on sides: outstanding, strong curve (60% of shots bounce) 3rd rates: a Dutch warship called the 'William Rex': link to ship model : https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/en/collection/NG-MC-651 2nd rates: The hms prince here look ok for a 2nd rate, it has a neat layout, although this picture is tight fitting to see the whole thing: 1st rates: Sovereign of the seas: I don't know much about this one apart from that it is a beauty, an exceptional ship with 4 decks, I have a link to the model:http://modelshipbuilder.la.coocan.jp/sovereign2m.htm FINAL COMMENTS: I know that this is a big ask, but you developers have been amazing at everything and I want to give you a huge round of applause for getting this game out there and managing to work a game of this scale, there is just a few more thing I would like from this game: 1: build your own ship, I feel that this would be extremely complicated to add and I don't mind if it is not added at all, if you do, I will be amazed and I will have so much more fun than I already am having playing this game 2: animations, animations are hard but there are a link of 2 that I would like to see in later developments, you can use the keys O and P or another set for this, first O opens/closes the gun ports if the cannons are not now and P rolls out or rolls in the cannons you can use U or another key to set it like when firing cannons to fire from front back or random it will open the cannons from front back etc. and the second one is that you see the crew actually doing things, like when boarding the crew jump onto enemy ships and firing muskets and waiting for orders to fire and see them reloading, and have the full amount of crew showing, this animation can be turned on or off in settings as well for less compatible computers. 3: When I fire into the hull of an enemy ship, I like the fact that I see some splintered wood but I would like it if the wood actually collapsed and you saw holes in the ship, and if there is glass it gets smashed and you can here all the sounds if nearby or controlling the ship, like when stern raking all the glass goes flying and you see cannons getting ripped up and stuff like that. 4: explosions: when a ship explodes, it should be dramatic and devastating, in naval action: masts fall of and a little flame shoots up. Bummer if you were really hyped like I was. I would love it if the ship got torn in half, cannons flying everywhere and explosions and fire raining down, waves ripple like crazy and affect your ship like they would, and it sinking dramatically and fast, because if a ship explodes you would not be able to loot it I'm afraid, you wouldn't get there, or if u did u r dead. 5: and finally one more thing: remember the Mary rose? she turned so fast that she over turned and sank!! I've seen ships fire one broadside at me and then 10 seconds later they fire an second from the other side, please as a small tester, ass that if you turn to fast you start heeling, and you have 5 seconds to pull out of the heel and if its to late then you will start to capsize, this would be nice so people can stop spamming me with fire from surprises and renomees and specially 7th rates, it would help some gameplay, especially those who have bad manoeuvrability and I don't mind if not applied to small ships but please add it to larger ships like some 7th rates and 5+rates IN COMMENTS DOWN BELOW SAY WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN GAME: OPTIONS HERE: SHIPS: The heavy pickle the Mary rose The race built galleon class Spanish galleons The ship for a Halloween present from the amazing developers the flying Dutchman the Mary rose William rex Hms prince sovereign of the seas IMPROVEMENTS: Build your own ship Cannon Animations Crew Animations Damage hole thing in the side of a ship and smashing glass and destroyed cannons visble Better Explosions (more realistic)(and dramatic) Heeling consequence from turning to fast. Thanks for reading put down below what you want.
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