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  1. Good patch Can i ask to look in to loot pickup mechanics? With new Epic battles it is taking long time to sink enemy fleet and it become very frustrating not be able to pickup loot you can not easily stop and maneuver with 1st rates, especially during battle. This is become bigger problem because you need to coordinate battle strategy and fight in the "line of battle" Please increase loot pickup window from sunk ships till the end of battle timer Increase pickup range Remove pickup speed restriction. I am afraid if you fail to provide mechanism for people participating in battle to receive rewards , new epic battle concept will failed.
  2. You never learn you lesson: You can not force PVP on people who do not want to. And because developers catered to very vocal PVP minority, this game with so much potential, lost most of it player base. Instead of reducing Safe zones, and trying to figure out the way to push players to PVP you should ask to create some mechanics that help you find PVP oriented players for you to play with.
  3. Little while ago i did propose almost the same thing: If you lost your ship in battle you can craft salvage note, this will take same type materials and require same craft level as real ship, upon successful salvage you get your damaged ship back and have a chance to get all or some of installed upgrades and some of the cannons back as well. As ship getting older you may also have to apply refit kits (made from same types of mats and require same craft level as original ship) from time to time to restore your ship to it original condition. This way you will be able to rescue your beloved ship and keep ship builders happy and economy moving at the same time.
  4. I notice this as well. Can i ask developers to look in to the number and variety of NPC critters. PS. Also if you can remove pesky med cannons from drop tables i will be extremely grateful . Nothing is more frustrating then maneuver your 1 rate ship to pickup the drop from dead Belonna and find useless 6pd med cannons (she does not mount 6pd cannons???). Thank you.
  5. Not necessary, if you blockading some clan's port and that clan loosing taxable trade income, you bet they will come after you to lift a blockade And both of you will be willing and ready to fight.That is exact how RvR should work.
  6. If that is the case lets just ask devs to look into possibility of changing mechanics of the game: You put blockade on said port, no PVE oriented fleets can pass your blockade as long as you are there maintaining it, others can brake your blockade by engaging in PVP with you. This way you illuminate unwilling PVP and make people fight you or loose trade rout.
  7. Yet again you said you want challenge, where is the challenge in killing defenseless trader (no trader has a chance to defend against 2 or 3 warships)? Or you only want to PVP when you have full advantage and no risk?
  8. All hardcore PVPers saying they want to PVP because it is challenging and they do not want to sink mindless and unskilled NPC BOTs. So if you want to engage in PVP with equally skilled and prepared opponents just put "Want to PVP" indicator right on UI Why not just create PVP switch like we already have smuggler switch? You can only switch it on/off in your home port and if it is on you are "Want and ready for PVP" if off you can not be attacked. This way you can remove all safe zones and merge PVE server with PVP server.
  9. Not all of ship notes got a discount in Admiralty store for some reason. For instance Indefectible is still 50 CM and did not get discount while Constitution and Agamemnon did and now 20/30CM each. Is it WAI or was missed in translation?
  10. Only allow trade contracts between players remove player ability to purchase goods from nps stores on contract. Create an ability for user to salvige sunken ship with all its abilities and upgrades for half price of the ship in crafted materials and labor cost. Timegate it if you must. Require use of refitting kits from time to time to bring ship to its original state made of same mats and required same crafting level as original ship.
  11. Most of the problem with PvP right now is the fear of loosing your kitted out and cannoned out ship to random encounter , accident or stupid mistake. On one hand players put countless hours to build and equip they dream ship with the best kits, modules and equipment they can find, and on another hand game need money/resources sink and crafters need an income. My proposal: Create new items 1.Ship salvage rights - when your ship sink you can craft/purchase ship salvage certificate which is ship specific and crafted by crafter who can craft original ship using portion of original recipe. 2. After every battle when you taking damage by using repair kits or even on port you are not able to fully restore your ship to original specifications. to do so you need to acquire a Ship refit process (working title) - which is required to fully restore your ship to original specifications. Ship refit is ship specific and crafted by crafter who can craft original ship ans cost portion of all mats required fro original recipe. 3. Make all cannons ,lost in battle- be lost forever or make cannon refit kits, that work the same as ship refits. Salvage process and ship refit process is time gated, take 48-72 hours for salvage and 24-48 hours for refit, which may force people toward lower level ships for a time.
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