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  1. I like what you're telling here Do you have a link to your suggestions?
  2. Well we had 500 player online during peak hours in the last few weeks, that's far more than we had 2 months ago. But if you do PvP outside a Captial... Well there is always enough to be killed. And you can't spawn reinforcements in an outlaw battle. And if all the Pirate PVE and Carebears leave the "Pirate Nation" there are enough to populate a new small nation! BTT: I think it would be a nice idea to bring in a Trading/PVE Nation that can't interact with other Nations. The can only trade with the shop and their own Nation(to reduce abusing with alts), but can enter any port with any ship. This would also allow it to reunite the servers again! As 100% PVE Players would than have the option to be safe on the PVP server.
  3. Well, there is quite a force building up in the Pirate Nation that tries to make the change themselves by fighting all the Carebear and PVE Clans, as they try to make the "Pirates" either become real PvP Pirates or quit to another Nation.
  4. Okay thanks. That is what i wanted to hear
  5. That's the question that i had. Are there any more ships I get from crafting above the Constitution or do I have to buy all coming BP now?
  6. No i only got the Pirate Frigate Blueprint from a Deadmenschest all other BP i just got from crafting
  7. That's fair but the biggest ship i can craft right now is the Constitution. I unlocked it last Friday with lvl 35. But now it's lvl 25. Do the other ships unlock when i get to the next level?
  8. Is it possible that this is still a bit bugged. I'm now crafting lvl 42 instead of 35 but i can still only craft the ships that i was able to craft before. Is it bugged or does the unlocking only work on certain ships? And if it only works for a few it would be nice to know which ships aren't effected
  9. Okay, sorry if i missed something in an earlier update but when did you patch the crafting system? Last Friday i needed lvl 35 to craft a Constitutuin and lvl 25 to craft a Pirate Frigate and now everything is -10 lvl? And I also gained about 6 Craftinglevels over night?