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  1. Hi all , it looks, that the Pirate-Player Flinch from [SALTY] is farming his US. alts. Sinking 5 Players in 13 minutes, thats in normal fights not possible.
  2. I dont know, what this is, but its hello kittying strange. As i leave Cayo Biscayno with my Consti, a LGV stands outside. His name is Triscan. And dock, some times later, he come again out of Port, but backwards/reward. Ok, i try to tag him, he enter port, he exit port backward again. Then, my tag working and we enter combat. But holly shit, in combat, it was not a LGV, it was a Surprise. Ok, no problem, i was in good position and start attacking. But he dont set sails or attack back. So, i go near and activate boarding. In boarding, no defense, no reaction, nothing. A
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