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  1. Well, theres a big diffrence between spending a lot of time ''active'' in a battle just sailing and afk hauling.. or am i missing something? I have a hard time believing that people actually hauled goods all around the map not being afk (unless they were going thru zones..) Which they most likeley were in this case, but my point stands.. I really dont think people want to spend a lot of time sailing. What was the worst part about pbs except avcom, numbers and people kiting?
  2. Alright, well, im sorry then.. maybe there is a big intrest for this kind of game.. Also, I live in sweden and have been on the gothenburg, althought not sailed it (lol?) I've also been to portsmouth but that doesnt really matter.. Maybe i'll think its awesome when i get to test it
  3. I was rather surprised there was going to be a new ''naval'' game when i first got to know about this project, mostly cause ive spent quite some time playing potbs, and really liked it. Now, when i see some videos, its nothing like i imagined, its, well, way to advanced.. So, is this game going to be anything like potbs or strictly ''historically correct'' aka boring (altought one can argue its awesome..) Or is there at least going to be a potbs* game mode? Im sorry, but i just dont see why any teenager would like to play a game where you spend most of your time sailing..
  4. Just dont make it ''too'' realistic, please..
  5. This! but, still, fights where not always ''even'' so there should be some kind of gank system? I kind of liked the feeling of winning a 1v3
  6. You ever played Potbs, eve? Guild wars? wow? Minecraft? Well, lets just take eve as an example, you spend how much time traveling from one end of the universe to the other? Still, its one, or, have been, one of the biggest mmos out there! (sorry, didnt see you already brought eve up :/)
  7. This would be great, but why not even make it so that when you kill a ship and dont pick up the loot, assuming theres a function for that, it stays in the water for lets say 12 h? + throw the guns or inv overboard!
  8. I think potbs speed is good, map wise, so if your going to use a bigger map, higher the gen os speed?
  9. Cool, cool, pirate, im going to capture all your rates..
  10. Happy new year, future players and devs // Sweden
  11. We all know its there, but it doesnt seem like anyone want to take the courage and ask it. We have had a lot of new russian companies, or well, some, Wargaming and Gaijin mostly, who have gotten real big.. Anyway, in the beginning they listened to everyone equally, but as the time go on.. They simply focus more on what the russian community wants, and at the moment you guys need us all, so, basically, Can you promise me that wont happen over here? Anyway, seems like you guys are doing great, even though the limitation of unity (graphics wise) But have you bought them certificates yet? or are you using the 75/month?
  12. Onewayz


    Potbs rules, but its getting old, i haven't changed (much*) since launch. Since they dont advertise they dont get very many new players, which suck. Cause it could be one of the best games out there, or well, could have been, now the graphics* are to bad, or, outdated rather.
  13. Onewayz


    Like they did after f2p failed you mean? (aka 2 years ago)
  14. Its a ''merchant'' ship, designed to be like a frigate, and, id say it is a frigate, still, it got only 26 cannons, and a frigate should be around 28, but is that such big of a deal? sometimes you just like something, you never felt that way?
  15. Id like to see some ships from here http://www.sjohistoriska.se/sv/Fordjupning/Sok-i-samlingarna/Arkiv/F-H-af-Chapmans-arkiv/ChapmanNet/ChapmanNet1/ Especially frigates, 30-50 ish gun ones. Like this one.. http://www.sjohistoriska.se/ImageVaultFiles/id_2170/cf_1047/08.JPG Other than that, british ones rule, design wise.
  16. Well, since we're all listing pc specs why dont i join in.. Win 7 x64 Gig HD7950 3gig I 7 3770K 3.5Ghz 16 Gig ram (1600Mhz) 128 Ssd 2 tb sata Also running 3 screens with eyefinity (5760x1080) maybe i could help you on that part? to ''configure'' more than one screen setups... Experience with unity, not much, been doing some school test work in it. Spare time, a lot.
  17. Onewayz


    Ogden, also potbs player.
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