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  1. Sorry, corrected my post - I meant X number of times per day. Message examples: "Treasure fleet recently seen near Sant Iago, rumor says it is heading to Oranjestad" - fleet can use different routes to get there North of Hispaniola, South of Hispaniola, along the coast etc. etc. Another message: "Fleet has been captured by British near La Navasse. Rumor says it is heading to KPR" It can be extremely long event if few nations / clans involved
  2. What if.... Rumor message showing - several number of times a day that treasure fleet will be moving from X to Y. Fleet will have - Z number of random routes it can take and will appear randomly somewhere on one of the routes causing players to search for it (more ow traffic) Treasure fleet will consist of number of battle ships and goods loaded indiaman or few indiamans. To get goods you would have to capture indiaman - no sinking and escort it back to your port (more pvp possible). Messages will appear on: - Treasure fleet appearing in the region headin
  3. What about if determined defender will give you a time advantage only. Eg. You can't be boarded within 30secs if your crew is more than 30 percent of your opponent in change of insta boarding. Better organised defense of the ship, removing grapple hooks etc. This would give a defender few more options and pretty easy to implement ?
  4. I will also donate as I really like the idea and I really appreciate anyone that create content, especially might be viable for new players. 50 x PvP Marks 1x Bellona Note 1x Constitution Note 1x Pirate Frigate Note 1x Victory Permit 1x Santisima Permit 1x L'Ocean Permit Well Done @Headless Parrot Get in touch in game to pick all stuff Regards Cr33D
  5. Probably 9 out of 10 times while being in the reinforcement zone so called by you "PvP marks farmers" gets tagged by minimum 3xBR. Another 1 situation is when this horrible "PVP Marks farmer" will join someone vs AI not knowing in the first place who is that and probably most of the time someone else will join this battle to defend this poor AI tagger, ending with 3xBR advantage. What happens next ? Sometimes a lot of people join and "PvP mark farmer" does have no choice and run, sometimes he can't be escape and will fight vs 3-4 or more players, sometimes winning sometimes sinking
  6. Hi All, Reading through the forums, you can see a lot of questions or request for ship paints / skins. Thinking a little bit about it an idea popped into my head. Please let me know what you think. Ship paints/skins availability in region capitals if: Mechanics on how painting system will work. whole region is owned by one nation (or clan) - region specific paint you can paint your ship only if you are on this ship or ship is in the fleet (not as an item that you can carry to another port) you have to leave your ship in this port until server maintenance
  7. I realpy liked @Hethwill approach. Looking through all this posts only he ia focusing on possible improvement and not on picking up flaws. Solution to a problem within this post is simple: Using @admin guide let's agree to a format how we will provide feedback or suggestion. Very common wirhin businesses is STAR format which you can read about which can be modified and accomodated to our needs and agreed with developers team. Quick sticky topic with suggestion rules.Whichever suggestion doea not follow above format will be discarded and not taken into account. All others developer t
  8. I would nominate myself if I would have more time, lol. I did trading, rvr, pve, crafting and rvr. Never got banned Being serious now I would nominate @vazco, apart of meeting above he is the person that suggest always a lot of sensible solutions to the game.
  9. Destroyed ? you can only loose ports. Nation is players not ports. But I do agree with you that loosing all of the ports would have an impact on numbers of players within a nation. Same as I agree that there is a room for more contect. Where I don't agree is safe zones that are protecting everyone as this is actually denying content same as current size of the map which is denying content too. Less nations will not increase amount of pvp. It will be same 500 ppl which only 20% off is looking actively for pvp in the huge ow.
  10. Very judgemental. I enjoy rvr too, although I don't care about keeping ports. If I wont keep it, there is good reason to fight for it again w hen it is needed, when I will run out of resources. Yesteday ended up with 8 lord protectors - 3 VM showing that I do participate in RVR.
  11. And what does it have to do with what I said ? I expressed my own opinion saying that I would prefer smaller map to test combat mechanics better than sailing in the empty world. I am reading once a week a forum topic about nations merge and I do agree with admin that more nations statistically brings more action. Making map smaller was only a suggestion as this is what forums are for ? Really ? For me you can take all of the Prussian ports I don't need them
  12. If you would read once again it says while in alfa stage. With amount of bugs and balancing issues, in my head those would be more important to deal with, than sailing around in the empty world. Release full map in beta.
  13. solution to all of this issues, while in alpha reduce map size to hispaniola region only, where all of this 11 nation can meet up and have a brawl
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