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  1. I apologize for the redundancy! But hopefully the more threads that pop up about the issue the more the devs will feel inclined to look in to the issue I like your ideas, though I think they should probably still retain a dedicated chat. #bringbackfptp
  2. Cmon guy, you're going to challenge my argument with events from a fictional TV show? -.-
  3. I'd love to hear what @koltes @Duncan McFail or @Sir Texas Sir have to say about these ideas. And fine @Willis PVP2
  4. I may have gotten my facts slightly off, my apologies heh
  5. Look man, there's no need to be salty, and no, there no QQ here. These are suggestions due to the nature of the pirate faction. The Pirates are inherently pvp based. As such, the have a much higher propensity to have large concentrations of very high quality pvpers. I say let them be that. The Pirates have said over and over on global that if they get a good fight outside the PB they won't even go in. These are simply suggestions to cater to exactly that attitude. If these ideas were taken seriously these could fix most if not all the qq on the server. The Pirates get to roll around like a dea
  6. I'd enjoy a buff to the endy's turn rate she does turn like a brick as it sits currently.
  7. I have a few suggestions for fixing the pirate nations. First off, a little bit about me, the most recent wipe will have been the 3Rd wipe I've been through. My first outing as a player was on the pve server getting my sea legs. Soon after I transferred over to global to start sinking players! I'm not by any stretch an expert at pvp and I rarely participate in rvr as I find it rather boring so take the following observations and suggestions for what they're worth. 1. The Pirates as a "national power" is simply absurd. How this managed to make its way in to a game rooted in so much realism
  8. I agree with this! I certainly enjoy wreaking havoc down by Mort Town! As a matter of fact, I might create my own splinter cell of the Confederacy for just this purpose.
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