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  1. Stepping back and looking at this wipe I'm not sure if they could have done it worse. Yea the wipe has to occur and if that means players who were testing lose stuff, that's part of the deal. Why spread it out over two months or more though? Why change a trading system already implemented for one we don't even know will work? Why inform players in a manner that leaves more questions than answers. Why refuse to take responsibility for statements and guarantees that were made? Developers certainly have the right to prepare and implement a wipe any way they want. I don't have any problem with them taking away my pixels. I do take exception with this piecemeal, pulling off of the band-aid. It removes any interest in the game from its players. The attitude this action promotes is one that drives players toward other games and some may never return. The old trading system wasn't great, we all agreed. However announcing a wipe and then implementing a new one is dicey at best. What if no one likes it? What if it doesn't work? It would seem to me that you shouldn't fling a change as major as this into the cogs and walk away as if its a job well done. Whats going to happen? When is it going to happen? These are statements that need to be made clear as a bell. Many players rushed to remove ships from auction houses. Selling them at deflated prices or sinking other ships to make room. When a well worded sentence of intention would have prevented misunderstanding. This is what happens when you slowly, painfully pick at a wound, which in this case is the wipe. For many the statement "we guarantee" is a promise, a hand shake and in this case, a written agreement. Many seek a heartfelt explanation for its reversal. One that should be offered in the sincerest of manner. One presented in wording that makes it clear that it pains developers to go back on this guarantee, this hand shake, this written agreement. Developers will have zero credibility with players until they do.
  2. How about a flag that you could put on any of your ships?
  3. I have but one strategy for the coming month or so, collect and learn books. That is the sole reason for me to log in. As for testing the trading system, why? From what I've seen on the test bed it is strictly distance based. The further you're willing to travel, the more money you will make. Frankly I find this to be an idiotic idea for several reasons. Chief of which, it makes players do the dullest thing possible. Sail for hours on a barren sea. You want to turn new people off from your game? Well this is the ticket. Who in their right mind wants to play a game and twiddle their thumbs for hours? My suggestion...add nuance, not distance. Secondly, because of the former reason, only people with alt accounts will do it...maybe. You already have these players and their money. How does changing the trading process to favor them help retain new players? Except for spying the only real purpose of have an alt is to do the really dull tasks while you play on your other account. Thirdly, you want more people in the game and you think trading will matter to them? Then close down the PVE server and force them to play the game for real. More people logged into the one server will do wonders. Most of the PVE players will find that its not that tough to trade on the PVP server. You don't seem to give a damn about how many players from the PVP server are lost. Why care about the PVE servers player base. What better time to close down the kiddy pool then during a renovation.
  4. Yes Capsize, the final was as frustrating and aggravating as I could stand. I can guarantee you that I am not the captain that some of the above are, but I finally did it. For what it's worth, this is what I learned. 1) Patience; If the right set of circumstances does not present it's self or it looks like your plan has gone array...quit and start again. You can do it as many times as needed (a shot of tequila helps with the aggravation.) 2) Board the first ship as soon as possible. This will mean having your crew set to board from the outset and your gunnery crew off. Rage board the closest ship. If you miss and he slips away, have a shot of tequila and start over. 3) In boarding hit ATTACK, wait till the last two seconds and switch to your guns or muskets. Wait a round and repeat. If you lose, have a shot of tequila and start over. 4) When you 'finally win' and your ship is beaten to a pulp by the other enemy ship...switch ships and DON'T FORGET TO TAKE YOUR REPAIRS. * Special not, remember how we turned our gunnery off? Well the AI didn't, so he'll have a broadside ready and since you didn't fire at him and neither did his partner...you'll have a brand new ship aswell. 5) Now its you against one other ship. Sail away and repair and or recrew. If at some point you end up on another sinking ship, go back to your original, TRANSFER THE REPAIRS and continue the fight. At the point where you take the first ship you will have an hour at the very least to sink his partner. take your time and play smart. If you do get sunk, have a shot of tequila and start again.
  5. I apologize if my prose have rendered unto you the wrong impression. They were meant as a cautionary tale. One that, it would seem is lost on someone as advanced as yourself. In the future I will attach a disclaimer as to my correspondences obvious meaning, so as not to waste any more of your time.
  6. Yes the damage model appears to have been nudged up more then just a tad. To those of us without the sterling abilities of a Draymoor, I am only offering my above stated experience.
  7. Thank you sir for the clueless and ignorant rebuff. With all due respect, once you encounter the same situation, your reply may differ.
  8. Just left (via sinking) a battle in which three Ballona's faced a fleet of five Wasa's. At least that was how they were advertised. Turns out they were three ballona's and two wasa's versus three (human) Ballona's. The tag was intentional and well placed, the start was disastrous and unintended. As I turned to port in an attempt to rendezvous with my near-by shipmates, I received several broadsides. Normally these would amount to minimum damage, being as I have well armored sides (74.) However with the advent of new parameters to PVE, it would appear that our previously impotent opponents have found their tooth, so to speak. By the time I was favored with a full breath of wind to my stern, I was also without a starboard side and half my structure. This unfortunate state of affairs was not improved by the placement of an additional opponent well of my beam. While my crew performed in an exemplary manner, they were overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. As a matter of reference, I would suggest,in very strong terms, that captains should be aware of the NPC's new...err...a...quality of play. If I may be so bold as to suggest, close tags are not as adventitious as they once were. At least not in groups.
  9. Sorry guys...shat. Total shat, with a chance of rain. You want me to sail for hours on end for a BS profit. You want me to sail blindly around with a belly full of paid for goods...this is idiotic. Only a moron would do business this way. Half your game is traders and you just shat all over them...congrats. This is not the answer, back to the drawing board...this is shat.
  10. Why would you ask a player to travel four hours with nothing to do but look at the stern of his ship, for a profit that at best is two and a half times what he invested? Are trying to widdle down the already minimal content? Do you honestly believe that anyone without an alt account will waste that kind of time staring at essentially a screen saver? Go back to your original system if this is the best you can come up with.
  11. The lack of nuance in the trading system is a glaring error. Historic items that sell for 4500 can now be hauled for 6 hours for a whopping profit of 11000. Think about this...Welcome to our game dear player, if you'd like to make a living trading you can stare at the back of your ship for 6 hours and make 2.5 times what you spent...Goodbye dear player. Really? You are forcing one account players out of this aspect of the game. Just go back to the original method because the more you change it the more screwed up it becomes.
  12. This whole wipe announcement should be a huge wake up call for anyone believing anything this administration says in the future. I can not remember a time when a date that was given was met. So they lied again..." I am shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here." I for one gave up believing what these guys say long ago. It would be wise for some of you to do the same. Sorry NA developers, your credibility is not credible. New players, if you like the game play, just deal with the fact that these guys are notoriously bad when it comes to any form of information and or communication. Old players...shame on you for believing them. Two Bold predictions A) It won't happen 'when' they say it will. B) It won't happen 'like' they say it will.
  13. Well you'd be quite wrong about my playing time. I've been here for some time, American, British, French, Pirate. Two accounts totaling 1400 hours. Plus most of the DLC. I've owned almost every ship and sailed the length and breadth of the map. I currently have tens of thousands of boubloons, hundreds of thousands of reals, thousands of every tree and product produced. I like that it will all be reset. I'll start again, its not big deal.
  14. After following what has been the most interest and populated chat I've seen on these forums for some time, I am left with this thought. All of the people bitterly complaining, seem to think that they can somehow change or control this situation. While a few voices realize that change is not only inevitable, but good. Frankly it has been illuminating from the standpoint of which type of players I'd like to be clanned up with in the future. Ones that can't except or countenance change or those that embrace and overcome it. The choice is simple.
  15. All of this is to be expected, they did give false information. That said, its also their game and they have to do what they think will make it viable. I'm sorry their are so many unhappy players. I for one look forward to a brave new world.
  16. I just want to make sure I have this right. By the final wipe... Sailing XP gone Crafting XP gone All moneys gone All items gone All ships gone (except DLC) Ship knowledge gone Book knowledge remains Is that right?
  17. Gentlemen, the admiralty has tendered unto us its orders. I see there are those among us who are thinking of resigning their commissions based on this unfortunate turn of events. It is of course their right to do so, with the honor of their service fully acknowledged. I however I must state for the record, that I am invigorated by this turn of events. The idea that I should be sent to a Mediterranean devoid of others footprints. That I may take part in remapping a new world, fills me with hope and excitement. Sure I will arrive naked on its shores, but I shall also arrive versed in its ways. Privy to its dangers and mindful of its secrets. Not some swabby who can't aim a cannon or scamper up a shroud. No...no this is an opportunity to be twice the seamen I was. To place my mark upon this island chains shifting waters. I see this not as punishment, but reward. It is time for the cadets to depart the academy for their final berths. Fair winds to all.
  18. Your definition of failure seems to be highly subjective. There are many who did not find it a failure, myself included. The fact is, that limited resources, no advertising and a player pool that came from only this game alone hobbled it from the start, seems lost on you. I found it to be a much more rounded game, because of its limited focus. In my opinion that "failure" will be the game that remains standing.
  19. Content is not the pieces or the board. Nor is it the characters, nor the clans, nor the affiliations, nor anything they do. Content, is the myriad of moves that can be made by the pieces on the board. Chess for instance has more content than checkers. Chess pieces have great depth and verity of option, within the context of their game. Content,... good content, should be foisted upon the player. The player should always be torn between options and interesting choices. In Naval Action the players first choice inevitable revolves around sailing time. Shall I sail out and hope that some form of content (NPC or opponent) appears? I've personally sailed for twenty minutes, countless times and found none. Shall I group up and sail out to find content? Again we've sailed for twenty minutes and found none. Port battles and raising contention are similar, if not more time consuming. Does one wish to trade? Well set sail and turn on the T.V. because you can watch a movie in the time it takes to cross one quarter of the map. This is not content, this is the definition of its lack. Some may enjoy barren seas and the wind in their sails. I would hope that they do not conflate this with content. Seeing the land is not content. Being able to venture onto it, that would be content. Having options the moment you leave port (whether you except them or not) that is content. Picking a direction to sail in the hope of something presenting itself, that is not content. Content at its best, is a Christmas tree with so many presents under it, that you don't know which to open first. At its worst, content is like rummaging through the garbage to find a lost cufflink. Unfortunately, Naval action leans heavily toward the latter. The bottom line is this...I, the player, am not in charge of creating content. A game succeeds because it does not bore its player. While I am sure that their are players who still find Tick Tack Toe immersive. I am also sure that their are billions that no longer have any wish to play again. The beauty of this game is unquestionable. The ship to ship battles are the best I have seen. They are intense and exciting. I will never tire of what the developers have accomplished in this recreation of the 'Wooden ships and Iron men' era. Sadly, short of these two triumphs, this game is content free.
  20. I don't picture the reward as some treasure chest I dig up, but more as a reward from the admiralty. They gave me a mission and I completed it. Now its time for them to pay up, not have me choose between door number one, two or three. Every chest of the same type should be filled with items of equal value to every other chest of the same type. They may vary as to specific items of course, but must remain consistent in value. Otherwise why should anyone bother except as a novelty?
  21. I looked at the missions that get you chests, read the forums and decided to not do a single one. Chests need to be worth the effort, otherwise they are not rewards, but punishments.
  22. I've purchased most of the DLC except this one. Frankly the price is far to high for my vanity. My ship dress-up budget is more in line with 5$ for something like this.
  23. Even in the wiki I find little to no information on so much about this game. The in game explanations are spotty and deficient. The forum posts from the admin are sometimes confusing (for example the test bed challenge, 25 kills and five captures.) I believe the admin tries to inform us, but much is lost in translation. I was banned from the forums because they misunderstood a semi-common phrase used in English "swear on your mothers grave." They misunderstood it as me saying that I was swearing at their mothers grave. In their defense I can Imagine how much more difficult it would be to say something exact in many languages. This does not release them from the burden of the challenge. Far more accurate and easy to access information must be put in the game interface. Hopefully they recognize this.
  24. I remember "back to how it was" and I made far greater profit on far shorter journeys. Not the 15% you speak of but two, three and four times my purchase price. This current system forces players to take long dull cruises for small profit or hazard dangerous ports for average profits. In my opinion trading is too badly broken to be looked upon as anything other then a waste of time.
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