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  1. I've purchased most of the DLC except this one. Frankly the price is far to high for my vanity. My ship dress-up budget is more in line with 5$ for something like this.
  2. Cockeyed Callaway

    Window with wood stats

    Even in the wiki I find little to no information on so much about this game. The in game explanations are spotty and deficient. The forum posts from the admin are sometimes confusing (for example the test bed challenge, 25 kills and five captures.) I believe the admin tries to inform us, but much is lost in translation. I was banned from the forums because they misunderstood a semi-common phrase used in English "swear on your mothers grave." They misunderstood it as me saying that I was swearing at their mothers grave. In their defense I can Imagine how much more difficult it would be to say something exact in many languages. This does not release them from the burden of the challenge. Far more accurate and easy to access information must be put in the game interface. Hopefully they recognize this.
  3. Cockeyed Callaway

    Long-distance trading, is it worth it?

    I remember "back to how it was" and I made far greater profit on far shorter journeys. Not the 15% you speak of but two, three and four times my purchase price. This current system forces players to take long dull cruises for small profit or hazard dangerous ports for average profits. In my opinion trading is too badly broken to be looked upon as anything other then a waste of time.
  4. Cockeyed Callaway

    Long-distance trading, is it worth it?

    When I played before, if you were good at using the trader tool, you could find items at close ports and sail them to other relatively close ports for a reasonable profit. You can't do that now. While I'm willing to except the cost of captured ships, along with their goods as being the price of doing business. The idea that I can only make profit by taking unreasonable chances, such as sailing into enemy ports with an expensive load, makes zero sense. Its fine if you're in a traders Lynx, but your bulk trade will be very small. Risking a enemy port visit with a pair of loaded Indiaman is financial incompetence. Right now the, 'Load to Time to Profit to Danger' ratio says, find another line of income.
  5. Cockeyed Callaway

    What made you quit the game?

    They said Legends wasn't successful because few played it but, it wasn't advertised. I was lucky enough to see it mentioned on the NA forums, not the NA Steam page. With Scull and Bones on the horizon, their choice to shelve Legends may come back to bite them. I have returned and found improvements to the technical aspects of the game, such as towing, transferring and graphics. Missions have been expanded and will continue to expand, which was needed. This is great, however the core reason for my leaving was the numbingly bland sails and unfortunately that has remained unchanged. I left because of the open worlds insane time commitments. Commitments that have only grown worse for traders as profits on goods have been made prohibitively distance reliant. The idea that a substantial part of NA's population is sailing AFK should have been speaking volumes. Yet the seas have remained content free. Would it kill to: 1) Put a few more sealed bottles out there? I've been back for three weeks and have found only one. 2) Double the NPC's. Yea, I know you think you have enough or possibly too many...you don't. 3) Add some content to the sea travel. A whale, a life raft with a sailor who can be turned in for some money, wrecks, water spouts, gunnery practice, charts, maps, sailing practice, a sexton...something. I want to play your game. I love the era and the look of this game, but I'm going to be bored right out of it again and this time I may not return.
  6. Here's the wording: For the participation in test bed captains will be rewarded with the rare ship - Santa Cecilia (Bloody Hermione) and 5 pain chests on live servers when Testbed finishes. To receive rewards on live servers please fulfill the following goals until test bed closes (expected time 7 days). As the main goal is to test the battle UI 25 PvE Kills 5 Won boardings also PVE Could be 30 kills, could be 25...any opinions except "just kill 30."
  7. Is it 25 plus the 5 captures, equaling 30 or 25 including the captures, equaling 25?
  8. 1) The melee system worked better before, I hate not seeing what the other ship is doing. That said, I hate the melee system period. Weakest part of the combat system. 2) I far prefer having the navigational perk to having none. I will say that not having it is better but, and this is a huge but, you need to add a gridded map of the Caribbean to the task bar. I shouldn't have to go to some web site to get a frigging map with a grid. (note: The one I had is gone and I can't find another.) 3) I'm assuming the trade system isn't working, because profits are directly proportional to distance atm. 4) I do wish your wording as to the PVE kills were just a tad clearer. Is it 25 PVE kills and 5 PVE captures, equaling 30? Or are the 5 captures included in the 25?
  9. Cockeyed Callaway

    The Daydream – A Concept for Legends

    They did this whole game bass-ackward. Legends should have been done first, then add the open world. The number one best part of this game, by far, is the combat sailing. Not the trading, not the sailing an hour over a baron sea, not the waiting for something, anything to happen. THE COMBAT IS THE DRAW. They would have had far more people chomping at the bit to play the open world after playing Legends. Not to mention you would have had a pile of people who knew what they were doing. The open world is 95% boring, Legend's was 95% action.
  10. Cockeyed Callaway

    Any word?

    Is there any word on when they will get Legends back up and running?
  11. Cockeyed Callaway

    I'll show you hostility

    Here's my two cents, dump the current port battle (PB) system completely. Make certain ports unconquerable, others conquerable by PB and others conquerable quickly. 1) Half the ports of any nation can not be conquered. These ports were strongly garrisoned and protected by large forts. Their waters should be protected as well by strong AI fleets. This will keep any nation from being one ported or left so devastated it can not function in game terms. It will also give semi-safe spaces to new players. 2) Half of the rest should be conquerable via standard PB process. These ports were defended but not that well. These are the line ship battles. The standard 100% hostility will apply as well as the time delay before the battle. Once taken the winning nation will retain that port free from attack for one week. After that week they may be attacked again by any other nation 3) The remaining half can be raided. These ports were poorly defended and once a threshold of hostility is reached (30% hostility) the PB will begin. These will be the Frigate class ship battles. These ports can change hands as many times as there are battles. After each PB the hostility is set to 0% and the process begins again with the winner of the last battle being the new defender. There could be as many PB in a day as time will allow. This will make for PvP zones where battles can be reasonably expected. Recourses should be dispersed throughout the three port types, with at least one vital resource only being attainable from a port that can be raided. While I'm at it... Open world sailing speeds should be increased 10 fold outside regional areas. Pirates should not be a nation but a neutral, non-national entity, limited to 4th rates and below. They should only be able to attack raidable ports. Games within the game (GWTG) need to be added. Navigation could be a (GWTG) using a sexton to determine exact position. Other examples of GWTG could be careening for temporary speed buffs or target practice for temporary fire accuracy and speed buffs. Cargo placement GWTG to increase hold size for a single voyage.
  12. Cockeyed Callaway

    I want to play your game..but I can't.

    Ahhh...great idea, only one problem...yet another hoop to jump through. If you want to change nations and you do not have the transfer papers, you must start from scratch. Basically, if you're a new guy (post wipe) and are miserable because your country has no ports or is under constant threat of ganks, you have three options. 1) Stay and overcome the obstacles if possible. Of course if you're just a trader, part time PvPer or lone wolf, that may be asking a lot. 2) Change nations and loose all of your progress. I'm sure flushing countless hours of grinding down the toilet and starting from scratch will be worth it...maybe. 3) Quit the game because it is not fun and you feel you have no good options. Nawwwww...no one would do that...or would they?
  13. Cockeyed Callaway

    I want to play your game..but I can't.

    Let me give you guys some hardcore realism...no one is playing. There hasn't been a port battle for a week on Global. EU server is posting as many players as Global does and Global has always been at a quarter of what EU was. Each country averages 12-18 people per play period I'm on. You know what? That's probably quite real for the actual period, but it isn't going to realistically end with the game succeeding. Which is what we all want.
  14. I want to play your game, I do, I really do, but you have made it impossible for me to do so. I do not want to bad mouth your game, I don't, I really do not, but you have made it impossible not to. Two sentences and I would like to approach each on its own if you will indulge me. Sentence one "I want to play your game." The question is, why do you make it so difficult? Not difficult in the challenging sense, difficult in the gaming sense. I get that you want realism. I get that a portion of your players wanted this realism. What I don't get, is your willingness to see your game tank because of this minority. What I don't get, is your willingness to see your vision negated, diminished and consigned to oblivion because of those diehard few. Realism is fine, but realism at the cost of playability is bad game design. Let me be brutally honest here, your open world is "players driven from the game" dull. Your navigation system is frustratingly player unfriendly. Your missions are mind numbingly repetitive. Your port battle system might as well be conceived by a blind man throwing darts at a moving car. You have made an unplayable, dull, repetitive, baron wasteland of an open world. Before any of you defender of dullness chime in, allow me to say, I too am enamored with this era. I have 1000 hours waiting for this game to mature. I want to play this game, I love the graphics, I love the feel of being at sea in these sailing ships. I want this to succeed, I really, really do, but this is not the path. This is clearly not working. This is not going to work and I am as sorry about that, as you are. Developers don't get defensive please. This game still stands a chance of success, just not in the direction you are heading. Steal as much as you can from Pirates of the Burning Sea (POTBS).) They got so much right when it came to open world port battles and movement. Call them, they are struggling just like you. maybe an accommodation can be found. Their port and character system with your ship battle system would be...amazing...dare I say...playable. Now on to my second opening sentence, again with your indulgence. I do not want to bad mouth your game, but you leave me no option. Am I to say to others this is a great game? For the above mentioned reasons I can not. Am I to say it is a game that will become great? Again, because of the afore mentioned reasons I can not. How can you expect honest players to dishonestly assess the playability of your game, if they do not find it playable? I would love to bring new players to your game. I have in fact done just that. Sadly they are languishing in an empty world and I feel responsible for placing them there. Here's the part that you developers are going to have a hard time with...'you need to get your stuff together.' Sop listening to the player base that is making your great game die. Enough with the realism, it's real enough. Stop blaming your players for your bad decisions...you made the program, own up to it and you will be empowered to fix it. You screwed it up, you can fix it. Stop blaming the players for your bad reviews, you left them, you left me, with no choice.
  15. I will be as diplomatic as possible here and suggest that the reason many an "ass has been lifted from their chair" but toward the negative side, may be due to statements such as this. How many people have been banned because of statement that are negative or misunderstood by the developers on these forums? Those people aren't going to just go quietly into the night. How many have been posting regularly about problems they find that make the game harder to play. they don't go quietly into the night. That small group of diehards you listened to is far outnumbered by players that just want to sit down and have fun for an hour. Those unlisten to players do not go quietly into the night. I have to be honest, it is not a "two way street." You are the service provider and we are your customers. Any business that blames its customer needs to reassess its business model. Legions was already released...it was called Naval Action. Asking for your patrons to rebuy, what they already purchased is a stretch. The truth is you should have released Legions/Naval Action first, then started work on Naval Action/Legions. I believe Legions has been brought up because the community is fearful that it will be the last nail for this game. As I stated above the release is completely backward. Far better would have been the release of the stellar and fun parts of this game (PvP Combat) and then the release of an open world in which those skills learned, could be applied. You already have Legions finished, because Naval Action is legions. Legions is exactly where this game started. We already paid for legions, but instead we got a watery desert, Naval Action. If you are at all worried about negative comments from players pertaining to Naval Action and from the above quotes I know you are...I believe you ain't seen nothing yet.