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  1. To make it short. If you don't remove payments for outpost transfer I will stop playing this game.
  2. Graf Bernadotte

    Pit Pinsel will join the Dutch

    Looks like you get old. One battle in time will be enough in future 😃
  3. Graf Bernadotte

    Pit Pinsel will join the Dutch

    Was no good start for him in the Dutch nation. Not only that he got boarded by me, he lost one of his best ships as well (purple Consti with Naval Clock).
  4. Graf Bernadotte

    Pit Pinsel will join the Dutch

    If you're important enough people will find out by themselves. If you're not important enough people won't care anyway.
  5. Graf Bernadotte

    My port, my monopoly.

    I never bought one single peace of Cartagena Tar in my entire game life. And as long as I get what I need for a successful game play due to my efforts in the game, also in future I will not care what happens in Cartagena and what does not. But as soon as this game turns out that you only get access to indespensable goods because you're in the right clan I will not switch to this clan but to the right game, which rewards skills and not membership. As you said NA struggles heavily to balance the game. Why do you wanna worsen the situation instead of fixing the problem. This game struggles to implement a fair reward system for all those players who participate in RvR since I started playing. It needs players who countergrind hostility. It needs players who screen. And it needs players who help out in PB. And finally it needs players who keep the clan business running. Reward players for their efforts and you will have enough enthusiasmn for RvR.
  6. Graf Bernadotte

    My port, my monopoly.

    Which clan is able to conquer a port like Cartagena without help of it's nation? It already starts with hostility missions which needs ways more players to be successful at a heavily defended port than any clan in the game can activate.. On the other side, which clan is able to defend a port like Cartagena successfully without help of it's nation? I don't know any clan which could do so. If attacking or defending important ports is only possible with the help of the nation, why should all those guys who helped out be excluded when it comes to harvesting the fruits the whole nation has gained? Finally. How often are those money ports attacked? Did we get those permanent attacks no those ports everybody wants to own? Fact is as soon as a superior power takes the port it is out of competition and almost no RvR happens there anymore. And if a night crew manages to take one of those ports the night timer does the job. The whole idea with money ports failed completely. We became less competition not more. To reward those happy members of the right clan, which had one guy more in the grinding than their fellow citizens for doing nothing worsens this situation. The only solution is: REMOVE MONEY PORTS.
  7. Graf Bernadotte

    War of the lovers revisited

    Not in this battle. I tagged him before he could join your battle. Anyway congrats for your decison to attack Apalachicola. See how easy it was to make the Spanish nation smile. We don't need ports. We need nations who fight instead of hide.
  8. Graf Bernadotte

    War of the lovers revisited

    My excuse is that I sleep at night. And I don't play a game which forces me to get up to defend something I need. I'm pretty fine if it goes like in Key West. Now as Vixit doesn't pay you taxes anymore it's up to VCO to gather the money needed to pay for the timer. And I have no problem with ports like La Navasse as well, which makes the money because French are selling stuff to Brits. This money grind bases on player activities and not on advantages of the game mechanic. Why should I have quit the game? Because you don't find my nick anymore? Silly boy. Today Rabman cursed me for more than one hour. Two days ago it was the Havoc guys who wanted to tribunal us, because we didn't do what they expected. I can live pretty well under pressure. And I make the game play of others more difficult.
  9. Graf Bernadotte

    War of the lovers revisited

    That's the result of a unbalanced game mechanic. WO and Blanc have captured some money ports and took them out of game with night timers. With those ports they can easily finance night timers for a lot of other ports without generating money by their members. Nightflips would be a much smaller problem, if tax income only could be generated by players activities. Using labour hours in a port and for trade contracts between players. Every activity with AI should stay untaxed. Then tax income depends on the activity of a nation or a clan and not because some ports offer incredible trading chances with AI. Money ports have been implemented to fuel competition about those ports. With night timers opposite has been reached. I'm not doing boring PvE battles or trade runs only to gather the money to pay for port timers. And other Spaniards decided the same way. Same in other nations. Players don't accept a play style Devs want to force them in. But right now it looks like that the Brits are attacking French night timers. Competition at night will lower this problem as well.
  10. Graf Bernadotte

    War of the lovers revisited

    Remember. It was Raxius and his gang who started this war. Once again he joined the winning side and went to Britain. The only interesting thing in your matter is, if WO starts to fight his clan now, or if you still hide between your monopoly of power at night. We will find out very soon, since his ports are neighbouring French territory. There is no excuse to hide cowardness this time. As long as it comes to 7up you never fought us, since we always refused to get up at night to give you content. Well there was one exception when you were running with full pants at Bensalem. The clan still exists and our accounts remain in Spain waiting for our enemies. Since we have a lot of patience. You got bored hunting around Batabano long ago. Brits will get bored of empty PBs very soon. Then the time comes that we strike back. And not in the way anybody expects. We don't deliver content to our enemies. We deliver suffer. A war is won as soon as the enemy forces are defeated not as soon as you take some ports nobody defends. You forgot to do your job. And your loudmouth doesn't sink ships. Now you have a new chance to show that you understand more of NA than typing silly posts. If you wanna end this war you have to end truce at night. We quit the alliance with the French because of nightflips. As soon as it is not safe anymore to put nighttimers on ports there is a situation which changes the game and not one second before.
  11. Graf Bernadotte

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    Forum would be less waste of time without him. Guys. Hornblowers posts are not mean, not bad, not funny or evil. They are just a row of letters without sense. Takes time to scroll over them.
  12. En allemand s'il te plait.
  13. Is this a displacement activity to hide that you don't know how to solve the real problems of this game? I see zero other reason why anybody should need this insurance. You need resources and labour hours to built a ship. Money for resource collecting is the smallest problem.
  14. Graf Bernadotte

    Tow to Port

    Go ahead fixing the small problems of this game,. Meanwhile you lose more and more players (clients!) because the big problems remain. Tow to port is a feature to safe time in a time sink game, or to outmanoevre hunters who have faster ships and more numbers than the few traders this game has.. If this feature gets removed people will not spend extra time for more sailing. They will dismiss the travel they needed a tow before. Don't believe that traders will become easy targets for laizy hunters at the docks of freeports then. Trade and offer will decline and prices will get a surcharge for higher risk. And personally I will ask myself if this game is worth the time needed to adjust my accounts at the new game mechanic.
  15. Graf Bernadotte

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    I understand that you have to learn how to fight outside British safezone, since you never left it before. First lesson, never go close to enemy capitals with too few and too slow ships. You won't make it home anymore. Second lesson, bring more than the minimum of repairs. Your capital is not next to you. You have no protection of your safe zone. Your mates are too far away to help you, and enemy might has the numbers to draw you into multiple battles. Third lesson. If you're not willing to learn how to fight properly outside British safe zones, don't blame the enemy sinking you due to your stupid behaviour. Just stay at home then and do Pve.