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  1. NoSwede_IAm

    Quick idea on balancing

    Yep, WASA is OP and it doesnt feel right. Almost anyone has one, except all those who missed the CB-Mark "times". WASAs will become very rare now.. btw: I also wish much better Stern-Armour in general. Or dramatically increase the force of 68pd carronades for proper defeating. Its nasty if little Ships with 6pd Cannons can shoot "up steep angle" into the Stern of a big Ship and bleeding that one out. But the Game is still very promissing...
  2. my word ! please reconsider this change ! Its really hard to deal with this. please ..
  3. NoSwede_IAm

    PVP Marks for Victory Marks ?

    Hmm. I'm clearly not the first asking for that. We cant get any Victory Marks anymore for Combat Marks ? That means no permts for some real important 6th rates !! I dont think thats sexy, really that hurts ! Please reconsider this change ! Not cool .. really Whats next ?
  4. NoSwede_IAm

    reinforcement area, how to

    Thank you so much for this Info ! That's cooling me down now.
  5. NoSwede_IAm

    reinforcement area, how to

    Thats what I need to know. But where do I press that Button ? "you get the option" ? Anyone any PrintScreen ?
  6. NoSwede_IAm

    reinforcement area, how to

    you possibly didnt read it correctly ! My Mission was OVER and I hit the Button "Leave Battle". I was in the PROTECTED AREA (reinforcement available). 3 Players were WAITING for me and attacked me. How do I call the reinforcement ? Do I have to call it or is this automatically crap 70BR Ship all I can expect ?
  7. NoSwede_IAm

    reinforcement area, how to

    I love this Game. But that’s just the Intro. A lot of information I found about reinforcement seems outdated. I always felt safe when doing missions in the "protected area" because of this "reinforcement available". But there must be something I'm missing, thats why I'm asking here. Q1: is reinforcement coming automatically or do I have to call them somehow ? Q2: how do I call them if Q1=YES ? I made a Mission with my relatively new Bellona. Obviously the place of my Mission still is visible on map for my enemies (that would be damn cool for them) !? Two crossing Swords showing them where they have to sit and wait if they are fancy for my new fully equipped Ship for their own dirty purposes ? Furthermore, the BR and the numbers are telling them what ship they may expect to board for their own fun ? Well, how good for them ! My Battle was over and my new Bellona has been attacked by the Band immediately within this so called “protected area”. I thought that shouldn’t be an issue, that’s why I always do clickorgy for 5 minutes like an idiot to have missions within the protected sea ! Finally, I got one automatically reinforcement. YES ! One wimpy Mercury joined the Battle and supported me promisingly. So, it was a Bellona (me) with 400 BR (a little scrunched after my CM) and a reinforcement Mercury with 70 BR, against: Pirate 180, Endymion 225, Bucentaure 450 ! thats a 470BR vs 855BR ! My reinforcement was a thankful plus of powerful +17.5% and by this a total joke for my opponents ! And this is leading to my final question: Q3: If I have no solid protection in the “protected area”, why should I ever again build a *ship* for missions, having two crossed swords indicating of where I am for them, to simply steal "my time and work" with the *snip of a finger* ? This Game is so beautiful, but there’s absolute no balance nor any fairplay which leads to pure frustration. I’m not going PVE and I wont join any winner-parties, I’d rather dump the game. But thanks for any Hints I wasnt aware of. Maybe that was just my fault because I couldnt locate the "REINFORCEMENT" - Button. There is too much Info and I simply dont know what is fact and what was once in time ... is there a Button ? Where ? No ? Press "m" ? Hmmm.. Footnotes: *ship*: half a week of waiting & working and Inventory-Sokoban, harvesting materials, LH's, Gold, plus CB-Marks for Permits and Bowfigures *snip of a finger*: usually is a boring boarding-minigame which I HATE SO MUCH MEANTIME. No cannons, no skills, but preparation and wait for the last second crap.
  8. NoSwede_IAm

    BattleTimer exploit ?

    On the Indefetigable the stern Carronades is Class 4, therefore 32pd. The BR difference was 50 to 250 and that should have worked for him to pull me into the Battle. Anyway, it feels like he possibly couldnt and thats why the counter reached 0 twice. Finally the ALOHA tagged him to pull me, sounds reasonable. I dont give a shit on my losses, but I feel cheated and I want them to get punished for this kind of action. Reference: Patch 9.92 5X min BR difference for attack added back
  9. NoSwede_IAm

    BattleTimer exploit ?

    is it possibly the following lines you need to have for further investigations ? .. thanks for any Info instanceFullPath: "COWCG8-GAMESERV::C:\\Server_Infrastructure\\Game_Server\\Servers\\Server1\\Server_Data\\Managed\\Assembly-CSharp.dll -> C:\\Server_Infrastructure\\Game_Server\\Servers\\Server1\\Server.exe prod_gb -nographics -batchmode -logFile C:\\Server_Infrastructure\\Game_Server\\Logs\\Server_Logs\\Server79\\unity_log_2017-12-03_15-24-56.txt -pickUnityLogName configPath:..\\Servers\\Server1\\Config overrideInstancePort:7479 overrideWatchdogPort:8479 overrideHttpPort:8879" [2017-Dec-03 16:29:29.000767] Log: [Default] [BaseApplicationStateManager]: State params: InstanceId = instance.http.9d17e4a8-ccfb-4432-afae-cc5d8532854d; CampaignId = 59fc8911-fc3a-42f7-91a9-1d5d63177669; Address =; InstanceFullPath = COWCG8-GAMESERV::C:\Server_Infrastructure\Game_Server\Servers\Server1\Server_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll -> C:\Server_Infrastructure\Game_Server\Servers\Server1\Server.exe prod_gb -nographics -batchmode -logFile C:\Server_Infrastructure\Game_Server\Logs\Server_Logs\Server79\unity_log_2017-12-03_15-24-56.txt -pickUnityLogName configPath:..\Servers\Server1\Config overrideInstancePort:7479 overrideWatchdogPort:8479 overrideHttpPort:8879; PlayerGUID = SuperDuke; SceneName = level1SUN_OWI_OWC; IsOpenWorld = True; OpenWorldCenterX = -189294.1; OpenWorldCenterZ = -161101.6; bTestMode = False
  10. NoSwede_IAm

    BattleTimer exploit ?

    Added a Logfile I have found, dont know if there is any valuable data to see. The Battle started arround 16:30. I couldnt upload the full Log because it was too big. But I may split it if neccessary. custom_20171203111759.log
  11. NoSwede_IAm

    BattleTimer exploit ?

    Thanks for all your replies. I never went away from the place I was when I got tagged the first time. The Attacker and as well my landsman also were exactly at the spot where I was. Nobody ever left the circle. After the Battle has started, I tried to pass my landsman so he can shoot him. But he didnt. It was a bit obvious that something was totally incorrect in this Battle. My landsman was shooting a few times when I was also in the line of fire, he didnt do any damage to my opponent but to me. The Battle was over and my landsman excused him self to be a PVE-Beginner because he didnt hit my Attacker. My analysis is there was no reinforcement because there were two of us against this little Ship. Am I right with this assumtion ? Sorry I didnt do an F11 Debug - analysis. But it seems clear that finally my Attacker tagged my landsman and this has pulled me into the Battle directly. I'm supermad about those bored pirates working together with foreign Nations to have some fun.
  12. NoSwede_IAm

    BattleTimer exploit ?

    I have had a weird moment in NA and I like to report this. Within the "reinforcment area" a 6th rate tagged me in my 5th rate. The clock reached 0 but nothing happened. Once again the same thing. There was another player close to me of the same fraction. Finally I got pulled in a battle-instance without another new timer. The player of the same fraction (greetings Hawaii) came in as well, just sit there doing nothing while the Opponent started to turn and shoot behind my stern. There was no "reinforcment" and my potentional landsman didnt do anything (thanks again). There was nothing I could do but shooting 42lb carronades from the stern chasers. This however didnt do much against the 6th rate while I quickly lost all my crew and he boarded me with his tiny nutshell. I did expect "reinforcement". But there was none ! Is there any rule I dont know, or is this an exploit ? What about that BattleTimer going to zero twice but no Battle and then *bam* I'm in Battle without any other timer.
  13. NoSwede_IAm

    Love and Hate Post

    Love: - graphics - size of the map - trading&crafting Hate: - Nations not ballanced -> terribly unfair gameplay - lack of informations for beginners - disallow skilled Superadmirals from the Supernations hunting newbies in front of their home Improve: - setup fair game-play machanism in regards to Nations
  14. NoSwede_IAm

    Suggestion to Make Victory Points Fair to All Nations

    As a beginner, joining the obvious wrong Nation I'm facing a very unfair gameplay. Some Nations have so much players and they even colaborate with other big Nations to fancy-fight the small ones, like the one I am in. Even I'm new and dont understand so much things I can clearly say that the OP is pointing to a good direction with his proposal. If the Game allows a 3000 vs 375 then the big Nation(s) need a malus rather then a fancy prize, otherwise thats just a shooting-gallery-derby for those luckily or intentionally joined the BIG winnernation(s). I tried trading and didnt do one deal with my first TraderBrig before borded by the skilled gankers all over the place. For me the game is over because I cant play the stupid beginner victim for the big players just because I've choosen the wrong side. With the promissed awards to take some major cities in the new Patch, I'll clearly loose my mine I've build with my first money. The Game develops in the wrong direction supporting unfair teams only. Thats my clear and true impression after 100h of gameplay.