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  1. Ribbons and glitter perhaps? Seriously though shallows were ok before the DLC came, the simple solution would be to remove the dlc ships shallow status.
  2. So the proposed action to redress 2 overpowered shallow ships....... is to introduce another. Genius
  3. I've been thinking about this and perhaps "navigation officer" skillbooks would work, or perhaps ship navigation upgrades (sextant, etc) that create a circle on map that you are within. Make it so you have to be stationary at sea with a timer countdown while position is calculated.
  4. Just a thought, how is trading "improved" by decreasing knowledge of prices and having less tools for navigation? Sounds to me that all it will do is create more time sailing with little success, like being low on repairs for instance after a battle and losing bearing as a result of instanced battle. Even if you know roughly where you are when leaving battle it will be a crap shoot to finding a port with supplies. See how turns out i guess, but doesn't sound like it will improve gameplay at all and more cause frustration.
  5. Dibbler

    Marrying a 300 year old pirate.

    Won't be long before the ghost pregnancy.
  6. There was talk in game about another wipe for release (which is kinda expected). Can Admin or someone tell us roughly when this wipe will come and will it mean everyone starting totally from scratch (knowledge books, xp, ships)? Just if everything to be wiped anyway in few months then may as well spend more time on other things and devote less time in game for now :). I don't mind a wipe at all, but some clarification on what will be lost etc would be appreciated as if i work for rare books now and are gone in few weeks then may as well just wait it out and watch Stormy and Donalds latest movie . Ty for your time
  7. To be frank i felt rather cheated with my PvP marks converted to Dubloons at 1:1. The thing i was saving for just got further away through continuing to PvP and is easier if i just attack AI trader ships until they drop from them. I've logged on and played a little since changes but am finding it hard going, PvP is hardly worth the effort and killing AI gets old rather fast. Not sure what the answer is, and perhaps i will warm to changes in time but for the moment personally i find i log in for an hour then go play other games atm. In general i think the missions are well thought out, and the stopping of enemy fleets in capital area's i think is a good move to get players out in open world. Sadly PvP has become for me a hindrance rather than a goal with removal of PvP marks and dubloon system. As i have said maybe is just me being resistant to change and will try again some point to get into it.
  8. I think the step are ok in general, however one stands out to me that could be perhaps changed. * Attack an enemy player in enemy capital waters and inflict 2000 damage in one battle Perhaps a better way would be to replace "Capital waters" with "Patrol zone". This way would introduce new guys to patrol zona with a chance they can hit the 5k damage level if made to take patrol mission before setting out. The reason i would change capital waters to patrol zone is they will most probably be facing many ships within a capital area with no chance of help, in patrol zone would be a chance that people join to aid on their side. Or Just make it attack an enemy player and cause 2000 damage.
  9. So.... I sink an AI LGV and get 2300 reals... Which is enough for 1 hull repair if your lucky as seen them at 2500 each. Before update had maybe 800k gold..... bought reps and wiped me out without even getting enough for my normal load out on a herc..... How can anyone afford to fight as prices are at moment? Also ports that dropped resources.... with no teak/white oak/ or whatever resources dropping how will clans pay for timers. Not trollling just pointing out a few glaring issues currently.
  10. Yes it does seem a bit absurd. What i felt even more so was buying 20 hull reps and 10 rig and it wiping out my "converted" 800k or so of gold lol. Sorry i can't afford repairs anymore lmao, back after they rebalance costs .
  11. Sorry but i would rather gouge my eyes out with a spoon lol.
  12. I may be wrong but i take it that AI traders now "deliver" the woods etc, so if you catch the one inbound..... you get all the stuff inbound for the port. Also all teak ports etc have a chance of getting the days delivery for all... and carta tar is ofc 1 port so hitting traders outside there could snag all the carta tar and it never get there.
  13. So all we need to do is camp outside cartagena for the months cartagena tar delivery lol.
  14. Dibbler

    NPC Fleet Routes

    I think this is the main point of change, to get people around the map more.
  15. Dibbler

    Finding PVP

    You need a bigger server population to create more PvP, not sure what answer is but i find myself playing other games more. Sailing around for 2 hours or more for one encounter isn't worth my time tbh when i can be playing other things. I do love Na but times i often play is kinda pointless trying to find folk.
  16. Dibbler

    Testbed - econ/crafting changes

    I am rather interested in how you would define "merit", or how limited ships would be distributed. I am fairly sure the same people that would like limited first rate ships would be suddenly against the idea if they found they were not the people who got the ships on whatever system was devised. While limiting ships per nation on the surface may seem viable in some way, doing so to much would mean decline of interest in RvR more than we have currently i think. Especially now global and EU servers are merged and need for viable national fleets in both time zones. Maybe i'm wrong though, at end of day is up to you guys which way you wish to proceed. Personally i wouldn't mind either way as i avoid sailing first rates and large port battles, the sail to and from a 1st rate port battle i find kinda tedious and usually have to walk the goldfish or insert random excuse .
  17. Over 3k hours so far and yes sometimes seems like a long sail and no action but then can do missions, AI fleets, trade etc to keep self busy. * Come with attitude that ships get sunk, all ships end up that way eventually :). * Be prepared (especially at first) to be given a good beating, but as you go on things get better and you learn from mistakes (I think i'm ok but not anywhere near best player). * If you can, ask people who have beaten you how did they do this etc, many will take time to tell you how they beat you. * Game is still in test phase so things can/will change, some which you like others which perhaps you don't. Some things change back to how they were before on updates, evolve with it. * PvE server is a good place to learn basics, manual sailing watch a youtube vid are a few will help greatly. * Learn from other players in a clan, don't be afraid to ask on forum about things (ship builds etc) * Lastly have fun and don't take in fight insults to seriously (some guys get ultra salty lol). Hope my comments help in some way
  18. Dibbler

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    I have to say i'm not dancing in the streets over it either lol, but i can kinda see why maybe they trying it.
  19. Dibbler

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    If costs are to high when hit main servers i'm sure the devs will find out in short order, as the horde of torch wielding captains march on the forum. I guess what they are trying to promote is creating more ship movement/sailing in OW, ship tows for pvp marks would make people consider sail vs cost more though i think. That would also create quite a bit howl from players though i guess but would mean more ships travelling rather than using your tow because it's there each day. Combat marks per teleport of player will probably mean more basic cutters as people have already said, but give it a go and see how works out.
  20. Dibbler

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    Wait and see what cost for teleports are when hits main server, might not be as bad as people fear.
  21. I see the lightsabres are being rattled
  22. Dibbler

    Repair Balancing

    One of main reasons reps are unbalanced at moment is the ability to stack northern carp and master northern on same ship in my humble opinion.
  23. Dibbler

    Clarification needed on Tribunal vs Ingame Chat Report

    Because gaming technology has not yet advanced enough to punch them in the face. Most battle banter/insults though are ok, just some go a bit to far. I'm not easily offended, and find some of the more extreme insults quite funny tbh knowing they are foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog. Would be a great pity though to lose battle chat over a tiny minority of potty mouths
  24. The Danes are quite chilled nation i have found, and enjoying time in the nation. Was just pointing out that in general Danes seem happy with polish nation, and that weekend thing was a storm in a teacup .