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  1. I don't understand making 6th rate ships rare, but overall a welcome change . I can live with the 6th rates, oh and good job allowing 1 shot DLC hits via CM's :) .
  2. Perhaps when attaining max rank in a nation additional experience gained could be recorded as influence points (1xp=1 IP) Allow redeamable ships (costed in IP) from a menu perhaps even dlc 1 shot testers, scale cost so not worth farming. Perhaps tie in port upgrades with IP - given by clan members to attain target for expansion of ports. Allow Ip to be used to buy titles within nation that perhaps grant an income reals/day. Change nation and lose positions gained from previous nation. Bare idea, but after max rank perhaps would give players further goals.
  3. Someone in game mentioned they played with reacting AI some time ago, although i was not here then.
  4. Firstly my apologies if has been suggested or tried before, but with Admin talking about improving AI and giving them ranks or whatever this would also tie into that idea and create a actions/consequence open world (both on PvE and PvP servers). Overall suggestion is to create a notoriety system where you sink a national AI you gain notoriety points say 1 for 7th rate, 2 for 6th etc for PvE server and for PvP kills on war server double points. Port battle participants winning an enemy national port would also gain points based on port BR so say 1% (5000 BR port 50 notoriety). - Every point is translated both to a real reward for killer (pvp server) say 1000 reals per point recieved in loot as a bonus and notoriety for that nation for sunken player taken to zero again for kill (when bounty claimed). - Every point gained vs a nation is chance AI fleets of that nation will try to intercept player say max out at 250 points for example (could have bigger range of AI response and 1000 cap and affect response of AI) - every 4 points is 1% chance. Perhaps modified down for BR higher BR AI fleets so for instance a fleet of lineships would need good reason to chase a solo frigate. Perhaps when people group average out notoriety of group for AI response, again modify by BR so roughly equal BR AI fleet will translate to 1% per 4 points, but double BR fleet maybe 1% per 16 points and below 80% of BR of player won't engage (scale till seems possible but not all time). - Every player will have notoriety points for all enemy nations so currently 6; for example, also create names for each band of 50 (Troublesome to Enemy of the Crown for example) Notoriety of Post Captain Hardy France : 20 (Troublesome) (5% chance french AI will chase/react) Prussia: 100 (Bounty Known) (25% chance prussian AI will react) Sweden: 250 (Wanted by the Crown) (100% Swede AI will give chase) - Create national board so players of nation can see how much bounty is on who, to create hunt for players most active against a nation (promote pvp). - Perhaps create leaderboard where most wanted by total bounty (all nations added together), inspecting via chat find player would reveal bounties by nation. - Sinking and claiming bounties from another nation decreases notoriety, claimed by entering foreign port. So for example: "British Captain Hardy is intercepted by Russian Captain Ivor, and Ivor after a long battle sinks Hardy, he gains usual rewards but before leaving battle is given a dropdown to which bounty to claim. He could take russian bounty but is low, or he could claim british bounty at GB port and lower his own GB notoriety and claim GB reward." - Have new tab where missions are to track bounties to claim. - When player is sunk would be possible for previous players that day to have same rights to claim same bounty. First to claim gets and rest updated that is no longer valid. - Perhaps make trade to foreign ports where notoriety has been gained to lower notoriety by amount traded. Sorry for sketchy outline but bare bones of something. Rationale is that being camped all day 24/7 at a capital port should have consequence over time, hopefully would create a move on mentality when AI start to react and disuade spawn camping. Also to create some depth to world where actions lead to change in OW, make it live in a small way. Lastly to further encourage PvP both to lower chances of AI intervention, and for bounty on player (2 players have been kpr all evening but now AI interfering, Player A kills player B to lower notoriety on himself. Goes to a GB port collects bounty, an returns to KPR to camp again with much less AI attention). By no means meant as negative criticism but OW seems kind of sterile, perhaps something like this would create a level of depth/change (action/consequence) although will see what response is. Pick apart, suggestions, or calls of blasfamy welcome
  5. Permits are ok but perhaps lower a little requirements for 6th-4th rates, and keep above same to keep rarity/cost. I would suggest perhaps to make 6th rate permits dubloons to promote RvR early in a players life and get involved in shallow port battles and patrol missions in Bahama's - (heavy rattler/niagra/prince).
  6. Perhaps a way to rebalance ship classes in OW would be as others have suggested to create 3 different sea depths. This could be used in Bahamas to create passages (choke points) perhaps in passage through shallow areas for heavier shallow draught ships. Coastal waters area perhaps which is perfect for new players to learn/play contested over by nations for this purpose Northern Bahamas perhaps? Coastal waters - Area's close to land off some coastal areas maybe 10 miles of land or so, accessable to 7th and light 6th rates. Maybe have small area in Bahama's also rated this way for light ship patrol zone (fun for everyone). Shallows - As now allowing all shallow draught vessels to enter. Deep Waters - Rest of open world as exists currently.
  7. Game development tutorial 1 : Game balancing
  8. I don't mind DLC, and even said when first came that i forsee bigger ships in future. However taking an available ingame ship and making a DLC (herm) i thought was a bit wrong, but if means more craftable ships in future and game dev then has to be I guess.
  9. " Elite NPCs will also come soon into the game. " I'm hoping is what Admin meant with this in OP.
  10. Trade could be increased via missions to aquire refit materials, say trade to cartagena a large amount of a certain demanded produce and in return you will get 20 carta tar, 300 copper ingot, etc. Make so that mission can be done over number of shipments and as you sell to market requested amount drops. Limit what can be gained by area maybe 2-3 choices of refit resource per port specified in mission (choice between 3 different reward mats).
  11. Yes skill, like better AI captains will demast, rake, chain, repair etc.
  12. Is probably to late now, but perhaps a better way to have done this for devs would have been to have say Admiralty Request Points that could be bought as dlc as points per week and gained ingame as you sink AI/Players as proportion of damage done. Put all ships ingame as crafted and able to be requested via ARP and attach costs in ARP for ship and wood types (different woods affect cost in ARP). So for a lot of grinding would allow you to gain a spawned ship, or people could buy weekly point dlc's or instant amount ARP (single amounts of points as buyable/pay as you go). Ships rarity could have been achieved via chests in game, some permits only available through chest mechanic (or ARP). Would mean constant income stream for devs, DLC ships become as all others and can cap etc, and would allow clans to buy points to fill out port battle fleets in a rush etc. Also something like this would have reduced the cries of PTW as people would have access via lot of battles to same thing, just quicker/efficient to get packages. Lastly would mean all ships again fall in game rules, personally i find it bizarre that you cannot steal DLC ships as things are now. "Waits for people to throw tomato's at me"
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