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  1. Captain A D Jones

    got kicked and Login failed

    MY game keeps resetting to the login page. As soon as I set corse and try to change direction or raise sails back to login page time and time again. I can't even exit so I sit in the open praying I won't lose my ship..... Is update and patches installed to correct, not cause more issues?
  2. Captain A D Jones

    Bermuda Map

    Bermuda looks nothing like they show, been there a few times. St George has a very narrow inlet.
  3. Captain A D Jones

    Turning in battle

    Thank you for the help Demsity, Raekur this is a big help.
  4. Captain A D Jones

    Turning in battle

    Could someone help me out as to why my ship won't turn in battle? I enter combat, set my sails, push #6 sailing and i just sit still. I can't make any turns at all and no matter how the wind blows i move nowhere. Has anyone else dealt with this issue? If so what am i doing wrong. Thank you all.
  5. Captain A D Jones

    Not responding at Entering open world.

    No i change nothing but its fine now so I'm happy, thank you for your answers. If i might ask? is their any tutorial to help me? I'm new and have no idea what i am doing except sailing around. I don't want to end up being fed up with the game and stop playing but i need so guide to help me. For example how do i get a new ship? can i buy them if so how? I want to eventually use the USS Constitution having been in the Navy myself as well as my family member sailed aboard her through the war of 1812. Please help me to learn the game. Thank you.
  6. Captain A D Jones

    Not responding at Entering open world.

    I Have just purchased the game and have played fine until yesterday. I can't get past the open world screen and it goes to not responding. After buying this game, I'm not very happy. Can you please help me.