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  1. One thing that always had puzzled me about a PvP battle near a port, is that if you are near a tower or fort, they fire upon the enemy ship, which could help you. That is god and would happen in real life. But you cannot enter a harbour if you managed to get to it. In real life if you managed to get into a friendly harbour you would be safe, maybe this should be possible in NA.
  2. The poor guy didn't find out as it sailed away from the enemy ship anyway lol
  3. I read in Nation that a player got jumped by an Indefatigable and got a Surprise as a reinforcement ship and it sailed off on it's own.. Another got jumped by a Trinco and also a Surprise came in.
  4. I watched so called PvP in action yesterday in the Nassau Patrol zone. 1 Brit player in a 1 on 1 battle. I was going back in a T/Lynx. I saw a Spanish player waiting for a while and then joined. I went into port swapped into a Mercury and came out to jump in on the side of the Brit. By the time I got there, the Brit had done his first fight but was being set upon by a fresh Spanish player whilst he himself needed repairing. It seemed to me that the so called PvP Spanish waited until things were stacked well in his favor. I managed to get there and tried to help the Brit survive, but he was too badly damaged and the Spanish Player managed to sink him. I fought the Spanish player and as he got low on structure he must have called out as another Spanish jumped in with a Heavy rattled and I ended up with 2 on 1. Luckily I managed to sink the first one before I was myself sunk. So even in an area where there is PvP, so called PvP players will only jump in once things are stacked int heir favor and they can guarantee a win.
  5. I feel that these exams rely on a lot of luck to pass. On the final exam I hit masts on a ship up close 49 times and not one demast. I watched most of the balls squarely hit the mast from close range. Next attempt I manages to take 2 masts down on one and it still managed to be able to spin on the spot to shoot you, much too quickly for a 3-mast ship with only 1 mast left. The other ship with one mast down was sill able to turn and move very quickly. If you are lucky with RNG and manage to demast early on without too much damage to yourself then fine.
  6. Michael Corvinus

    Tutorial feedback 2

    Thanks for this idea, yet in Endurance mission I hit the front mast of the second brig 49 times and it didn't go down!!!
  7. Why do you not state this on your advertising or when people start to play the game? Or is it the case of "unlucky you bought this game not knowing that we don't actually want you as a casual player, by the way, you're not getting your money back seeing as you don't want to stay"
  8. That's not true about Eve. You could play in high sec no PvP allowed or NPCs killed PvPer low sec (0.4 and down)no PvP near stations, or 0.0 space all bets off. I remember buying my first Battle cruiser going to low sec and getting wasted, until learned about resistances and types of weapons. As for this game. When I first played there were regularly over 900 players online, on a PB day or some weekends it reached over 1000. Not that many now. i didn't know about being able to refuse missions. I would take a mission in KPR and it would send me to PA or St Annes, or Carlisle. I, im my little pickle, Privateer never stood a chance when I got ganked by 4-5 players regularly. I remember how proud I was when I got my first Snow, only to lose it as soon as I went out on a mission. I was about to jack the game in as I did no see the point on being fish food to people who didn't even fight 1 on 1. Luckily for me I mt a guy who was the leader of a clan base in Concepcion and he recruited me to go down there away from Jamaica. I learned to sail and fight my ships. It was a good helpful clan, then we had a war with the Russians playing danish Nation for months. There were continuous skirmishes and PBs. I won some and lost more more, but had a great time. I left for about a year, came back and things had changed, stayed around for a while then left again. Interestingly during my return over 75% of my ship losses were when I was ganked by 3- 5 ship groups. Rarely was I attacked 1 on 1. That is not PvP, that is chickenshit ganking. Unless they were totally incompetent you were screwed There were only a few players who were a plague in our area who hunted solo, Moscalb was one notable, I can't remember the other 3 names, but I had respect for them due to their skills. One guy, I think he was a Spanish player, always hunted in a Snow and was a real bugger to catch. If they caught you, you did your best and tried to learn from what they did to you. On the British side I remember Banished Privateer who hunted solo, Gregory Rainsburrough and a few others also hunted solo. I have respect for those because of their skills. Players who gank noobs I have no time for.
  9. Do you actually want this game to develop and have a great vibrant player base or just keep it a low base niche game? If so just state that and be done with it. I used to work in mainstream leisure centers and gyms. Their membership model is to enroll as many new members as they could each week and get their money. They actually did not care or want member retention as long as they could get new members each week. If everyone turned up they simply would not all fit in the gym. One study worked out that for mainstream gyms over 60% of their income was from members who did not go to the gym for various reasons. Reading what you say makes me think that you don't care if people leave or not. You are happy to get their initial buying in fee and that's it. You could make so much more money buy encouraging a higher player base and introducing micro-transactions on cosmetics for ships for the large amount of player that you would have. Players could decorate their sails and ships, have various historical decals/crests etc. Elite Dangerous is a very good example of pay to decorate and not pay to win.
  10. You're just showing you intelligence level now. If you can't or wont understand that this game needs more people to survive then you just keep trolling. I will not bother replying to someone just trolling like a child. It's a waste of time and effort
  11. This is what I would prefer to see
  12. So you should have free reign to ruin other peoples play experience and have them leave to make you feel good?
  13. I agree, but I am now the only player from my clan online, , so I can't do that today because I will not be online when other members of my clan come online. This is what happens in life, not everyone is there at the same time. At the moment I can get in my ship keep refusing missions until I can get a safe mission and get some xp on my ship. This suits me today. Later on in the week I might be able to get a fleet and do some fleet missions which I think is more rewarding and fun. I have the CHOICE. Some players think that I should NOT have the CHOICE, because it doesn't fit in with their game meta. How is that good for the game and population retention/growth???
  14. Read carefully, I am online now and only 1 other clan member is online. I have a limited time and I want to grind slots on my 1st rate., then go back to work having achieved something. You are basically saying that I am not allowed to do that because it doesn't suit your play style.
  15. Again only play they way YOU want to play, if he doesn't tuff luck leave the game good riddance, one less player on server one less person to recommend the game. How about he plays his way I play my way? That too much for you to swallow or do you just want easy kills?