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  1. Siempre que hay dos personas con opiniones diferentes, va a haber piques,pero estos piques se remontan a tiempo atrás, si eres nuevo simplemente trata de pasártelo bien como dices e intenta comprender que a veces en caliente la gente generaliza de más. Cuando las cosas se calmen quizás todos volvamos a luchar juntos por unos mismos intereses, pero de momento no queda otra que esperar a que España vuelva a ser fuerte, o al menos, deje de ser tan débil.
  2. quiero mirar para otro lado para evitar ver los problemas que existen y a este paso me voy a quedar vizco
  3. So...guess I am the only one who loves the Wasa paint job, with its dirty effect (which I love and looks cool af)
  4. Qué raro...el código es el bueno o sea que no tengo muy claro de por qué ocurre... @admin
  5. I didn't notice anything, better fps but not a big graphical change
  6. happened to me too, I reported it
  7. I would really like to see galleons in this game, they were so beautiful for me; also the idea of creating your own ship woukd be amazing too, it could give you some options of how many cannons you want, which class of cannons, the form of the ship...and then it's statitiscs could be generated from what u choosed, sounds pretty amazing
  8. I would like to acces the testbed and help you as much as possible!
  9. would be better if the player could choose when to revert the pirate ship they captured, so if they don't want it to revert, they can save the pirate ship; but only pirates should be able to upgrade them
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