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  1. Hunter_Joker

    Is the Ingermanland a worth buy?

    If the devs has not stated that they will put out others premium ship I think I will give her a try, thx
  2. Hunter_Joker

    OK...You got me

    But if nobody waste time in playing an EA game....how the devs could do the bug fixing? They put a game in EA to raise funds (not in this case but normally is it) and to have a players base to test, discover bugs and so on.... So I think that some kind of rewards for people testing a game is deserved...not so much...a bit....
  3. Hunter_Joker

    Is the Ingermanland a worth buy?

    But at the moment Wasa was not available on legends, or I miss something?
  4. Hunter_Joker

    OK...You got me

    Do You think that the ships we unlocked will be confirmed when the game will go live? I hope yes cause I'm investing a lot of time in grinding and will be very upsetting loosing all the ship, the Officer's level and the upgrade gained.
  5. Hi, just managed to pile the gold needed to buy the Ingermanland but not sure if it is a worth buy, never seen on game, there's someone who have it and use it? Do You think will be a good buy or will be better to wait and see if they plan to release others premium ships? Thx.
  6. Hi, what's the top long cannons that could be fit on the Trinconmalee and Constitution? Thx.
  7. Hunter_Joker

    A treatise on Naval Action: a complete guide - Mr. Doran

    Hi, every link I try are broken or unavailable, could some one give me a working link to download the guide? Thank You. Bye.