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  1. I don´t want to be off topic but, Admin, can you add battles between AIs that the solo player can join (on his own side if it is the case, and on either one if it is foreign AIs)?
  2. Make NPC ships of the line capturable again, with a limit of not more than 1 until you lose it, non tradable, etc.
  3. Is it possible that a Tribunal takes up this verified exploit by... "Folks"?
  4. Everybody should have a free outpost in every free town from the very beginning of the game.
  5. If you take the Patrol Zone mission and inflict 5k damage (say, sink two Tbrigs), you get now 600 doubloons (Information as of this morning after maintenance) There is some loot to be taken also and yesterday I even got the insurance covering the loss of my 5th rate. Plus whatever reward you get for fighting real PVP against other players involved. And the Thrill and the Fun!
  6. Once upon a time near Nassau I attacked AI fleet and other AI of my own nation that were nearby got dragged also. Magnificent battle!!!!
  7. Imho, at sea you should be able to recruit only what is left of the other ship´s crew, which in turn requires the other captain to surrender. In free and national ports you should be able to recruit without limit.
  8. Admin, will the "magic wallet" stay or go with this new currency system?
  9. Cornelius Trash said: Dude, these threads are gold I only miss Toto Cabbage and his avatar....
  10. Admin, all these new money replacing the "gold" money, will be put in the captains´ chest or as one redeemable? Or will it be put in only one warehouse?
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