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  1. Personally I would love to see cost for Crew/Ammo/ Provisions to give a little more cost a depth and strategy to the game. Examples Crew - simply a cost per man (the more men you use the more it will cost you) When in port half pay When on your ship full pay This would mean you think more about the ship you take and keep an eye on your personal economy Ammo - Why have unlimited ammo? If you are going out to hunt, rather than being able to stay out forever you need to plan your ventures and think how much ammo you may need...get it wrong and you may end up paying for it with your ship Provisions - Crew need food and water, again if you are making a long sail (trading/ going to a PB/ heading to a nice PVP zone) you should plan for a long sail. make sure your crew have the provisions they need. I think with these thing implemented it could give more depth to the ship you sail and the overall game experience -------------------- You could even go into adding perks if needed - 25% less pay/provision use etc Just a suggestion and something I would personally like to see. I welcome any feedback Thanks, Captain Marchant
  2. Gutted it isnt coming tomorrow, but glad the devs have told us the plan. Fingers crossed for early Wednesday launch.
  3. Please just do the wipe so we can play...I have taken 2 days off work starting tomorrow to get my grind on. RELEASE THE GAME
  4. I would just like to raise a topic for someone else. The game crashed while in open world (it happens I know that) Then the player was tagged however the tagging player was out of the circle when the countdown had ended And then there was another crash in the battle its self. As a result of this, the ship and cargo was lost. Is there anything that can be done for this player. I have advised to send f11 but some of this might be difficult to explain/prove with only f11 without dev support Any input from devs/admin would be greatly apricated, thank you
  5. Thank you for posting. Do we have an idea on remaining down time?
  6. Are the Devs aware of the problem do we know?
  7. What the ships in mission batters. Will they be lost?
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