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  1. If you promise to be there Ill be there.
  2. I'm debating if I should alarm clock Santiago Domingo but chances are it goes undefended at that stupid timer.
  3. Thats my point, it was safe where it was. Now putting it in VCO's timezone just makes it a liability if the intent is to have them cover the defense.
  4. Hilarious that they think that will protect Santo Domingo. Now its even more vulnerable to WO.
  5. Its not that rare since it drops from Gold chest and its easy to farm LOTS of gold chest with group kill missions.
  6. They are really easy for nations that have the organization and crafting apparatus to build them. It's extremely hard for the small nations and individuals to get them.
  7. It was totally fine how it was before. We need way more 2500-7500 BR ports to fight over. There should be like 1-3 20-25k BR ports (Cartegena, New Orleans and Vera Cruz)
  8. FYI Christondom was a screener at Ponce and he died. Lol.
  9. I have a theory that maybe he pulled missions there with a trader so he could use them as escape zones. Pretty shitty.
  10. Its the dumb way missions are done. When you enter a mission you disappear instantly and the mission also disappears.
  11. This post is stupid for the simple fact we dont have a hard limit on the amount of ships in the game. There would be no real technical issue by having cloned versions of every ship that just had minor tweaks. There is also no gameplay drawback of such either. I think OP is bitching just to bitch.
  12. Litterally no one asked for this exact form of RVR of only 20000-25000 BR port battles.
  13. Ive heard of many people who are playing less or not at all till RVR is fixed. People are tired of 1st rates only.
  14. Interesting. How fast is your endyimon without any repairs on it? Endymion is a better sailor than a trinco at most sailing angles except downwind. His base speed can be lower but he can still be faster upwind.
  15. This is not what's happening. When they join a mission they disappear immediately into battle and the battle closes immediatly(only missions do this) you can wait on said spot till they finish and kill them after if you really want to. When someone disconnects they drop sails in overworld and remain attackable for 2 minutes.
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