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  1. Who asked for this? Im not seeing anyone who said anything about this.
  2. There is certainly more people in the overworld. With 500 people online I cant sail 100km without running into a pvp opportunity. However this may not hold up with the inevitable 200 players online we will have in a few short weeks.
  3. Thats what we thought about pvp marks and they use to sell for 300k. By the end they sold for 75k. Dubloons are far more numerous.
  4. Flinch

    using fleet

    Yes. No longer do surviving fleet ships go safely to port. You will take over the ship in OW. Potentially getting ganked 4 times in a row.
  5. A 1st rate kill is 1000. AI traders can be more.
  6. There seems to be some points that there is always consensus on (teleportation tax) Yet the admins are banning people on the forums to silence criticism.
  7. Ai rewards are insanely high. Pvp rewards are garbage. You took everyone's hard earned pvp marks, devalued them then converted them 1 to 1 to dubloons.
  8. This has a lot to do with the 1-1 pvp mark to doubloon conversion. It made doubloons seem more rare than they actually are. 10 dubloons is nothing.
  9. The UI is pretty but really unusable. I can live with that. I REALLY HATE that PVE is more valuable that PVP. I'm getting 2000 dubloons for 4 player kills. Other players are getting 2500 dubloons from AI traders.
  10. Sank a player Ocean and received 1000 dubloons. This is kinda silly that AI is more valuble sometimes.
  11. Wtf why does an Ai T-brig drop 1121 dubloons but a player only drops 500?! Where is the logic here?
  12. Recieved 500 dubloons for sinking a player wasa next. So 500 for a frig, and 500 for a wasa. They probably shouldn't be similar..still welcome.
  13. Killed a player frigate today and looked in his hold there was only repairs. Sank him and suddenly 500 dubloons appeared in his hold. Is this dubllons from his chest?
  14. The chest that drop from some of the missions, are they decent loot?
  15. Pvp marks saved this game and made pvping a very viable pass time with no grinding required. I dont see the motive behind axing pvp rewards so severely. I suppose if larger ships are more expensive, capturing prizes in pvp will be more worth doing? We will see how that plays out.