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  1. Those numbers are just sad... REAL sad. 1 year ago.. there was roughly 70% more players on average. 2 years ago, it was about the same as now.
  2. That is someones version of fun. Market pvp.
  3. I am thinking you are taking the strawman stance on things. While the economy is not "broken" it is, non-functional. And you CANT build any ship. Last time I was able to build a rattlesnake was nearly a year ago. The idea of a functioning economy is an economy that can stand on its own. It isn't capable of doing that here in this game. It came close a few times with the regional goods and materials for ship crafting. But that was scrapped almost as fast as it came out.
  4. It isnt? So let me ask you this. How does the economy work in this game? So far I see a small group of people who pretty much can do EVERYTHING on their own. There is very little need for any actual trade, no merchant ships hauling good, and the movement of freight is nonexistent. Dont you do this already? Grind NPC ships to get the modules open, then grind NPC ships to get the books and modules you want. The thing is about Eve vs NA, is Eve has 15 years of experience behind it. The economy was built by experts day one and managed by experts to this day. It is
  5. It is a way to force people out of the nest. They dont know what they will like till they try it.
  6. One simple fix. No missions over Rank 5 in Reinforcement Zones.
  7. The stern writing says something completely different.
  8. Then you would have Pood P-Frigates everywhere. Because the P-Frigate is a variation on a Russian ship, the Cherub Frigate. Great... exactly what we need. I say just nerf them or remove them. I use them on my Indefatigable and they are definitely OP.
  9. Actually they were used to pull also. Sometimes if a ship got to close the rigging could get tangled. But it wasnt that common. As seen here, the Nelson's Patented Bridge for Boarding 1st Rates."
  10. If you want to sail around in a Constitution with 300 marines and 150 sailors well.. you aint loading guns, you would be lucky to get your sails up anytime today and your ship would handle even slower. But the slider would/should have a maximum amount for marines, say 1-20% crew. This would be a realistic number.
  11. You assumed I was talking about you with that comment. Fact is I was not. I know I am not number 1, yet. The difference again is I wont give up and roll over.
  12. So you claim that you are mature, yet retort with childish insults. And right now I am not number 1, but that doesn't keep me from trying does it? And I would rather be a "try hard" than a non-factor, or a quitter. I understand the issues with the game struggling and it is hard to keep the population interested in this game. But there is a difference between criticizing and nagging. If there is a problem that you see, form a valid argument against the issue, come up with a solution and make sure it is plausible in the current system.
  13. So instead of trying to be number 1, you are happy with being a failure? You are willing to settle for being a bottom? Don't want to strive to be better? That is what I do, I push myself. Even if I do not succeed at being number 1 today, I may get there tomorrow, or the next day. But as soon as I give up and settle with being a loser, then that is when I have really lost. I can tell by your response you have pretty much given up on yourself and decided you are a bottom, you refuse to try to be better. And you dont have to be at the top of the PVP lists or in the top clan o
  14. My longest voyage was about 52 days at sea, in my Lynx. When I sailed from La Navase, up around Morimer, back down around Haiti, to Puerto Rico, down to the South American coastline, all they to the Yucatan and back to Jamaica.
  15. The admin said he removed storms from battles because of people complaining about not being able to hit anything. I also think it is a bit unrealistic, as two ships wouldnt DARE open their gun ports in heavy seas and try and fire at another ship, they would have no chance at hitting. And just increase the risk to their own ship. They would just weather out the storm and wait till calmer weather to engage their enemy. And honestly you can tell the weather pretty easily. I just pop out of port for a second, look at the sky and the sea. If it has white caps on the waves, I
  16. So you did not watch the video, it wasn't a joke video or a spoof. It is a serious video. Now about your other game that you play, sounds like you are playing some theme park MMO, which is good and all but is nothing like Naval Action, Life is Feudal, Wurm Online, Mortal Online, Star Wars Galaxies, or any of the other sandbox MMOs. All of which have no quests to hold your hand and guide you through and give you menial tasks to keep you entertained night to night. In NA if you want to be part of something you have to work at it to be good enough to be part of it. Not because you just
  17. Nothing says you have to be in a port battle. I have not bothered to get in a port battle in months. And to be honest I have enjoyed the game way more without them. But if that is what you want to do, put in your time as a screener, sooner or later the "clump" will let you in because they are short a person, or realize you are better than some of their regulars. It is like sitting on the bench, coach isnt going to put you in because you are there, he is going to put you in because he needs your skills.
  18. Our current major issues is and has been... -Wood balance, some woods are just VASTLY superior to others. -Mods balance, mod stacking throws ships WAY out of balance with each other, as others have stated. -Gun accuracy, the guns are more accurate than modern guns on modern ships with modern fire control and gyro stabilization.
  19. Galleons had a lot of SMALL guns... you have to remember they are 17th century ships, that were mostly armed with much lower caliber guns than were found on ships of the same size 100-200 years later.
  20. You have been around long enough to know he tends to do that when backed into a corner.
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