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  1. Those numbers are just sad... REAL sad. 1 year ago.. there was roughly 70% more players on average. 2 years ago, it was about the same as now.
  2. That is someones version of fun. Market pvp.
  3. I am thinking you are taking the strawman stance on things. While the economy is not "broken" it is, non-functional. And you CANT build any ship. Last time I was able to build a rattlesnake was nearly a year ago. The idea of a functioning economy is an economy that can stand on its own. It isn't capable of doing that here in this game. It came close a few times with the regional goods and materials for ship crafting. But that was scrapped almost as fast as it came out.
  4. It isnt? So let me ask you this. How does the economy work in this game? So far I see a small group of people who pretty much can do EVERYTHING on their own. There is very little need for any actual trade, no merchant ships hauling good, and the movement of freight is nonexistent. Dont you do this already? Grind NPC ships to get the modules open, then grind NPC ships to get the books and modules you want. The thing is about Eve vs NA, is Eve has 15 years of experience behind it. The economy was built by experts day one and managed by experts to this day. It is
  5. It is a way to force people out of the nest. They dont know what they will like till they try it.
  6. One simple fix. No missions over Rank 5 in Reinforcement Zones.
  7. The stern writing says something completely different.
  8. Then you would have Pood P-Frigates everywhere. Because the P-Frigate is a variation on a Russian ship, the Cherub Frigate. Great... exactly what we need. I say just nerf them or remove them. I use them on my Indefatigable and they are definitely OP.
  9. Actually they were used to pull also. Sometimes if a ship got to close the rigging could get tangled. But it wasnt that common. As seen here, the Nelson's Patented Bridge for Boarding 1st Rates."
  10. If you want to sail around in a Constitution with 300 marines and 150 sailors well.. you aint loading guns, you would be lucky to get your sails up anytime today and your ship would handle even slower. But the slider would/should have a maximum amount for marines, say 1-20% crew. This would be a realistic number.
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