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  1. Those numbers are just sad... REAL sad. 1 year ago.. there was roughly 70% more players on average. 2 years ago, it was about the same as now.
  2. There is a game like that in the works, where characters can die of old age.
  3. No brainer poll here. Trading and solo players get the shaft more than not. God help you if you are a solo trader.
  4. The best combat aces were both. Richthofen was a hunter and a pilot. Bong, a patient hunter and a excellent pilot Boyington, aggressive hunter and a excellent pilot. This holds true in naval combat. Cochrane was a hunter and a great leader, this is why he was successful when set to fail.
  5. Who puts the 9s on the weather deck? I know I dont.. I run carronades on the weather deck. Makes deck sweeps SOOO much more fun.
  6. That is someones version of fun. Market pvp.
  7. I am thinking you are taking the strawman stance on things. While the economy is not "broken" it is, non-functional. And you CANT build any ship. Last time I was able to build a rattlesnake was nearly a year ago. The idea of a functioning economy is an economy that can stand on its own. It isn't capable of doing that here in this game. It came close a few times with the regional goods and materials for ship crafting. But that was scrapped almost as fast as it came out.
  8. It isnt? So let me ask you this. How does the economy work in this game? So far I see a small group of people who pretty much can do EVERYTHING on their own. There is very little need for any actual trade, no merchant ships hauling good, and the movement of freight is nonexistent. Dont you do this already? Grind NPC ships to get the modules open, then grind NPC ships to get the books and modules you want. The thing is about Eve vs NA, is Eve has 15 years of experience behind it. The economy was built by experts day one and managed by experts to this day. It isnt built by a programmer who knows very little about world economy. In Eve you can sit in a station and do commodities trading and actually turn a profit, in NA you cant even sit in port and set shipping orders for players to take. The only draw to NA is the age of sail combat. And even that has a limited life span. Kind of like WWII games, they come and go in fads. This was never a hugely popular time period and I dont see it gaining in popularity any time soon. I imagine if this game had more money, and developers and a bigger power behind it pushing it. It could be Eve like in scale. But not likely to happen anytime soon.
  9. It is a way to force people out of the nest. They dont know what they will like till they try it.
  10. One simple fix. No missions over Rank 5 in Reinforcement Zones.
  11. To me chain should do increased chance at rigging shock. To simulate the loss of the rigging more than the damage to the sails. I dont think the damage should be buffed, or they should do damage to masts. A well placed chain broadside should immobilize the sails for a bit because the crew is struggling getting the lines and rigging fixed and back under control.
  12. I have stern raked a Brig and taken its mast off without aiming at the mast while using a Surprise with carros at a range of 50m. You have to factor in the penetration of the side of the hull, in this case what 55cm? Then the penetration of the mast to do damage. Basically, it is Hull Thickness + Mast Thickness vs Penetration of shot. So in this case, LGV base 55cm + 66cm for the mast. So 121cm total on a dead on shot. You are about 50m away... give or take with 42lb mediums? 128cm penetration. So you were barely getting through the mast. I cant find information on the foremast thickness.. but I am sure it is closer to 45cm so you were most likely getting through it with just mediums but not sure if the damage is degraded. But I know it is possible to shoot through the hull and bring down a mast. The main mast extends all the way to the keel in game.
  13. Because someone would want to try. And there are a FEW people who can pull them off. How, because they know how to sail, and are good at PVE.
  14. He said it was a bug you could do them by yourself. Not that it was a bug you could enter them alone. You can enter an Epic mission alone.. doesn't mean you will succeed.
  15. Nothing should prevent you from attacking a fleet solo... it is unwise but hey, people have done dumber things. Like complain about how hard a fleet mission is when solo.
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