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  1. Do we have somehere, an wood update wiki ? as the excel spreadsheet for shipbuilding.
  2. Vraiment dommage que d'avoir cette mise à jour. Certes cela apporte plus de réalisme à la navigation mais est ce vraiment ce que l'on recherche ? Je rejoins beaucoup de mes camarades sur le fait qu'il y a tellement de débouchés à ce jeu mais que les développeurs ont du mal à capter et à appliquer. Le craft a été complètement tué, le commerce ne sert plus à rien, le gank est revenu, la diplomatie inexistante, la prise de port ne rapporte rien et ne sert à rien. Il manque cruellement de contenu, plus de bateaux, plus de missions, plus d’événements, plus d'interaction avec le port etc et on ne parle meme pas du coté graphique et interface du jeu..... Il y a tellement de possibilités et de chose à faire sur ce jeu que les mises à jours se suivent mais ne répondent à aucun besoin des 80% des joueurs de ce jeu.
  3. Thks liq for the answer. Can you share the patch who show the cooldown of 12 Min; I checked the lastest patched and I dont find any reference of that.
  4. Repair Module time bug: Someone know, why we have a repair Module time (rig, hull and rum) at 12 min instead of 10 min as before ? Someone know, why when you put a Northern Carpenter or when you put survival book or both or book to decrease the repair time, you should stay at 12 min between each repair ? Is that a quick bug since the last update from the dev ? or just something choosen by the dev to test ? I have an example, as I know some scepticism guy, I add some screen.
  5. I dont think so. If they said that they have a rebalanced thickness and HP, means, that percentage was rebalanced. For example the sabicu should be slightly moved maybe I'm wrong, but this is how I understand their sentence. ARMOR_ALL_SIDES | ARMOR_THICKNESS | 3% ARMOR_ALL_SIDES | MODULE_BASE_HP | 2% NONE | RUDDER_HALFTURN_TIME | -0.5% NONE | SHIP_MAX_SPEED | 0.5% NONE | SHIP_PHYSICS_ACC_COEF | 0.5% NONE | SHIP_TURNING_SPEED | 0.5% STRUCTURE | FIRE_INCREASE_RATE | -0.5% STRUCTURE | SHIP_STRUCTURE_LEAKS_PER_SECOND | -1%
  6. Just a quick question. Following the last update we had on the 4th of October and according to the sentence below. Did you do an update of the thickness and HP building wood. If yes, can you post the link. Thks Update 4 October Bonuses for ship building woods were slightly rebalanced, ship will retain thickness for a bit longer when losing HP Raking fire through the bow cause the same damage as through the stern now (if shots penetrate) Potential fix for the ship flip bugs. Please continue to report if this bug happens again after today's hotfix
  7. Some safe zone are too big for some nation and too small for others. As for example Swedish and Danish zone are too big
  8. Can we have also the full patch detail... How we will manage Port battle, which ship rank we should use ? What is the new map ressource location ? Can you share the map ?
  9. I did a combat tonight ( check pictures 1 against Swedish people) and I tried to board a first player and I stuck him in the beach and I killed the guy (see combat news) But once, the combat was done, I tried to move my ship and, miracle, my ship make a complete round, turn upside down and I sunk.....wtf !!!! (See picture). And, that was not great, the swedish guy who was killed, got a killed because the beach sunk me... I would like to know, if I can get back my ship, my hull, rig and rum... Please check below all the image and I did also a bug report. Thank you for your help
  10. The fact also, is that in the admiralty, - you should pay 525 combat Mark, mean 175 for the Blue Print (1 victory Mark) + 350 combat Mark for the permit (2 victory mark) to realize your dream a St Pavel - You should pay, 250 combat Mark, mean 50 for the Blue Print and 200 combat Mark for the Permit to make the Buccentaure I guess, that if the St Pavel cost so much combat Mark, means it's a really "cheaty" boat, why not to pay this price but at this time, no one is able to say, in which way (in combat) the St Pavel is better or worst than the Buccentaure.
  11. Buccentaure On the paper, the Buccentaure seems like the best heavy ship, with huge canon and caronnade. He have a better armor thickness and better mast thickness He can carry 840 crew and he need 820 crew for gunnery He have huge fire power (even in caronnade) He have a higher size of canon Sailing Profile: unknow BUT - he have lower HP structure - He have lower speed. - The ship size (lenght) seem higher that the St Pavel (as the Agamemon / Constitution) For the St Pavel, On the paper, he have a nice speed and better HP structure and more sail Point He can carry 800 crew and he need 690 crew for gunnery He have in term of length, a lower size Sailing Profile: Unknow BUT, - he have lower mast and armor Thickness - He have lower fire power - He have lower size of canon
  12. Ok, thanks for your quick answer. I should find someone who want to deal with me !
  13. Dear all, I'm looking since a couple of weeks to find a pirate frigate blueprint and permit. I was very disappointed following the wipe that I lost my favourite ship, Pirate frigate. Someone know, how you can, from another nation, find this blueprint and buy permit ? Should I need to do some special event or should I cross the half caraibean sea and buy some blueprint in a pirate town ? Thks for your help
  14. Merci pour l'outil. Par contre, j'aimerais savoir la différence avec l'outil suivant. Quel est l'avantage d'installer Navscan par rapport au shopprice de naval action craft ? http://www.navalactioncraft.com/shop-price
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