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  1. game loaded into port tried to F11 and game crash update game crash everytime i try to sumit F11
  2. player name Edward Hobart joined a battle against russian empire and when the battle loaded game crashed out and then was unable to load in my ship sank Bellona and still unable to log in the game to F11 a report
  3. lol take a L'Ocean to enemy waters to kill noobie players then cry when they stall you to fight P.S love the griefing troll story
  4. so reduce the bonus for the higher the ship rate dont just nerf everything and add 20% sailing crew required wtf is that about
  5. remove this patch put is back to the last and try again when atleast 1 of you figure out the right direction you need to go
  6. must say i agree with all 6 of the changes work on the pirates give pirates a ship (Queen Anne's Revenge) that can only be bought by pirates just like the sol's for the nations have
  7. keep up the nice comments and we will let you take bomgordel on a date
  8. No Mercy shown no quarter given
  9. there have been many things said about how we formed EXILE, a few of the old SORRY members decided to leave for reasons we wont get into apart from we wanted more PvP and less of the Kim Jong-un leader that we had demanding everything for nothing. 1) danes paying EXILE to not attack the dutch = FALSE 2) EXILE War on pirates = FALSE 3) Lord Bomgordel being a sidekick = TRUE 4) EXILE working with sweed's = FALSE plz if you have a question come ask & stop with the Chinese whispers
  10. the weak will jump to thoes nations for the easy win leaveing less number for them to fight and the numbers will drop again but well done
  11. so it was all a lie Hmm Bait & switch
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